Running a Mobile App Dev Business: The Complete Guide

Learn how to start and grow a mobile app development business. Get up & running in less than 1 week.

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Jul 2022
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What you will learn

Choose the most effective platform strategy for your business

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of Native vs. Hybrid and iOS vs. Android apps

Predict the timeline for starting your business and effectively allocate your time

Decide between hiring in-house employees or contractors

Choose whether or not to offer generalized or specialized mobile services

Understand the different types of contractors and where to find them

Recognize the core components of successful mobile development firms

Discover cheap and professional ways of creating an online presence

Select a name that's attractive and conveys your core messaging

Master the biggest platforms for contracting: Freelancer and Upwork

Use advanced search techniques to find specialty contractors

Create and organize a professional and effective portfolio

Use uncommon techniques to grow your portfolio faster

Utilize 15 different strategies to find and attract potential clients

Create different types of proposals (using Proposify and Nusii) and understand when to use each

Use ballpark estimates to strategically to close clients sooner

Manage clients effectively and use your time efficiently

Keep client retention rates high and minimize churn

Sniff out a client's budget before they tell you

Use advanced best practices to maintain your businesses growth

Figure out the optimal pricing configuration for your rates

Learn how to handle client meetings in person

Make long term decisions about which clients to retain and which to lose

Integrate Asana into your workflow to increase transparency and efficiency


The mobile app development industry is growing at a blazing 43% per year and shows no signs of slowing down. This represents a huge opportunity for you - bigger than it's ever been before. Whether you want to code or not, you can capitalize on the over 16 billion dollars of money spent per year on mobile app development services. Part-time or full-time, you can build an awesome portfolio and an even better income taking on mobile app development projects. 

Over the last four years I've personally overseen the launch of over 100 apps from concept to deployment. I've grown my business from one small client to over 100. Today, we make apps for big name brands such as Walmart, GNC, Dick's Sporting Goods, and other Fortune 500 companies.

I created this course to teach you how you can hit the ground running by starting a mobile app development business - no coding necessary. I see a lot of people floundering to start or grow their mobile businesses because they don't have the mentorship or the guidance to do it right. This course is my answer for all of you who have reached out for help. I've piled everything I know and everything that has made my business successful into this course. I'm going to show you how to jumpstart your business, grow it quickly, and manage your business like a professional - all from the comfort of your laptop.


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Introduction (26 minutes)

Course Overview
Join our community on Slack!
7 reasons to start a mobile app development business
The Sprintkick story
Section 1 review material
Review sheets & resources - all in one PDF

The Essentials (56 minutes)

The startup timeline
How does this work as a programmer / non programmer?
iOS versus Android
Native versus hybrid
Build yourself or contract?
In-house hiring or out of house?
In country or out of country?
Section 2 review material

Setting up your presence (65 minutes)

Focus on 80/20 solutions for your online presence
Looking at other studios
Going further in-depth looking at studios
Picking and configuring a template on Templatemonster
Picking and configuring a template on ThemeForest
Selecting a name
Advanced: Upgrade your presence with custom design
Section 3 review material

Finding subcontractors (66 minutes)

What makes a good long-term partner?
Intro to Elance
Intro to Elance 2
Intro to Upwork
Intro to Upwork 2
Intro to Freelancer
Finding freelancers elsewhere
Section 4 review material

Building a portfolio (22 minutes)

How important are portfolios?
Use these tricks to grow your portfolio faster
Thoughts about portfolios
Buying testimonials and case studies
Section 5 review material

Getting clients (71 minutes)

Strategy: Email scrape and blast
Strategy: Offer adjacent services to those hiring in-house
Strategy: Discount offers to groups
Strategy: Use your affiliations
Strategy: Tag your work
Strategy: Sell things that require maintenance
Strategy: This sucks let me fix it
Strategy: The perpetual discount
Strategy: Build something and give it away
Strategy: Making tutorials strategy
Section 6 review material

Building proposals (79 minutes)

Our technique, in-depth costs of everything
Types of proposals
Components of proposals
Tools for getting proposals done faster
How much do you customize?
Ballpark estimate versus exacto
Strategy: Introduce ideas and see if they stick
Section 7 review material

Managing clients (64 minutes)

Keeping the right distance
Confidence is key
Just enough jargon
Sniffing out their budget
Speed is important
Client budgets and the difference they make
Do you deliver what's good or what the client likes?
Don't talk about problems, say what's happening
Is the client always right?
Section 8 review material

Best Practices (102 minutes)

Should you submit the app for your client?
Under promise, over deliver
What is agile? Should I use it?
Price per project, price per hour
Should you worry about competition?
Hedging your launch date
Beautiful design makes beautiful development
Running without contracts
Red flags for bad clients
Rich clients versus successful clients
Tell when you're getting fizzled
Don't quote off the top of your head
Meeting in person
Is there a benefit to delivering early?
Repeat customers are the best
Avoid assumers
Section 9 review material

Internal management is crucial (44 minutes)

Intro to Asana
Getting more in-depth with Asana
Making Asana work for you
Turning Asana inside out
Section 10 review material

Free documents & resources

Our $4k NDA. Yours free.
Our standard Development Contract Template

Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture: How to get your next course for $13.99


February 16, 2022
So far Ok only that i feel halfway most of it is like Running a "Web Dev Business" not as the course title "Running a Mobile App Dev Business"... i will continue to rest
September 24, 2021
This is a very good course with a ton of useful information, but there are a few things that are missing, at least in my opinion.
August 17, 2021
Very Good & Informative for anyone with nil knowledge, how & where to start and etc. ...Clearly explained the reasons!!
December 31, 2020
This course is extremely out of date! And there is nothing mentioned about the newest mobile app technologies such as flutter and react native. The teacher should re-make the whole videos.
October 30, 2017
Great learning experience. I subscribed for other courses in UDEMY but couldn't finish other courses except this one. Very nicely organized and step by step explanation. I was able to finish as a part of interest even though it was not on my priority list...whaw and now I am glad that I finished this one and may be revisit to refresh my knowledge.
September 24, 2017
Excellent, might need to do another version like 102 version for more advance requirements. or go more in details in managing freelancers and manage the code
September 2, 2017
Great insights.I tried to start development by following the wrong approaches but Evan has helped me to avoid big errors and mistakes.Consider this course before you try and start a mobile app business
August 9, 2017
Great course. Goes in detail in a lot of the tools you would use if you were starting your own mobile app business, from a business management/project management perspective
July 26, 2017
Great and powerful course,this is really an in dept course, that brings you from a beginner to an actual expert in business and app development. You will have the mindset and resource after going through the course. In addition to that you will go to a step by step process on how you develop yourself into an app developer expert and how do you scale your business so that you will be making your millions to billions of dollars.Take this course now and become the master in app development business and achieve a successful business now in any industry. Thank you so much :D
June 6, 2017
Very very common knowledge. Anyone who has ever been interested in business in any way knows this. I found almost no gain in wasting those hours watching the videos
May 10, 2017
The instructor is engaging and the information is very helpful and relevant to my business. I've had my business for about a year, and I wish I had this class in the beginning of my venture. I can't wait to implement the techniques.
April 15, 2017
Awesome course so far, the author provides a lot of different aspects to consider when wanting to start a business that I did not consider or think about.
March 28, 2017
Good course although some of the web links etc. are country specific and a few of the videos are difficult to read the text.
March 22, 2017
Lots of usefull and pragmatic info for getting off the ground from someone who has clearly faced all these issues himself. The lecturer is what you might call a "digital survivor". He is full of ideas on how to market his company services and making a sale, and he shares these ideas generously with his audience.
March 20, 2017
I'm just on the part where you decide on a domain name, and so far this course has been worth every penny I paid for it. The recommendations to tools and resources on other sites is just phenomenal. Evan is easy to listen to, and keeps your attention, even though - I'm typing and visiting websites as he speaks... So I find myself hitting the pause and rewind button often. Great course so far - and I had previously decided to skip this section cause I already have a domain name... buuuut, now with the tips I got from Evan, I'm thinking about buying a new one!



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