The complete guide to bookkeeping for small business owners

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What you will learn

Bookkeeping principles, why is important for business, bookkeeping methods, how to do bookkeeping using excel, then how often have to do bookkeeping for busin

You do not need a budget, but need to take enough time to learn, understand and practice,, also it is vital you need to practice consistently

You can easily make mistakes if you do not pay enough attention while working, also mistakes can lead to many problems that will affect the business

I started my life as a bookkeeper and have enough experience, seen so many issues, all types of problems like preparing a trial balance which does not balance


The complete guide to bookkeeping for small business owners


I am creating an online course called “The complete guide to bookkeeping for small business owners”.  It is helpful for students and entrepreneurs to help to maintain their books. Implementing a proper accounting system is vital for any business, either a small business or a corporation. Keeping your accounting records in order helps to avoid mistakes, fraud in the market, correct tax payments, and grow your business. Either the firms that do not have a proper accounting system fail soon, or the company will not improve.

What you will learn in this online course

If you are preparing to own a business, there are some principles you must learn about managing it. Firstly, when you are a newbie, you have to know the tips that I have mentioned in my first lecture, “What is accounting and how to do it?

When you follow the tips with care, there is no difficulty setting up the accounting system for your new business.

In addition to setting up the accounting system, you have to know how often you need to do accounts to keep the finances in order.

What are the best methods you can use for your business and all the tasks involved?

When your business grows, how to deal with your records.

You will learn to prepare the final accounts if you are a sole trader and prepare and file the returns to your tax office.

I created this online course in accounting to help people interested in setting up a business. When you have financial knowledge, you can help other people to come out of their severe economic issues. If you want to set up a home-based bookkeeping business, read this online course to give you confidence. An online course can help students who wish to proceed with an accounting study and work in the accounting field.

How will it help you if you study accounting?

Accounting is one of the best jobs where you can protect yourself from unemployment, also helps you in your real life. Therefore, bookkeeping is a top-rated course to help you do well in life, as you can work for a company or own your bookkeeping business once you qualify in bookkeeping and then head towards accounting.

Thank you for picking up the course to read. Please do not forget to leave a helpful review that motivates me to do more work if you like.


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Why bother with bookkeeping?
What is accounting?
Negelecting bookkeeping
Frequency & Schedule
Times to do bookkeeping
Bookkeeping Methods
Choosing a method.
Tasks of a bookkeeper
How to expand your records as your business grows?
Doing the books
Final accounts of a sole trader
Final accounts sole trader part 2
A guide to self-assessment returns small business owners.


August 24, 2020
Seems like a sweet lady BUT I thought I'd end this knowing how to create forms I need as a business owner. Terrible.
May 2, 2020
Course lecturer communication was fair but at times I had to go over sections inorder to understand what was being explained. She knows her profession and it was useful. Not happy with the resource printed material which accompanied the lectures. However, I managed to get a general understanding of the subject.



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