Retargeting Masterclass

Increase Sales, Traffic And Conversions With these Retargeting Strategies

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Feb 2020

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What you will learn

Create Blog Posts That Drive Traffic, Provide Value, Create Loyalty & Build Retargeting Audiences

Easily Create A Video To Leverage Your Blog Post Content With Facebook And YouTube

Set Up, Test, Run And Scale Up A Cold Traffic Campaign Using YouTube And Adword Ads

Be Able To Set Up, Test, Run And Scale Up A Cold Traffic Campaign Using Facebook Ads

Build Your Own, Professional Subscriber Building Opt-In And Squeeze Pages

Create Your Warm Traffic Retargeting Campaigns On Facebook, YouTube And Google Display Network

Create A High Converting Text Sales Page Or Video Sales Letter

Run Hot Traffic Campaigns To Convert More Sales

Create Buyer Campaigns For Larger Sales

Write Email Autoresponder Sequences That Will Convert Subscribers Into Sales Automatically


Learn our simple retargeting strategy to create more brand awareness and make more sales while spending less money. .

We will teach you how to create killer content, and then follow up using simple and effective ads on Facebook, YouTube and the Google Display network.

What you'll be able to do after taking this course...

==> Write Blog Posts That Build Audiences For You And Create Loyal Buyers

==> Turn Cold Website Traffic Into Warm Buyer Leads

==> Continue To Scale Your Warm Traffic Into Hot, Profitable Subscribers

==> Create Videos and Use Them to Create Retargeting Audiences

==> Target Your Audience On The Most Popular Sites On The Internet And Drive Daily Sales

We use this pixel retargeting strategy for our own websites and offline clients including international NGOs and Fortune 500 companies. This used to be a well kept secret of large brands and full time marketers but now you can cut through the confusion and implement it for your website and products.

Here's a review from one of our happy students:

"Another Excellent Course From The IM Rebels"
I have just completed watching this course and it provides an excellent platform for you to build an online business from and also an audience for that business. There is a lot of excellent content here ... this is one excellent marketing plan! - Terry Jenkins

Retargeting Your Website Visitors And Turning Them Into Buyers Doesn't Have To Be HARD Or A MYSTERY Anymore!

We walk you through every step of the method from the top types of blog content to create and the ads to run to convert cold traffic into warm, warm traffic into HOT and how to profit at each step.

What exactly is pixel retargeting?

This is a method that large marketers and brands have used for years and now it's time for you to implement in your business. Every time someone visits your website, a pixel is placed on their website browser. This lets the retageting platforms (Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Network) serve tailored ads to people already interested in your brand and content.

No more advertising to COLD audiences or stabbing in the dark with your paid ads!

Serving ads using pixel retargeting drives your ad spend down while increasing your conversions! If you have just $5 a day to spend on paid advertising, you can start seeing daily sales in your funnels and products.

We cover the three big platforms in pixel retargeting advertising to help you market to your audiences where ever they go...

Facebook Retargeting:

The platform most people think of when they hear pixel retargeting. Learn our simple steps to grow cold traffic into warm leads and subscribers and turn them into HOT subscribers and sales at every step of your funnel.

YouTube Retargeting:

This platform is growing daily! Don't miss out and get in early while you can advertise to your audience cheaply and with very high ROI.

Google Display Network Retargeting:

This used to be only for marketers "in the know" but we show you how to cut through the confusion and create professional, responsive ads that fit all the websites in the Google Display Network for free. No more having to hire a graphic designer like the old days!

What Makes This Course Unique?

We’ve got your back. You’ll have a dedicated team of three instructors ready to answer any question you have, or describe something in more detail for you.

As with our other courses, this one will be updated over time with fresh content. All updates for life are included.

The extensive content is broken into easily digestible bits you can rapidly absorb. Engaging exercises along the way help you master the methods so you can see results fast.

You’ll come out with a specific strategy to turn cold traffic into warm and more importantly, warm traffic into SALES. This allows you to begin focusing ON your business and not being stuck working IN your business.


Retargeting Masterclass
Retargeting Masterclass
Retargeting Masterclass
Retargeting Masterclass


Introduction To Retargeting Pixel Advertising

About Your Instructors: The IM Rebels...Brian Gray, Shane Farrell & Mark Tandan

About Your Lead Instructor: Brian Gray

Why Traffic Matters: The Basics...

About The Complete Retargeting Pixel Advertising Masterclass

Basic Traffic Quiz

Step 1: Create An Excellent Blog Post

Different Types Of Blog Post Content: Overview

Blog Post Type #1: Easy Way To Gain Traction & Provide Value To Subscribers

Blog Post Type #2: A WIN-WIN For Your Subscribers & Niche Authority Movers

Blog Post Type #3: Instant Authority By Association With This Type Of Blog Post

Blog Post Type #4: Share Other People's Content For Traffic & Rankings

Blog Post Type #5: Leverage The Number Three Website In The World!

Blog Post Type #6: Reader's Love These Posts & The Work Is Done For Your Already

Optimizing Your Blog Posts For Maximum Benefits

Make Your Blog Posts POP: Where To Find Eye Catching Images

Step 2: Leverage Your Content- Easy Video Creation

The Why & How To Easily Turn Your Blog Post Into A Video

FREE & PAID Tools To Crank Out Video Content

Dead Simple YouTube Video Optimization & SEO

Easy Facebook Video Optimization

Step 3: Setting Up Your First YouTube Cold Traffic Ads

Google Adwords Layout & Setup

Simple & Effective Keyword Research

Setting Up The Four Necessary Google Adword Audiences

IMPORTANT: Adding The Correct Pixels & Tracking Codes To Your Posts

Setting Up Your First Cold Traffic Campaign On YouTube

Proper Keyword Optimization

Creating A Retargeting Audience From Your YouTube Channel Videos

Step 4: Setting Up Your First Facebook Cold Traffic Ads

What Ads Are NOT Allowed On Facebook

Facebook Business Page Setup

Facebook Ads Manager Layout & Setup

The New FB Ads Manager

Creating Cold Audiences On Facebook

Types Of Ads You Can & Should Run On Facebook

Part 1 Of 2: Setting Up Your First Facebook Cold Traffic Campaign

Part 2 Of 2: Setting Setting Up Your First Facebook Cold Traffic Campaign

Generating Campaign Reports & Analyzing Your Ads

Facebook 2015 Benchmark Report

How to see the exact FB Ads for Any Company

Step 5: Set Up Your Squeeze Page Or Opt-In Page

Overview Of Your Opt-In Or Squeeze Page

Important Elements of Your Opt-In Page And Examples

Best Options For Creating Your Opt-in Page

Autoresponder And Email Marketing Options

Creating A High Converting Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet Brainstorm Ideas

Step 6: Set Up Your Retargeting Campaigns

Setting Up Your Conversion Pixels

Facebook Retargeting - Setting Up Your Retargeting Ad

Setting Up Your YouTube Retargeting Ads

Setting Up Your Google Display Network Retargeting Ads Part 1

Setting Up Your Google Display Network Retargeting Ads Part 2

Excluding Audiences From Adwords To Increases Performance And Lower Ad Costs

Excluding Audiences From Facebook Ads For Better Performance and ROI

How To Upload Your Email Lists For Targeting And Optimizing

Go Deeper: More Ad Retargeting Options

Step 7: Set Up Your Sales Page For Maximum Conversions

Sales Copy And Sales Page Overview

Elements Of High Converting Sales Copy

Drafting Your Headline

Where To Find Ideas For Your Headlines

Sales Copy Content That Converts To Profits

Conversion Hacks: Bullets, Testimonials, Guarantees & CTAs

Creating A Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Best Tools For Creating Your Video Sales Letter

Handout: Putting Your Sales Letter Together

Step 8: Retarget your Hot Traffic

Retargeting Your Hot Traffic

How To Host Webinars For High Ticket Sales

Best Tools To Use To Host & Run Your Webinars

Email Autoresponder Follow Up Sequences

Email Marketing Overview

Effective Strategies To Get Your Emails Opened

Converting Subscribers Into Long Term Buyers

Convert Subscribers Into Buyers With Killer Email Follow Up Sequences

Creating Profitable Email Follow Up Sequences To Keep Buyers HOT

Coming Up With Ideas For Email Content


What We Have Covered

Live Q & A

Live Q & A #1 - Copywriting Strategies Part 1 of 3

Live Q & A #1 - Copywriting Strategies Part 2 of 3

Live Q & A #1 - Copywriting Strategies Part 3 of 3

Live Q & A #2 - Email Marketing Strategies - Part 1 of 2

Live Q & A #2 - Email Marketing Strategies - Part 2 of 2

Course Updates

Best (and Fastest) way to get results from Facebook Support

Awesome tool for your sales funnels

Updated Ads Manager, Conversions, Pixels, Integrations, and more!

For Digital Marketers and Agencies: How to Get More clients online

For Digital Marketers and Agencies: How to get more clients - The Automated Way

Watch as I make a Video for an ad part 1

Watch as I make a Video for an ad part 2

Relationship Building Email Series Swipes

How to Use FB Live to Grow




David28 November 2017

I have already learned enough to make the cost and time commitment worthwhile and I have barely begun the course.

Bob26 September 2017

Very in depth and hands on, over the shoulder information. Top quality training from experienced marketers.

Ellie24 September 2017

The content of this course is great and the instructors are experienced. However, the presenters unfortunately have a very monotonous speaking style. Their voices don't show interest or have any variation in pitch, which makes it hard to concentrate while watching. Several times I've had to watch the same video multiple times in order to understand the content, because I keep drifting off while they are speaking.

Ruki14 July 2017

I feel a connection to the instructors, very honest, transparent and qualified..just what i'm looking for!

Matt18 August 2016

Brian's voice is a really boring monotone, with no enthusiasm and no interest. Also, he moves the mouse around the page a lot. I mean A LOT. It's like he has some kind of nervous tick. The cursor is forever leaping about the screen like a demented insect. If Brian wants to draw the viewer's attention to some part of the screen that he's talking ( or droning on) about, he should consider some kind of red box high-lighting or "spotlight" highlighting to make that part of the screen brighter. Other Udemy courses have better methods of highlighting the important parts on the screen, rather than just wiggling the mouse cursor over it. And lets have the clips focus on the information, without the email pop-ups, showing who has just emailed the presenter. Close your email before you start recording. And close the windows of your home too. I don't want to hear sirens outside or the neighbours music, or the phone ringing the background. No-one expects Steven Spielberg quality production here on Udemy, but getting the simple things right doesn't take much effort. The content may be useful, but the presentation style and poor production values of Bryan's sections makes it a chore to listen and to watch.

Terry12 February 2016

I have just completed watching this course and it provides an excellent platform for you to build an online business from and also an audience for that business. There is a lot of excellent content here and my next move is to go through the training again and implement each of the steps into my online business. It will probably take me a few days to do that, but it will be worth it. Remember if you discover an excellent marketing plan, you need to execute it or you will never benefit from it . . . . . . and this is one excellent marketing plan!!


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