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The Complete Web Development Course with PHP, PDO & MySQL

Learn Everything to be a Professional PHP Developer by Building Fully Functional Website with Admin Panel

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The Complete Web Development Course with PHP, PDO & MySQL



11.5 hours


Sep 2020

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What you will learn

You will learn how to create a full functional website

You will learn how to create a content management system like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla

You will learn how to create a full functional login registration system

You will learn how to create pagination

You will learn to build a search engine

There is so much more to learn...


Welcome to the "The Complete Web Development Course with PHP, PDO & MySQL" course!

Are you new to PHP or Need a bit of refresher?

Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals web development from start to finish with PHP, PDO & MYSQL and we'll all end up by building a complete blogging website with pretty cool admin panel at the same place.

My promises:

I promise you that I will not waste your time ~ I will straightly jump right into the topic that we need to build a complete website with all necessary functionality without wasting your valuable time! My another promise is that ~ If you can finished this course properly then you don't need any other courses to learn web development with PHP, PDO & MySQL. You will gain all the information that you need to be a professional PHP developer. After taking this course ~ you will be able to build any type of website that you need to build with PHP programming language.

Your money investment in this course will be multiplied time to time:

With over 120 lectures and with 10 hours+ of video content, you can bet your money will be well spent in this course.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Question):

Q: Is PHP worth it to learn?

A: Big Word ***YES***

PHP is one of the best programming languages to build website in the world. Some of the top tech company still using PHP like Facebook, Wekipedia, Udemy and much more.

Q: Can I make Money if I know PHP?

A: Yes you can!

Go over some freelancing website then you will see there are a lot of freelancing job available for you if you know PHP. You will see so many projects waiting for people.

Q: Is it possible to land a job if I know PHP?

A: Yes its possible!

Visit Indeed or LinkedIn website there you will see a lot of job posting for PHP developer. So take  your time.

This Course Covers the following:

  • How to use database with PHP

  • How to build website using MySQL Database

  • How to use MySQL database with PDO

  • Form in PHP

  • Password hashing

  • Login system

  • Sign up system

  • Forgot password functionality

  • Remember me functionality

  • Simple messaging system

  • Comments and messages notifications

  • Pretty cool looking admin panel

  • How to build search engine

  • Implementation of pagination

  • And much more...

With the awesome project we will be building, you will learn all the skills need to land a job or build a project.  I walk through step by step on everything from scratch.

We have 30 days money back guarantee, no question ask!




Setting up environment for writting and running code

First Step

Project setup

Creating reuseable component for frontend

PDO Configuration

Database connection

Front End ~ Posts ~ Categories ~ Search Engine ~ Login Registration System

Creating database table posts

Inserting dummy posts

Making our posts dynamic

Working with post author and post date

Post views

Creating categories table

Dynamic categories

Post detail page

Update post detail page

Implementation of post views

Most viewed post

Most popular post

Update most popular post

Privacy policy and terms and conditions pages

About us

Status bar title

Update date

Creating four more dummy post

Update post on home page

Let's build a search engine


Category pages

Post category page

Search engine for category post

Creating users table

Creating resueable component for backend ~ Admin Panel

User Sign up ~ registration system

Password hashing

Sign up successful messages

Adding new field in users table

Email already exist

Nick name already exist

Sign in functionality

Sign in successful messages

Logout sessions

Protecting backend ~ Adming panel accessibility

Signout functionality

Remember me part1

Remember me part2

Signout continue

Problem in post detail page

Hiding signin and signup page from signed in user

Forgot password part1

Forgot password part2

Issues in signin and signup page

Fixing logout issues

Fixing remember me issues

Front End ~ Comments

Creating comments database table

Hiding comment box for signout users

Posting and inserting comments into database

Category user name

Showing up comments on frontend

Fixing error on home page

Awaiting response

Fixing post comments issues

Fixing categories issues

Front End ~ Pagination

Home page pagination

Pagination link

Next pagination link

Previous pagination link

Search page pagination

Pagination search page part1

Pagination search page part2

Pagination for category page

Pagination for category page continue

Category page pagination part1

Category page pagination part2

Back End ~ Dashboard & Categories

Backend most popular post upto 5

Dashboard card

Category left sidebar

Left sidebar reuseable component

Top navbar reuseable component

Showing up all categories ~ category page

Non clickable category title

Creating category

Deleting category

Editing category part1

Editing category part2

Editing category part3

Back End ~ User Profile

Backend profile logout

Profile update part1

Proflie update part2

Back End ~ Comments

Showing up all comments

Approve comments and fixing comment issues

Fixing comments issues

Unapprove comments

Deleting comments

Fixing footer

Back End ~ Users

Showing up all users

Deleting users

You can't delete yourself

Adding two new input field

Trigerring button click

Fixing front end issues

Creating new users

Updating users part 1

Updating users part 2

Updating user part 3

Editing user part 4

Fixing image issues

Back End ~ Posts

Expanding left sidebar

Showing up all post

Deleting post

Creating new post

Solving image issues on post creation

Left sidebar issues

Editing post part 1

Editing post part 2

Fixing issues on edit post

Removing pages

Back End ~ Messaging ~ Notification

Contact us page

Creating messages database table

Posting messages into database

Messaging system part 1

Messaging system part 2

Messaging system part 3

Messaging system part 4

Fixing some issues

Comments notification


Alex3 February 2021

Nothing learnt yet at this point of the course, but the project being built looks quite complete and the course should be quite comprehensive.

Mayank24 January 2021

I was genuinely confused about how do I get started with web development especially using PHP but when I saw the project we are going to build all my doubts vanished!

Shubham16 January 2021

Instructor doesn't explain that what is php? Why do we require php? Suddenly started .Totally time waste course.

Rishab9 October 2020

very nice introduction of this course after learn i will give you rating but its only for introduction.

Daood22 September 2020

this course was ment to explain the detail of every language used. the instructor is just writing php code straight ahead just like he is just doing his own practice but not teaching others.

Tom7 September 2020

I like the look of the course and the design of the website. I am hoping language doesn't become an issue in more complex areas later.

C7 September 2020

You don't actually explain what you're doing - you expect students just to follow along without actually TEACHING the student what you're doing. This renders the course useless. So far i've followed along to "database connection" lecture, but i've not actually learned anything!

Luiz6 September 2020

I felt a bit rushed, specially because i am new to web development, but i am looking forward to get this course done and start to understand this topic better.

Le5 September 2020

Maybe it is good but he said 10 000 000 times "okay", "right", "hall right"(?) in just 15 mins. It was annoying.

INEME6 August 2020

I am very impressed by the front end but am still on the backend, But please Sir Also create the blog as json api so we can display it in our Android App. Some of Us are Android Developers so we want to us this blog as Api in our Android App. Please Sir I will really appreciate.


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