The Fiverr High-Paying Client Magnet Strategy (2022)

Learn how to attract high-paying clients on Fiverr & Upwork and stop competing on price.

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Jan 2022
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What you will learn

How to attract higher paying clients so you can work with less clients and make more money.

How to position yourself as an trustworthy expert, so clients don't ask for lots of revisions.

Super effective sales techniques like the 'Halo Effect' & 'Quick Win Approach' to help you win more business more effortlessly.

How to incentivise clients to give you referrals and also leave incredible reviews.

How to double your income overnight (sounds farfetched, but it works every time).

How to build a digital presence so that it build credibility and trust with new clients.

My tried and tested framework for attracting 30 new high-paying clients every single month.


Not being paid what you're worth as a freelancer?

Feel like you're juggling a ka-zillion clients at the same time?

Do you feel the pressure to lower your prices to compete with others on Fiverr & Upwork?

Trust me. I've been there.

But then everything changed.

It was super overwhelming having to handle so many clients.

And the REVISIONS... Jesus!

In my experience, the less a client pays for a service the more revisions they tend to demand.

And here's why...

Client who are shopping for the best price want someone to do as they are told.

They crave power.

They think they own you (in a sense).

But I think we can all agree that it shouldn't be that way.

And the best news is it doesn't have to.

I built this course for my fellow freelancers. (Yes, you!).

The people who bring creativity and value to the world.

I want you to learn from my mistakes and start earning a truly comfortable living by working with LESS CLIENTS and focusing on HIGHER QUALITY work.

There are some key things you need in place before you can start attracting highly profitable clients.

And every step is covered in the The Fiverr High-Paying Client Magnet Strategy.

I'll see you on the inside.


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What we'll learn inside the course
How to get more clients or higher paying clients
A Very Important Message
How to become a trusted expert
Narrowing your niche: how and why?
The Halo effect
Building your digital presence
Digital footprint mindset
The quick win approach
How we find 30 new high paying clients every month
How to reach out to new potential clients
How to get more referrals
How best to share your work
Useful hacks to doubling your income
A closing message


February 16, 2022
I like explanation essentially the strategy instead of telling what to do. By understanding that I can change plans in the way I like. Thank you!
February 8, 2022
Love the fact the course isn't too long as I am trying to learn freelancing on the side of my 9-5, thank you Scott!
February 6, 2022
I have been freelancing for 10 years in various markets, but this course still taught me a lot and the instructor's tips are unique and fresh.



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