Build a Personal Brand Website in only 1 Hour (2022)

This course will show you how to build an amazing looking website for your personal brand, step-by-step.

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No-Code Development
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Jan 2022
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What you will learn

The best way to build a Website for your personal brand to help build your email list and grow your community

How to win visitors trust the moment they land on your website and why that's important

How to build a website from scratch without using a single line of code

Creating a website yourself in just a few hours and saving thousands on hiring a developer to do it for you

Learning how to showcase your work in a way which helps you provide a great user experience for your website traffic

Learn how to build an objective driven website which works hard to sell your personal brand every day, 24/7 365!


Imagine having an amazing website for your personal brand where new fans trusted you instantly!

Wouldn't it be great if you could build it yourself, in just a few hours?

Well this is exactly what this course has been designed to do.

And we want to help you be seen as credible and trustworthy with a beautiful website for your personal brand.

We want your fans and followers to know you're the real deal and we can we use clever approaches when it comes to website design to accomplish this.

How do we do that?

Well it's actually really simple.

And we'll be going over every step of how to create a results-driven website inside this very course.

A website that inspires trust from your website visitors and encourages them to take action.

This course is free because I remember how much time and energy I wasted back 7 years ago when I built my first website for a personal brand.

And I would have given anything to fast-track my progress and get my website design perfect first time.

The course first takes you through how to think about website design.

Teaching you why the best personal brand websites in the world are designed the way they are.

And also why your website should be a digital asset for you, working hard for you everyday.

Your personal brand is important.

So you need a website which shows you in the best light, right?

The exact same formula I'm going to teach you in this course is the same approach every famous person with a strong personal brand uses worldwide... simply because the methods work!

So simply follow the steps and by the end of this course, you'll have a world-class website for your personal brand (worth thousands) which can help you generate leads for your services and charge higher prices.

I'll see inside the course :)



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What Makes An Amazing Website

What we'll learn inside the course
A Very Important Message
How to think about your website
Website visitor psychology
Examples of the best websites
Find your website's purpose
How to set objectives for your website
UX Design made easy
How to build a perfect homepage

Let's Build Your Website

Creating your free website account
Selecting a template which suits you
Building up a personal brand website structure
Setting up website’s structure
Changing placeholders
Changing text on your website
Branding your website
Editing your website interface
Setting up your Calendly
Adding favicon
Adding your hosting and domain
Setting up your blog (if you need one)
A closing message


April 3, 2022
It is good but Scott kindly gives slow explanations that were having difficulty grasping. The course Was helpful enough.
February 16, 2022
Great vision and guidelines! Thanks for sharing this treasured info in an easy-to-follow presentation!



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