Deep Web- The complete Introduction to the hidden web

learn to navigate on the deep web on a daily basis

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2.5 hours


Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Understand all the deep terminology and be able to have a complete understanding of the theoretical part

Be able to access by your self to the deep web in complete safety for legal uses

Visit some basic deep web websites and learn where to find links for multiple deep web websites


Have you heard many times about the deep/dark web but you never knew what it is. Or you you have an Idea of what is it but you never visited this part of the web. Then this course for you. You will learn all the basics of the deep/dark and how to access this part of the web. At the end of the course, you will be able to use the TOR browser as your default browser and surf on all the parts of the Web.


Deep Web- The complete Introduction to the hidden web
Deep Web- The complete Introduction to the hidden web
Deep Web- The complete Introduction to the hidden web
Deep Web- The complete Introduction to the hidden web




What is the deep web

Difference between the deep web and the dark web

How the deep web could be used for legal and good purposes

Deep web/dark web myths

Basic things to know

Introduction to TOR

TOR security

The concept of anonymity

Let's begin our journey

Downloading TOR

list of safe Websites to visit

Introduction to TAILS

Making purchases on the deep web and cryptocurrencies

Introduction to cryptocurrencies

How to buy cryptocurrencies

Is it safe to buy products on the deep web

Market places


The dangers of the dark net

Staying safe

Course summary


Pavle2 October 2020

Too much repetition. He could explain it in less then one hour, and no need to spend 2,5 hours for this course

Sunny29 September 2020

What a waste of time. No wonder this course was free. About 5% is actually any good the rest is just filler and repetition. What did i learn, the URL to the Hidden Wiki, which I did have years ago. Tails, although there's no demo of this OS. This course should renamed General Internet Safety. Even then it wouldn't scratch the surface. Would I recommend this course, well no. If anything it's dangerous. It is like giving a child a loaded gun, pointing to the side saying this is the safety and then saying go play.

Dom27 September 2020

The way it's presented seems to be aimed at complete novices but I feel some parts contradict, such as mentioning TAILS and introducing users to operating systems. Also, you go as far as telling users about cryptocurrency and showing them underground markets without handling the address information. I think that is quite dangerous since I can easily see how someone watching this could go as far as trying to buy something here and then just entering their home address, the number 1 thing you want to keep hidden from potentially dangerous people on the internet.

Andres26 September 2020

Está bien por ser un curso introductorio. Vale la pena si no tenes ningun conocimiento sobre la deep/dark web.

Att18 September 2020

Sad i used my time on it, as the whole info could be placed on one page article. Also, the tutor asks the question himself and sighs himself, which makes a listener to feel *dumb*

Anagheshwar13 September 2020

it is best experise of this course of deep web for given to this course for sir . apportunity for me to learn the deeb web knowlege .thanks sir given to me chose for thise course.

Oduro4 September 2020

All what is needed before accessing the dark web can be found in this course. I love this course and i expect more from this lecture so far my highest rate on udemy courses.

Md.4 September 2020

awful, bad sound quality. I cannot hear any word. Really bad course. Should erase this course from Udemy

Nithin2 September 2020

It was an amazing hours being with you and your course. I know you cant provide deep knowledge about deep web however you tried your best providing really good stuff in a safe way.

Akshat31 August 2020

It was a clear and easy introduction to the Deep/ Dark web. Got some great insights into how these things work and how I can use it legally for some amazing resources. Some more practical videos would be a great addition to the course. Thank you!

Sai26 August 2020

This course is not about what i think, it is just like precautions to the deep web after completion of course still i don't know how to use deep web.

David24 August 2020

Yet another course about the dark web that pretends that the Tor network is the whole dark web (although other software are very quickly mentioned, they are never named and there's no mention that they are for other darknets). Also, there's a typo on ".ognion" (in video #3). And also, "dark web" isn't the same thing as "dark net" (video #16). I don't know if it's acceptable to post links in reviews, so I'll just say search for "Please stop confusing deep web, dark web and dark net" in your favorite search engine, and you'll find the proper definitions of those 3 terms.

Surjith17 August 2020

Got a basic guidance about using deep web and it is helpful to get a start in learning about internet security.

Mukesh14 August 2020

I learnt a lot pertaining to one of my curious topics from this course. I am thankful to the instructor and udemy for sharing all this knowledge.Content was amazing but the audio in few videos were too low. As a nutshell I really enjoyed the course.

Andrew14 April 2020

Even with the volume turned up full to 100, I struggled to hear him. Please tell him to turn his microphone up


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