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The Complete Guide to Develop Augmented Reality Application

Unity + Vuforia + AR Application + Character Animation & Animator + Much More ....

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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Augmented Reality App Development


Curious about Augmented Reality, You have come to the right place. in this course, you will learn how to develop augmented reality applications including character animation.

This course is designed for students interested in creating Augmented Reality apps. No coding experience is required; all you need is an Android or iOS device for testing your Augmented Reality apps. We will start from the basics of Unity, AR, and then move to higher topics.

what is Augmented Reality?

According to Wikipedia, Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, or GPS data.

In Augmented Reality, the real view is modified by a computer (Smartphone in this case). Augmented reality (AR) enhances one’s current perception of reality, whereas, in contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. Augmentation techniques are basically performed in real-time,


The Complete Guide to Develop Augmented Reality Application
The Complete Guide to Develop Augmented Reality Application
The Complete Guide to Develop Augmented Reality Application
The Complete Guide to Develop Augmented Reality Application


Introduction About AR & Unity


What is AR ?

Different Between AR vs VR Vs MR

Unity Installation

Create Unity ID

Unity Engine

Section Intro

Unity Editor Overview 2020

Creating Own Layout

Zoom Move Rotate and Scale Game Object

Physics In Game Object

Adding Color to GameObject

Adding Texture to Game Object

SkyBox Lighting and PlayMode Color

Parents and Child GameObjects

Local and Global in Unity

The Concept Of Prefabs

About Script and Apply on GameObject

About Unity 2D

Add Background and Sprites

Bouncy Material

AR Drawing Book - Part1

Section Intro

Import Vuforia Packages

Solve Error for Importing Vuforia Packages

Create License Key

Image Scanning

Create Vuforia Database

Uploading Image Target

Projecting 3d Object On Image Target

Apply Assets On Image Target

Build AR Android App & Install On Mobile

AR Drawing Book with Object Animation - Part2

Section Intro

Capture Image For Vuforia Image Target

Upload Image On Vuforia

Download Database & Import into Unity

Download Assets

Error Solution

Animate Cloud On Image Target

Add Rays On Sun Objects

Dual Image target On Same Scene

Add 3D Text On Drawing Image Target

Buil AR Drawing App

Install AR Application On Mobile

AR Birthday Greeting Card with Audio

Section Intro

Create AR Greeting Card Database in Vuforia

Scan Image and Upload Into Vuforia Database

AR Greeting Card Database Import Into unity & Add license key to AR Camera

Download and Customize Cake 3D Model

Download and Customize Ice Cream 3d Model

Download & Customize Flowers 3d Model

Download and Customize Gifts 3d Model

Add Audio in 3D Model

Add 3D text & Credit to author for 3d Model

Build and Run the AR Birthday Card App

AR Invitation Card with 2D Button & Animated Character

Section Intro

Create AR Invitation Card Database & Upload Image

Create New Project into Unity and import AR Invitation Card Database

Download Character 3D Model

Customize Character 3D Model

Animator Controller & Animation in Character 3D Model

Create Animator Controller For AR Invitation Card App

Add 2d Button and Customize it

Button Click event for Character Animation

Add Audio with Button Click

Build & Run The Application

AR Visiting Card With Video Playback

Section Intro

Create AR Visiting Card Database & Upload image

Import AR Visiting Card Database into Unity

Augmented Reality Video Playback

Configure Quad with Video Clip

Button Click Event Configuration

Build & Run The AR Visiting Card App


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