The Complete Leadership Mastery Course

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Apr 2021

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How to achieve growth and success through self leadership and leading others


The world has changed overnight and every dimension of our life got upended in an unprecedented manner. How we work, how we buy, how we live and how we study have gone through a metamorphosis. Live now revolves around a screen - yet, the world slowly grinds on..

However, everything falls and rises on Leadership. Everything grows and shrinks on the efforts of a leader. Business growth, Corporate leadership or personal mastery is a result of concerted choices by a Leader. This course sets the foundations and building blocks for someone who can rise from any situation into a growth-oriented leader. Right from young executives to the seasoned professional, everyone can potentially elevate their game for amplified impact. This course is a result of practical insights, implementable actions and ideas that stick because of the practitioner's perspective.

Tighten your seatbelts and enjoy this exhilarating ride, because it will change your thinking, offer compelling alternatives for you to grapple with and reflect. The bottom-line, they say is the bottom-line. The question you should ask is Will this make me a better thinker, action taker and change my bottom-line? If your leadership does not transform your skills into material success at either your business or at work, then all we had was an intellectual discussion.

So here’s our promise. Invest yourself in this course and watch your world view be challenged. We are harnessing decades of experience into this course and we assure you that these lessons will lead you on the path to success. See you at the top!


The Complete Leadership Mastery Course
The Complete Leadership Mastery Course
The Complete Leadership Mastery Course
The Complete Leadership Mastery Course


The New Age Leader - Flourish in a post pandemic world

Here's a win for you!

Leaders design their destiny

Leaders fight for an objective

Leaders live with crystal clarity

Leadership is directly linked to your capacity for change

Leaders are always striving for common good of everyone around!

Leadership exacts a price

Every Leader begins with this primordial question - What is my everest?

Leaders pay heed to their inner voice

There is difference between self-awareness and self-delusion

Leadership is a self-taught path that is anchored in reflection

Leaders are generators of tremendous value - followers merely consume

Intellectual horsepower is key to the drive of a leader

On a spectrum between doers and dreamers, where do you fall?

Leaders never hit rock bottom, they use it as a springboard to bounce back

Leaders thrive or melt under pressure

Singular benefits of leadership

Leadership is both substance and style

Leadership is built on these two principles of Physics

It is never about being a superhero, in reality

Its about not being blindsided

Leadership is about solving the GAPS

It affects your whole person, this leadership quest

You could be the biggest barrier to your growth

There is no I in Leader

Have u ever thought when is a good time to grow as a Leader?

Leadership is never about one definitive answer

Leadership is launching into the unknown

U don't jump the seas in one big leap

Leadership is built on the bedrock of confidence

Is there anything new under the sun?

Leadership is the sum total of the problems solved

Explore these ideas for the fundamentals of Leadership

Leadership is growth - Are you prepared for the growth pangs

Leaders are a series of decisions - good and bad

Leadership is a choice

Four benefits from this course,atleast

Why is this course different

You can run on yesterday's diet

Leadership Myths - No one is born a leader

Leaders are not made based on degree or pedigree

Leadership Myths - they don't always have to be charismatic

A great leader does not have to manipulate people around

Leaders are not managers

A must possess quality for the future, to shine in the business world

Another must-have trait for the future leader

A leader knows the difference between a critic and a coach

An inspiring leader is also unreasonable

A good leader is bold not a bully

This leader runs from cheating - self

A good leader knows the difference between a learned man and learner

A fine leader knows the opposite of a desire

The pandemic levelled the playing field

In the beginning, there was a leader who said" Let there be light"

He/she gets the difference between the fundamental competing drives of a human!

A modern Leader knows that he needs to ride high or lie low

The new age leader is a digital maestro

Leaders are measured for performance

The New Age Leader starts with seeing the invisible

The New Age Leader has a vision with a deep core and broad commitment

This Leader lives by the rule book definition

The Leader's currency is influence - moving people through example

A Leader keeps providing the resources to make everyone successful

There is always a way because this leader is dynamic

It's never about time management, always about priorities

This guide has an unflappable temperament in the face of difficulties

It is always the right time to do the right thing!

For a truly committed leader the spoils come after a labor of love!

This New era calls for new paradigms - this one is for you

Another paradigm shift for this leader....

A critical aspect of these leaders is they don't fit the mold

They know the why aspect of their compulsive obsession to win

The many hats a leader wears at work in a post-pandemic world

A Leader is a communicator - with a megaphone

Build, build and build is the mantra for value creation

Multi-pronged strategy is his middle name. Always planning to make a move!

A Leader has a heart - and often is not afraid to wear it on his sleeve

The fixer- leader is always asking the question - How can we fix it and up it?

A leader is always brokering, partnering and making alliances

This new age leader is a pathfinder and pathmaker

The difference between a leader and coach is exponential

Leadership Foundations and Pillars

Times change, leaders don't

A new age leader lives by guiding principles

This new age leader lives with the end in mind in the light of tributes

The Leader is aware of his self-limiting beliefs

This Leader plays the long game by sticking to it with tenacity

This renaissance leader possesses sharp clarity of their end game

A leader has no gap between his private and public lives

This leader does not care who owns the place, in his mind, he does!

He/she is willing to give everything to the mission

As a result they are not diplomatic, but they call it as they see it

The new world leader has an old school perspective towards his competitors

This brave leader has unbridled, unlimited confidence

A contemporary captain knows the difference between a career and a....

They constantly throw away their old clothes that don't fit them anymore

Out with the previous decade, in with the new times

They have a way to deal with setbacks and obstacles

The Mindset of a Renaissance Leader

This leader knows and brings a strong intellectual bent to work

A New Age leader is anchored in Purpose

The Renaissance Leader is an unstoppable learner

Energizer bunny is a favorite metaphor for a Leader

Reasonable folks fit in, Leaders adapt and turn the tide

Not a freeloader, not a passenger, but a driver - A Leader in the driving seat

His Power is distributed all around - A Leader spreads his impact by encouraging

Bounce back from setbacks, this Leader's spine is made of elastic

People rise to the standards a leader sets - expect uncommon results

A leader is never static with the status quo - He "keeps on swimming"

Inspiration is in full supply with a Renaissance Leader

A leader reproduces and multiplies his impact

Skill-sets of New Age Leadership

the core elements of this modern style of leadership

You go as much as you know, you grow as much as u know!

Renaissance Leaders are Agile

Leadership can be messy because it involves people

Priorities drive the New Age Leader

Leaders are dealers of hope

New Age Leaders have a clear game plan

The new Leader navigates the paradox

The New Age Leader delivers consistently over long periods of time

The Modern Leader possesses a situational intelligence that is unrivaled

Handsets/Habit sets of a leader - the daily outworking traits

they recognize the power of deep rooted influences

They recognize the fire in the belly of their teammate

A renaissance leader engages by asking the most powerful of questions

A distinguished leader always evolves at every stage of the journey

A Leader is distinguished because he is a preferred brand

A Ren man asks questions like a boss

This leader treats everyone with dignity and kindness

This new age leader strives for competitive advantage, to get the extra edge

Another hallmark is the conviction that Image is not everything

For a leader, the job is not done until they go the extra mile

A leader constantly straddles between the vision and reality and strides forward

This leader's communication to aimed shine the light on others

They relate with their followers with indifference and investment

They strive

Renaissance Leaders Communicate with Clarity

This wiseman comes bearing gifts, including the most valuable of all!

They understand that the times - they are a changing, all the time!

They set expectations not just for themselves but others as well

A leader can have the uncomfortable conversations without fretting

This leader can find common ground naturally with everyone

Leaders don't hastily react - they respond appropriately

A Renaissance leader keeps the big picture vividly as his North Star

The modern leader's credentials are rooted in subject expertise

A powerful question often asked by the Leaders and their teams is...

This leader knows how to manage the paradox and avoids extremes

The brave new leader creates an ecosystem of learning and reflecting

A leader knows his/her men like a good captain knows a team

In today's times they know the perfection is not realistic yet aspirational

A quality that makes them shine is how they lead into the promise land

Renaissance Leaders are Servant Leaders - they go low to go high!

A servant leader is more of a servant and less of a leader

Servant Leaders are committed to the growth of their followers

Servant Leaders are driven by Empathy not Ego alone

Servant Leaders lead by Persuasion not Pressure

Servant Leaders possess foresight not myopia

Servant Leaders influence by Conceptualizing not Controlling

Servant Leaders believe in growth not just goals

Servant Leaders heal, they don't hurt

An outstanding quality is that they lead with awareness, not ambiguity

A Servant Leader builds not a cult, but a community


Joshua15 April 2021

After listening to him, I get the feeling I too can get there, he is like a boy next door, who made it unthinkably big in life, by just believing in himself and passionately following his calling. He has articulated his leadership journey so clearly and so excitingly that a person coming from any background, any culture, any nation, and and ideology can quickly identify with him and make changes in their own leadership journeys to achiever their leadership dreams and aspirations.

D14 April 2021

This is an excellent leadership course; I have come across in recent times. The trainer seems to have risen through ranks for his explanation and analysis is very realistic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

sisirnath12 April 2021

The passion, sincerity and resolve to help others succeed in their leadership journey come through from the very first video. This goodness continues for all 200+ videos, this is a treasure trove of advice and guidance.

Ann24 March 2021

Although I am a seasoned business leader, this course was well thought of and catered to both the experienced as well as the inexperienced. Sunil’s high energy speaking style served me a rich myriad of relevant and memorable ideas. I felt empowered and validated on what I was doing right. I was also able to identify key strategies that I would need to expand or improve upon. Sunil cut through the jargon and provided practical tools that can be put to daily use. Implementation tactics were well thought of with precise planning. I strongly recommend taking this course.

J.s.Nehemaiah22 March 2021

It really helped me a lot in all the areas of my work places , it really boosted up my skills thank you soo much sir ✨you brought the best out of me ✨❤️

Abhilash22 March 2021

This course seams extremely helpful, It is very appreciative of how author dives into the various attributes, psychology and drive that should be embedded into becoming a fine leader... Absolutely WORTH WATCHING!

Christina22 March 2021

Sunil Robert is an accomplished leader in the corporate world and a seasoned mentor. This course helped me identify my areas of improvement as an aspiring leader in the workplace and to have a holistic approach to leadership in not just reaching goals but walking in step with the team and working together for a meaningful purpose. Thank you for the course and looking forward to more helpful courses in the future!

Praveen22 March 2021

The course is captivating and Mr. Robert does a great job of keeping interest. And is motivating with the teachings about the fundamentals of leadership.

Joyce21 March 2021

This course is definitely helpful for the leaders of tomorrow. These ideas are ideas to be reflected on and implemented in order to be a good leader.

Latha21 March 2021

Sunil has been a mentor to me and has actively helped me in improving my Presentation skills that have led me to present with more clarity, refined content and confidence at various conferences, I would recommend this to everyone that is looking to make a 1% improvement to yourself on an organic basis, thank you Sunil for this awesome course - regards Latha

Tridip21 March 2021

This is a great course for upcoming leaders that want a simple narrative that resonates with their daily knick knacks of the corporate world. I Highly recommended Sunil for anything Leadership, Motivational speaking, Career Coaching related he has always been a great mentor to me, i organically tune into his LinkedIn Feed and have also been very inspired by his Ted Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0iY-BYZdLw. thank you - Tridip Chakraborthy

Sowjanya21 March 2021

A lot of concepts explained in simple language. The short videos are a great idea , helps with attention span

Jyothi21 March 2021

This is a great Leadership course. Mr. Sunil Robert is one of my favourite leadership coaches. The Complete Leadership Mastery Course has small capsules that are relatable and practical for anyone who is on the journey to exploring their leadership skills. The training modules are crisp and impactful. I strongly recommend everyone from all facets of life to watch these videos and enrich your skills.

Aman20 March 2021

Very motivational and inspirational. Inspired me to have a brand new look on life and command as a leader.

Sahil20 March 2021

It was really great! I understood a lot about leadership from this course! This will be a great benefit to all aspiring leaders!


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