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The New 7-Step Process for Developing Actionable Insights

How to develop your brands more profitably, no matter the industry, category or customer, by building them on insights.

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

What a consumer / customer insight is and a simple definition that even your colleagues will understand!

The reasons why you and others have perhaps struggled to action the consumer / customer insights you developed in the past.

A simple 7-step process that practically guarantees that you will develop an actionable insight for your brands every time.

How to identify actions from the consumer / customer insights you develop, that will result in the profitable growth of your business.


Why take this new actionable insight development course? Because every brand needs an insight, but most organisations don’t know how to develop them. Especially one that you can immediately take actions on to grow the brand faster and more profitably than ever before.

If you work in marketing or market research, brand management, or are even an entrepreneur just starting out, you need to know how to develop actionable insights for each of your brands.

Before getting into the details of this course, a few facts for you:

FACT: Customer-centric companies grow seven times faster than those that aren’t and are 60% more profitable.

FACT: Thinking customer first in everything you do builds stronger brands and greater brand loyalty.

FACT: Brands built on customer insights have a more solid foundation and engage their customers as if by magic.

This course includes a series of eleven captivating 7-18 mins videos explaining in detail how to develop actionable insights using my proprietary 7-step process. It has been inspired by the exact same processes used by some of the most successful CPG / FMCG companies in the world.

From how to choose your category and target audience, to converting your business objective into a customer-centric aim, you will learn how to walk in your customers' shoes, analyse and complete your data and information about them, and develop actionable insights that lead to profitable growth for your brands.


The facts I mentioned at the start of this description should be your future! I built this comprehensive Insights Development Course to help everyone who has heard about insights, knows they should be using them, but aren't sure they have the best way to develop and action them.

A well-known Japanese proverbs says

“Insight without action is a daydream. Action without insight is a nightmare”

So which are you living, a daydream or a nightmare? Neither is good, and this course will help you to avoid both!


You can keep scrolling to view the comprehensive course content and also to watch some of the free video sessions available, but here is a quick outline of what is covered:

  • What is an Insight? Do you know exactly what an insight is and why it’s important that it should be actionable? I show you and provide an easy way of remembering the essential elements of an insight.

  • How to Develop an Insight: I share my proprietary 7-step process for developing an insight. Even organisations that already have their own insight process are often surprised to learn that they are missing several of these essential steps.

  • Identifying the exact category in which you’re competing: Most companies know their industry really well, but they don’t always correctly identify the category in which they are competing from their customers' perspective. I explain how to recognise whether your current target group is too narrow or too wide, and even provide tools so you can choose the most profitable segment to go after.

  • Turning your business objectives into customer aims: It is important to understand how you will succeed in meeting your business objective by impacting your customers’ attitudes and/or behaviours. Thinking customer first will make your objectives far more actionable in the marketplace.

  • Choosing your ideal target audience: Trying to attract anyone who buys a segment is almost certainly destined to fail. You need to choose a group that will be the most profitable and then get to know them as deeply as possible. From segmentation to persona / avatar creation, I provide the knowledge and tools to support you in your ideal choice.

  • Insights need cross-departmental knowledge: Even if market research and / or marketing are the natural leaders of insight development, the implementation of the actions coming from them need the support of every department. I show you how to get that assistance from every level and across your organisation.

  • Walking in your customers’ shoes: In order to understand your customers deeply, you need to see the market from their perspective. I'll share many ways to do this, some that don't even require you to leave your desk or office.

  • Information gathering and market research: I’ll show you where and how to get all the data and information you need to fill your knowledge gaps. Then I'll share how to analyse and summarise it all to develop actionable insights. Too often people turn to market research when they need information. However, most organisations already have far more information internally than anyone knows. Have you never heard the phrase?

                                 “If only we knew what we know”

  • Understanding human behaviour: The best insights contain an emotional element since emotions are the source of change in attitudes and behaviours. You’ll learn how to choose the most relevant need-state and then identify all the different emotions you want to stimulate. This will ensure that the insight you develop will resonate with your target audience.

  • Actionable Insights in action: I share many inspiring case studies of how insights have been played out in advertising across the globe, so you can learn by example.

  • Next Steps: Once you have completed the course, I'll suggest some ideas of how to take your learning to the next level with additional courses and books.


I believe that the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why this course includes many real-life examples and each video ends with some exercises for you to try. You will get maximum benefit from each session if you complete the exercises before continuing on with the next video.


If you have never met me before, my name is Denyse Drummond-Dunn. I am a Growth Catalyst, helping companies grow faster & more profitably through deeper customer understanding and engagement. My career spans across more than 30 years and over 120 countries, working in senior global executive roles with Nestlé, Gillette & Philip Morris International.

I’m a new-age marketer, combining creativity with technical expertise & cultural sensitivity. Living in Switzerland but working globally, provides me with a unique perspective to help organisations large and small, understand the importance of customer centricity. This is particularly powerful when wanting to innovate or roll-out successful brands to other markets.

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science & diplomas in Organisational Leadership & Innovation from IMD in Switzerland and LBS in the UK. Besides my multinational executive clients whom I adore, I’m passionate about animals (I have two cats, Maddie and Pearl), flying (I’m a pilot), underwater diving (I’m a PADI Dive-master) and technology. (I’m a Geek too!)


I invite you to join this course and to start helping your organisation to make better use of all the data and information it has, so that your brands are built on the solid foundation of actionable insights. Simply click on the “Buy now” button to enrol in the course “Developing Actionable Insights.”

And I'll see you in the first session.

© Copyright 2021 Denyse Drummond-Dunn, C3Centricity


The New 7-Step Process for Developing Actionable Insights
The New 7-Step Process for Developing Actionable Insights
The New 7-Step Process for Developing Actionable Insights
The New 7-Step Process for Developing Actionable Insights


Introduction to the course, me and how to successfully develop insights.

Introduction to the course & process to successfully develop Insights

Session 1 - Introduction to insights and me

Session 1 - Introduction to insights and me

Session 2 - Identifying the Category / Brand

Session 2 - Identifying the Category / Brand

Session 3 - Customer Aim of Objective

Session 3 - Customer Aim of Objective

Session 4 - Identify your Target Customers

Session 4 - Identify your Target Customers

Session 5 - Get Support from an expert panel

Session 5 - Get Support from an expert panel

Session 6 - Intimate customer connections

Session 6 - Intimate customer connections

Session 7 - Gather information and fill gaps

Session 7 - Gather information and fill gaps

Session 8 - Develop insights based on human truths

Session 8 - Human Truths, the foundation of insights

Session 9 - Great examples of actionable insights

Session 9 - Great examples of actionable insights

Session 10 - Conclusions and next steps

Session 10 - Conclusions and next steps


James17 August 2021

The hand gesticulations are straight out of a presentation guide and over done. It's almost like sign language at some points.

Aki25 March 2021

Really enjoyed this course, and it gave me great insights into an area that I'm familiar with - even though I've been in CX for almost 40 years. I love Denyse's energy and humour, and her practical examples made this all come alive.

William24 March 2021

As CMO of a tiny Internet company, my challenge is centered around how to get the C-Suite (who are more artist than businessman) to gain a concrete realization of the psychological factors in marketing. Your course was a good fit for me in that I have a better vocabulary/systematic way to use in trying to achieve my goal.


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