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The Python Programming Comprehensive Bootcamp

Become A Certified Python Developer, Learn and Practice Python Programming 3.9 and Boost your Dev career in short time!

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The Python Programming Comprehensive Bootcamp


4.5 hours


Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Master the core Python skills needed to apply for python developer positions.

Master industry best practices in Python software development from a professional software engineers.

Go from a total beginner to an advanced python developer.

A true understanding of how Python works behind the scenes.

How to think in python like a python expert.

Variables, Representing Data Types, and using Computational Power

Data Structure for data organization, management and storage formatting

Practical Flow control and Iterable aspects

Building software by composing pure functions process

Object-Oriented Programming model to organize software design

Application containers and Handling all files

Playing with Exception events and analyzing Errors

Lightweight data-interchange format for humans

Essentials to build Python programs from scratch.

Get friendly and fast support in the Bootcamp Q&A.


Welcome to The Python Programming Comprehensive Bootcamp.

In this Complete Bootcamp, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to become a Professional Python developer.

Variables, Representing Data Types, and using Computational Power.

Data Structure for data organization, management and storage formatting.

Practical Flow control and Iterable aspects.

Building software by composing pure functions process.

Object-Oriented Programming model to organize software design.

Application containers and Handling all files.

Playing with Exception events and analyzing Errors.

Lightweight data-interchange format for humans.

All that with Numerous Exercises and Quizzes.

By the end of this Bootcamp, you will have the ability to code with Python the right way easily, and with great confidence to create complex applications.

because this Bootcamp covers all topics from basic to advanced, and supported by the instructor assistance and guidance throughout a prepared high-quality training.

with A demonstration of each point in this Bootcamp and an explanation of all theoretical and practical aspects in an easy way and in an easy language for beginners.

we will provide you with support, and answer all your questions all the time, if you encounter any obstacles during this Bootcamp.

We are here to help you to get the most of this Bootcamp.

Easily and in no time, you will have all the essential skills that the professional Python developers have.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this Bootcamp is for you, and will change your life and your thinking for the best in the world of software development.

Python is the most popular programming language out there, also it is one of the coolest, and best programming languages in terms of ease and features.

It is very easy for you to read the Python code, as if you were reading a regular English sentence and you can master it in no time.

With Python programming language, it is possible to do everything you imagine in the world of programming and data.


Getting started to Python Programming v3.9

Welcome to Python Programming Comprehensive Bootcamp

The Command Line and start coding

Variables, Declarations, Holding different values and Assignments

Identifiers rules, Keywords and Identifiers with examples

Data Inputs and Outputs

Common string operations

String Detections

Numbers and Numeric Types

Hands-On Arithmetic Operations

Hands-On comparisons and decisions

Logical processes and choices

Assignment operations in detail

conditions cases and ternary in python

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Data Structure for data organization, management and storage formatting

Create a Python List

List methods and operations 1

List methods and operations 2

Create Python tuples

Tuple methods and operations 1

Tuple methods and operations 2

Tuple methods and operations 3

Create Python Dictionaries

dictionary methods and operations 1

dictionary methods and operations 2

Sets unordered collection, iterable, mutable and no duplicate elements.

Quiz 3

Practical Flow control and Iterable aspects

if conditional statements to make decisions

catch anything which isn't caught by the preceding conditions

Try this condition example

condition in a single line replacing the multiline

construct loops with while statements

terminate the current loop and resume execution at the next statement

executed if the condition in the while loop evaluates to False

Positioning the increments

iterating over sequences with for

Quiz 4

Building software by composing pure functions process

Group of related statements to specific tasks

information that are passed into the block

Pass Multiple data into the task

giving something back or replying to the caller

playing with keyword args

have the arbitrary number of arguments

common technique to conquer algorithms

Building anonymous blocks

work with multiple arguments for lambda anonymous

solving problems using anonymous function inside functions

Quiz 5

Object-Oriented Programming model to organize software design

blueprint or prototype, bundling and functionality

How to create multiple class objects

handling classes and methods

constructor in object oriented terminology

groups of tasks that belong to the object

representing the instance of the class

best way to remove properties

best way to remove objects

modifying object properties

building a super class and inheritance

inherits all the methods and properties from another class

Quiz 6

Building Modules and SL Modules

Master all about creating modules

playing with codes in modules

module alias, rename, and more

standard library modules

Importing from file consisting of codes

Quiz 7

Playing with Files

Files handling L1

Files Handling L2

Files Handling L3

Playing with Exception events and analyzing Errors

try and except block

many exceptions

else with exceptions

finally with exceptions

raising exceptions

example of raising type of exceptions

Lightweight data-interchange format for humans - JSON

Master all about creating modules

Convert from Python to JSON

Convert Python objects into JSON strings

Python read and display from JSON file

Writing and placing JSON to a file

Python pretty technique for JSON


Ravi10 April 2021

I learned a lot from basic to intermediate level. content is rich and full of useful information. I would recommend this to someone initiating python programming for basics learning

Sai9 April 2021

A detailed explanation on OOPs concepts would have been much better with some examples. Especially with inheritance.

Daniela8 April 2021

Buen contenido, con buenos ejemplos prácticos. Recomendado para aquellos que ya están al tanto de como programar y simplemente desean aprender un nuevo lenguaje

Eric22 March 2021

I understand the instructor is trying to be thorough but because he is explaining every detail with long sentences, the course takes twice as long as it needs to. I found myself speeding the playback to 2x and it was still too slow.

Naveen25 February 2021

I installed python version 3.9.2 on a Windows 10 machine. After installing visual studio code editor and an extension to support python, I was prompted to upgrade the version of pip from version 20.2.3 to 21.0.1. Would it be possible to make a mention of "pip" if there is a future update to this course?

Alex25 February 2021

only 2 lessons but with the voice it's really hard to follow the course where there is no enthusiastic in it.

Axel16 February 2021

Este curso es muy bueno para comenzar a aprender python, recomiendo ver cada video con 2x de velocidad.

Lucca27 December 2020

This course was right for me and my situation, but I have some doubts about it. It was great to get a refresher on many different python commands and their usage, without going into much detail. Yet, I would not recommend this course to people being absolute beginners, hoping to get educated in a way, that they're able to use python well enough to write their own scripts without too much hassle, yet even being ready for the "world outside". The class lacks practical usage of the input. The quizzes are really easy, sometimes the right answer is distinguishable because of grammatical mistakes in the wrong answers or the right answer being the only sophisticated. If you're looking for a crash course on python and its commands, this is the right course for you. It's the right amount of difficulty for this task, and thanks to the teacher being thoughtful and speaking a tad slower, you can increase the speed of the videos easily by at least 1,5, without worrying about intelligibility. If you're looking for a start into the world of programming, a start for your career or even into Computer Science, this is far from being the right course for you. There are no concepts tought, it's more like a big "How to use python" – and for this its done well!

Mohammad23 December 2020

A comprehensive as well as well-organized course that teaches the most significant technology and lays fundamentals for any further deeper studies in Python

Mohammed1 December 2020

The best course for other language programmers and beginners at programming to learn the basic syntax of python.

Jasraj26 November 2020

just want little clear pronunciation, else one of the best course om cheap price which tells basic to advance

Michael20 November 2020

Yeah I can't deal with his accent / voice at all. He speaks like I'm a child and I just can't deal with it.

Sahil14 November 2020

Most of the functions are not given means :time,math,etc. But i liked your course it had improved me a bit . Thankyou!

Robel26 October 2020

I got this course very interesting with easy to understand concepts. I don't regret taking this course. keep it up.

Ruben18 October 2020

So far i can't tell about the content but the accent of the lecturer is awful. i hope the learnings worth the pain my hears are going through


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