The Nest JS Bootcamp - Complete Developer Guide

Build and test production ready backend REST APIs with NestJS, Prisma, and Postgres

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The Nest JS Bootcamp - Complete Developer Guide
9.5 hours
Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to utilize NestJS to be a production ready REST API

Learn how to implement complex functionality like authentication and authorization

Learn how to write tests for your services and controllers

Learn all of the different entities provided in NestJS


As someone that utilizes NestJS on a daily basis at work and beyond, I'd love to share everything that I've learned in this course. This is the most comprehensive NestJS course on Udemy and if you don't think so, you can request a full refund.

NestJS is a progressive NodeJS framework that will allow us to build reliable scalable, and maintainable server-side backend applications with incredible ease.

In this course, you will be building two professional applications. The first will be an Expense App, where you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of NestJS

  • Different NestJS entities, like controllers, services, interceptors, pipes, and modules

  • NestJS best practices

In the second project, the Realtor App, we will learn about:

  • Interacting with a Postgress database with an ORM (Prisma)

  • Creating a database model and performing CRUD operations

  • How to authenticate and identify a user

  • How to authorize certain endpoints for specific users

  • How to properly write automated tests for our services and controllers

  • How to create custom param decorators

  • Learn about advanced NestJS entities like guards and interceptors

I am very proud of this course and I really hope you take and enjoy it. If you ever need any sort of help, please send me a message on Udemy and I will always answer your questions.



What is a REST API
Setup Work

Creating Routes with Controllers

App Overview
The Nest CLI
Working with Controllers
Updating the Route Path
Adding Path Parameters
Adding a POST, PUT and DELETE Endpoint
A Little on TypeScript
Accessing Path Parameters With Param Decorators
Accessing Multiple Path Parameters
Accessing the Request Body
Completing the Update Logic
Completing the Delete Logic

Business Logic Should Be In Services

Addressing Some Issues
Creating Our First Service
Injecting Our Service Into the Controller
Creating the Rest of the Services
Manual Testing to See if Everything Still Works

Adding Validations with Pipes and DTOs

Things We Need to Validate
Validating the Path Param With a Pipe
Utilizing an Enum Validation Pipe
Validating the Body With DTOs
Making Properties Optional
Whitelisting Undesired Properties

Transforming the Response With Interceptors

A Better Response Project
Creating a Response DTO
Wrapping the Response Object With the DTO
Adding a Serializer Interceptor
Transforming a Property With the Expose Decorator
What is an Interceptor
Creating a Custom Interceptor

Organizing Files with Modules

Adding a New Endpoint
Moving Our Report Logic Into its Own Directory
Injecting Services From One Module to Another
Completing the Summary Endpoint

Working With Databases

App Overview
Creating a New Nest Project
Creating a Postgres Database in the Cloud
Introducing Prisma (A NodeJS ORM)
Downloading Prisma Into Our Nest Project
Defining Our Data Schema
More on Database Schemas
Defining Model Relationships
More Relationships...
Performing a Migration

Implementing Authentication

Introduction to Authentication
Discussing the Signup Logic
Validating the User Input
Validating the User's Email
How Should We Store Passwords?
Hashing Our Password
Storing the User in the Database
What Should We Return?
Returning a JSON Web Token
Implementing the Signin Logic
Adding a Product Key Endpoint
Validating Individuals That Try to Signup as Realtors or Admins

Adding Our Business Logic

Creating All of Our Endpoints
Fetching All Homes
Define the Response DTO
Accessing Query Parameters From the Request
Filtering For Specific Homes
Fetching a Home By Id
Creating a New Home
Updating a Home
Deleting a Home

Identifying the User

An Issue With Our Current Setup
Creating a Custom Param Decorator
How Are We Accessing the User Object
Creating a User Interceptor
Wrapping up the Custom Decorator Implementation
Ensuring the Realtor that Created the House Can Delete or Update it
Creating the Me Endpoint

Implementing Authorization

The Need for Authorization
This is the End Goal
An Introduction to Guards
Pseudo-Coding Our Guard Logic
Passing Route Data as Metadata
Verifying the JWT Token
Accessing the User From the DB
Some Manual Testing
Globally Utilizing the Guard

A Few More Endpoints

We Need Two More Endpoints
The Inquire About Home Endpoint
The Message Retrieval Endpoint
Send Back More Useful Info

Writing Automated Tests

An Intro to Automated Testing
The Structure of a Test File
Writing Our First Tests
Testing Whether an Error Was Thrown
Testing the Create Service
We Should Also Test the Controller
Our First Controller Test
More Controller Tests
One More Controller Test


May 31, 2022
This course is good but some sections are not continued video. I'm a newbie learning may be confusing in some sections. But it is suitable for people who have skills in typescript and javascript.
May 22, 2022
Almost done with the course but I've learned so much already. The instructor covers the NestJS very well and the project is very realistic to how an app would be developed in the industry.
April 7, 2022
It could be improved in terms of redundancy in the code and in some implementations that the technology allows you to manage in a better way. In general, it is a good course for beginners since it gives you the main fundamentals of NestJS, but I do recommend investigating a little more in depth on your own the documentation of the framework since it is quite complete.
March 30, 2022
Good course globally, I'm just a bit confused about writing tests, I would suggest for a future version of this course to spend more time on that chapter
March 20, 2022
A clear and understandable course. Sometimes the code in the following video differs from what has been written so far, which makes it a bit unclear. But is an unintended but good exercise in understanding what is happening. The course ends rather abruptly, a wrap up would have been nice, possibly with some reference material or possible next steps. Overall it's a good starters course, which i would recommend to others that have some knowledge on JS but want a basic insight in what NestJS is all about.
February 23, 2022
Seems like in Section 9 part for getting home by ID is missing. By the way, good starter course for NestJS, well explained and well shown.
February 19, 2022
I've found the instructor's YouTube videos to be extremely helpful for understanding concepts that I've often struggled with. I had been thinking about getting a course on NestJS for awhile so this was an instant buy for me. So far this course is everything I've come to expect and more.



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