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(8 hrs) Minimalism - the Minimalist Lifestyle

Decluttering, Death Cleaning and Lagom (Course includes a workbook)

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Leave enough time for the things they love

Further apply the Holman Protocol

How decluttering affects their sex life and mental health

How decluttering affects anxiety

How Lagom is linked to minimalism and decluttering

How to infuse Lagom into your life

The best decluttering advice


A Minimalist Lifestyle beckons!

This course is about introducing 'Lagom' into your life. In a sense it is the international element (along with Hygge) of the Holman Protocol.

With this course you will cover:

  • Death cleaning

  • Decluttering

  • Lagom in the home

  • How this is NOT Hygge

...and other international elements.


This course is very much about application. Therefore 'course collectors' who do not ask questions, discuss, offer comments etc will gain little, if anything from simply letting the lectures run and then collecting a 'Completion Certificate'. The Holman Protocol (Lagom) is about wellbeing, improving your life - but at your own pace.

Not too fast; not too slow.

No mass enrolments of non-sharers, non-contributors etc.

Just people who want to live, love, share and grow.

Numbers will be kept low with the aim of encouraging everyone to gain through group involvement.

Workbook added on DECLUTTERING

Chapter 1: 3 Ways to Infuse Lagom In Your Life

Chapter 2 : Tips to get you started with decluttering

Chapter 3 : The 8 step process

Chapter 4 : Set a timetable: 30 days?

Chapter 5 : 30 days – an alternative timetable

Chapter 6 : Speed is everything

Chapter 7 : What NOT to do

Chapter 8 : You want a list of tips?

Chapter 9 : The best decluttering advice

Chapter 10 : Some 5 minute decluttering tips

Chapter 11 : The Declutter 101 process:

Chapter 12 : The exhaustive guide

Chapter 13: Five baskets!

Chapter 14: 96 clutter hacks

Chapter 15 : Get rid of these!

Chapter 16 : In Conclusion – declutter your mind.

Chapter 17: Making decluttering a core desire

The above applying the work of Marie Kondo.


(8 hrs) Minimalism - the Minimalist Lifestyle
(8 hrs) Minimalism - the Minimalist Lifestyle
(8 hrs) Minimalism - the Minimalist Lifestyle
(8 hrs) Minimalism - the Minimalist Lifestyle


Oxford School of Learning Diploma

About the Diploma



More introduction

How to become...

Ready to start?

Create a healthy home

How is it different to Hygge?

Practising Lagom

What if you are on your own?

Death cleaning


Too much/too little - these are risk factors for stroke!

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6


Mary1 May 2020

This gives a basic introduction to Lagom, and how it could be applied to your daily life, but the constant selling of “The Holman Protocol” was totally off-putting. After googling what the Holman Protocol is, I discovered it’s not a scientific or established practice. I think it’s a lifestyle promoted by this course’s presenter, and he is just using this course as a advert for overly selling his ideas.

Jessica5 February 2020

I’m really enjoying the lagom course. I have already put what I have learned to practice and feel more centered and focused in ways. I actually have the word “lagom” pop into my head when considering buying something and feel I have a lot more discipline in that area to not buy the next pretty or unique thing. This is helping me work towards my minimalist lifestyle goal.

Marie3 December 2019

Very good and informative course on Lagom. You'll learn how to apply it in everyday life, how it is different from Hygga and other interesting things. Well paced, calm voice of the lecturer, overall, a very good course.

Randall17 October 2019

Much of this i knew before but it was presented with such passion and commitment that i am now motivated to put these things into practice for myself. Thanks for the good research!

Emmett17 September 2019

This course organizes information that will help people control their blood pressure and reduce their risk for stroke, heart disease and other conditions related to chronic high blood pressure. It has been helpful in a self-assessment and motivating me to make changes in my own life style. The section of Lagom was very informative and something I would like to incorporate into my life. The lecture on death cleaning was very informative and will serve as a good guide for dealing with this inevitable event. It came at a very opportune time when the Director of our Senior Center indicated she wanted to gather resources to help people address the issues in preparing for death. Thanks so much. I just discovered the RESOURCES which is a workbook PDF on how to declutter your house, room by room. I look forward to using it.

Debra9 July 2019

Enjoying the course very much...taking LOTS of notes. Chris is a good instructor, speaks slowly and explains concepts well...incites interest to learn more about subjects he teaches. Would like to learn more about the Holman Protocol. Only negative comment I have is that, during some of the bonus lecturers, the video was a bit out-of-focus at times.

Dana23 May 2019

This course, was absolutely well done, and amazing. Great tips, and details. great information. I recommend it as must take course, for sure for all.

Shazmin13 November 2018

This is very unusual. It is billed as the 'International Holman Protocol' but really i all based round one word 'Lagom'. It is very interesting to see how this can be applied to our everyday lives - 'death cleaning' was certainly new to me. I think this is the type of course I need to have a go applying and then return to, maybe I have gone through it a little too fast. It's like one of those things eg exercise. The results will take time. I have also been reading the few comments from the other students - it is encouraging to see how they are applying 'Lagom'. I must have a go!

Faith29 August 2018

I'm only a third through and I will update my review when I finish. As of now, I find that being Lagom is not nearly as difficult as I first thought. There is a kind of freeing peace to it. I recommend that when choosing this course, you plan to take your time and really mull over the concepts. Look for ways you are already Lagom. For me, that makes implementing Lagom into new areas of my life easier.

Shaun27 August 2018

I had very little knowledge of the Holman Protocol before taking this course.Now i have a better understanding of the practical philosophy that are behind it's aims and principles. Even if the student doesn't put every idea into effect,there are enough guide lines to improve ones life and health. Take not to much nor too little,but just enough to enjoy life.


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