The English Dialogue Class

Language Dominion

1.5 hours
May 2022
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What you will learn

Have conversations with native English speakers in a variety of settings.

Listen and understand native English speakers in different daily situations.

Learn new vocabulary words and phrases as well as correct pronunciation to improve speaking ability.

To be able to respond to personal questions from strangers.

Gain confidence in social interactions with English speakers.


This is a fun, not-so-typical way to study and learn English through stories, vocabulary review, and unique lessons. Students will listen to stories based on examples of conversations in daily life; students should write AND repeat the answers to the questions so that they continue to improve in their English speaking ability. The course helps students listen to and practice correct pronunciation for vocabulary words. This course uses some strategies and guidance I learned from the Cambridge English Certification (CELTA), but mostly it comes from my years of experience as a language teacher. Students should find interest in the stories and through the language of the stories, I can help them learn small pieces of English - little by little, story by story - until the learner has gained confidence in using English in daily life conversations. The readers and listeners should follow along with the scripts (the comics) and repeat what the characters say. Keep practicing and repeating what different characters say in the story so that the flow of English becomes natural.  This course is principally designed to entertain you, but it will help you to gain confidence speaking English as you read along with the videos and express yourself as the characters do. Although my goal is for any English learner to enjoy and gain a lot from the stories and videos, I hope that the busy English student with family responsibilities, the tired student with multiple jobs, and even the confused student with a lot to learn will enjoy watching the comedy and entertainment in English - in a simple way to learn. This is a fun course for students to practice and pretend to act in English (along with the stories) and to develop the speaking skills that will transfer to the real world.


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"Pulled Over"

Pulled Over - Skit
Pulled Over - Vocabulary
Pulled Over - Grammar Review

"Meet and Greet"

Meet and Greet - Comic
Meet and Greet - Vocabulary
Meet and Greet - Lesson

"Pest Control"

Pest Control - Comic
Pest Control - Vocabulary
Pest Control - Lesson

"Stacey's Return"

Stacey's Return - Comic
Stacey's Return - Vocabulary
Stacey's Return - Lesson

"You're Invited"

You're Invited - Comic
You're Invited - Vocabulary
You're Invited - Lesson

"Gas Station"

Gas Station - Comic
Gas Station - Vocabulary
Gas Station - Lesson

"The Birthday Cake Thief"

The Birthday Cake Thief - Comic
The Birthday Cake Thief - Vocabulary
The Birthday Cake Thief - Lesson


Networking - Introduction
Networking - Comic
Networking - Vocabulary
Networking - Lesson

"The Doctor Visit"

The Doctor Visit - Comic
The Doctor Visit - Vocabulary
The Doctor Visit - Lesson

"Thank you"

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