N.A.S.M CPT Nutrition and Personal Training

Applying NASM nutrition to personal training and food logs

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

You will learn is and how NASM defines nutrition terms.

The basics of macro nutrients as NASM teaches it.

The basics behind what metabolism is.

Setting up a detailed food log.

How to apply nutrition knowledge to personal training

The importance of activity for weight loss


Why is nutrition important for weight loss and passing the NASM Nutrition courses? - Why should we exercise or be active for weight loss?

- You will learn the NASM basics behind what a calorie is, and what makes up metabolism.

You will learn the NASM chapter on nutrition and how to apply it to personal training clients.

- You will also learn how to make a detailed food log for weight loss or calorie maintenance tracking. 

- I will also go over my 5 simple steps for making exercise and activity effective as you begin to lose weight.

- Overall the most effective tool for anyone that wants to achieve a goal is knowledge!

Don't be fooled by brands that promise a quick fix, or claim to make it easy then sell you a product. Educate yourself and make weight loss a life long change, not just a month to month battle.


N.A.S.M CPT Nutrition and Personal Training
N.A.S.M CPT Nutrition and Personal Training
N.A.S.M CPT Nutrition and Personal Training
N.A.S.M CPT Nutrition and Personal Training


Introduction What is a Calorie and Why is Metabolism Important

What is a calorie

Macro nutrients

Metabolism and Counting Calories

Why Count Calories


Creating an Effective Food Log

The Final Steps Include Exercise and Activity

5 Simple Steps - Activity and Exercise for Weight Loss

Course Final


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