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The Heart Sutra - Wisdom of the Buddha

A short Buddhist Sutra which teaches the profound meaning of Emptiness and how one abides in the Middle Way

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Buddha Dharma

Teaching of Emptiness


Heart Sutra



In this course, we read and analyze the short Buddha text, The Heart Sutra, while explaining the underlying meanings and context surrounding the teaching.

This is one of the most popular Buddhist texts and is one of the central texts for the Buddhist School of Emptiness. The teaching of Emptiness is especially important to our study of Buddhism because it highlights the Middle Path, one that refrains from all extremities. As a result, we can find peace of mind that is free from greed, anger, and ignorance, the three poisons that inhibit our spiritual awakening.

The Heart Sutra explores four key concepts: The underlying essence of emptiness and how not to attach to it, the sense of self one experiences through attachment to the five skandhas, the emptiness of all the Buddhist teachings so as not to attach to them, and the state of Buddhahood as the ultimate liberation. By practicing these teachings in our everyday lives, we can free ourselves from suffering associated with a strong attachment to ego, false thoughts, and impulsive actions.

The course consists of 4 sections: The introduction, the background of the sutra, the reading and analysis of the sutra, and finally the summary of the practice.

By structuring the course such wise, we allow you to not only understand the teaching by reading it first hand, but I also provide deep insight into the context, underlying meaning as well as practical steps to incorporating the teachings of Emptiness into an easy-to-understand practice.

Best wishes and hope you enjoy the course.

Byron Li.


The Heart Sutra - Wisdom of the Buddha
The Heart Sutra - Wisdom of the Buddha
The Heart Sutra - Wisdom of the Buddha
The Heart Sutra - Wisdom of the Buddha


Introduction to the Course


Background of the Sutra

Introducing the Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra - Part 1

The Heart Sutra - Reading | Part 1

The Heart Sutra - Part 2

The Heart Sutra - Reading | Part 2

The Heart Sutra - Part 3

The Heart Sutra - Reading | Part 3

Summary of the Sutra

Summary of The Heart Sutra

Three Acts of Goodness Framework

The Three Acts of Goodness Framework


Cindylu2 May 2021

Thank you Bryron! I enjoyed very much this course. I love this Sutra and your explanations have enriched my experience.

Breeze30 April 2021

Excellent course on the Heart Sutra! Byron clearly understands Buddhism at a deep level and is very skilful in his explanation. Thank you so much for making this free and I look forward to your other courses too! Much blessings ??


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