The Complete Guide for Postural Management

Organizing the Workstation Plus 60 "Must Know" Posture Corrective Exercises

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What you will learn

Learn how to check, organize and properly set up the working station.

Learn 60 proper and effective exercises to counteract two most common postural faults.

Learn safe and energy-efficient lifting techniques at the workplace.

Learn a new concept on the use of a backpack.


Undeniably, this is a generation of men and women with poor posture and with increased number of musculoskeletal conditions. Although technology has in so many ways kept us closer to one another and has increased our productivity at work, sadly, it has also deteriorated our health for so many reasons. The everyday use of a laptop or mobile phone, has ruined our posture and has increased our risks of developing tight upper back muscles by shoulder shrugging, slouched and forward head posture. This translates to chronic neck and low back pain and muscle tension headaches. This, among others, is a real and present problem that needs to be addressed.

Hi, I’m Joseph Evans Ocbena.

Welcome to the complement course "The Complete Guide for Postural Management"

This course is the second step after identifying postural faults from the previous course "The Complete Guide for Postural Assessment". It took me a while to come up with this engaging course as it was a lot of work to choose and effectively demonstrate the best 60 postural corrective exercises there is. In this course, we will also learn how to efficiently work by preparing the workstation such that our working environment will work for us and not against us. I surely hope that your patient waiting will be greatly rewarded with this fun and in-depth educational course as we leap towards better health.

A lot of these therapeutic workouts will be available for download for your stock materials and future reference.

Let’s finally put an end to chronic neck pain, tension headaches, forward head, slouched postures and low back pain!

So click on the button ADD TO CART, grab your mat and let’s get this show on the road!

Thank you and see you inside!



Course Overview
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The Work Station

The Chair
The Desk
The Monitor
The Keyboard and Mouse
Key Objects, Telephone and Footrest

The Postural Faults and Exercises that Counteract

Management of Upper Crossed Syndrome
Stretch Pectoralis Major Wall Lower (Static Left)
Stretch Pectoralis Major Wall Middle (Static Left)
Stretch Pectoralis Major Wall Upper (Static Left)
Stretch Pectoralis Major Corner Lower (Static)
Stretch Pectoralis Major Corner Middle (Static)
Stretch Pectoralis Major Corner Upper (Static)
Stretch Pectoralis Minor Corner (Static Left)
Stretch Trapezius Upper Holding Head Hand Behind Back (Static Left)
Stretch Trapezius Upper Holding Chair and Head (Static Left)
Stretch Levator Scapulae Hand Behind Back (Static Left)
Stretch Levator Scapulae Grasping Wrist (Static Left)
Seated Chin Tucks
Chin Tuck Supine Against Towel with Overpressure
Stretch Shoulder Rotation External Towel (Static Left)
Dowel Shoulder Rotation External Stretch Variation 02 (Static Left)
Prone Spinal Extension Elbow Extended Exercise
Exercise Ball Ab Stretch
Stretch Gluteus Maximus Supine Single Knee to Chest (Static Left)
Stretch Gluteus Medius Supine (Static Right)
Stretch Hamstrings Seated (Static Left)
Stretch Hamstrings Supine Belt Other Knee Flexed (Static Left)
A Quick Reminder
Exercise Band Resisted Chin Tucks
Pressure BioFeedback Unit Exercise
Deep Neck Flexor Longus Colli Strengthening
Lower Trapezius Activation Left (Reach, Twist and Lift)
Exercise Band Bilateral Shoulder Horizontal Abduction
Resistance Band Rows Standing 90 Degrees Bilateral
Resistance Band Rows Standing 135 Degrees Bilateral
Dumbbell One Arm Row Quadruped
Resistance Band Serratus Anterior
Supine Diaphragmatic Breathing
Supine Hand-Resisted Diaphragmatic Breathing
Supine Book-Resisted Diaphragmatic Breathing
Management of Lower Crossed Syndrome
Stretch Hip Flexors and Quadriceps Femoris Half Kneeling Belt (Static Left)
Stretch Hip Flexors and Quadriceps Femoris Standing Belt (Static Left)
Stretch Lumbar Erector Spinae Towel Double Knee to Chest Static
Child’s Pose
Stretch Gastrocnemius Standing (Static Left)
Stretch Gastrocnemius Seated Belt (Static Left)
Stretch Soleus Seated Towel
Stretch Soleus Standing (Static Left)
Stretch Hamstrings Supine Towel Other Knee Extended (Static Left)
Stretch Hip Adductors Standing (Static Left)
Stretch Hip Adductors Quadruped (Static Left)
Stretch Tensor Fascia Latae Iliotibial Band (Static Left)
Stretch Piriformis Seated (Static Left)
Stretch Piriformis Supine Belt (Static Left)
Supine Single Leg Controlled Drop
Supine Flutter Kicks
Hip Extension in Hook-lying Pelvic Bridge Double Support with Hold
Hip Extension in Quadruped Donkey Kick Knee Extended (Left)
Gluteus Medius Strengthening 3 Variations
Resistance Band Knee Flexion Standing
Dumbbell Hip Extension in Quadruped Donkey Kick Knee Flexed (Left)
Exercise Band Seated Resisted Plantar Flexion and Inversion (Left)
Exercise Band Foot Grab (Right)
Lumbar Erector Spinae Strengthening Floor "I" Exercise
Lumbar Erector Spinae Strengthening Floor "W" Exercise
Lumbar Erector Spinae Strengthening Floor Hands-Behind-Head Exercise
Lumbar Erector Spinae Strengthening Floor Superman Exercise

Proper Body Mechanics When Lifting and The Use of Back Packs

Knee Height Lifting (Standard Lifting Technique)
Waist Height Lifting (Diagonal Lifting Technique)
Over Head Lifting (One Hand Over One Hand Under Technique)
The Do’s and Don’ts of Lifting
The Use of Back Packs


Bonus Lecture
Short Quiz


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September 20, 2022
Great experience with this course since i am learning a lot especially the structures that are being affected along with upper or lower crossed syndrome
August 30, 2022
Thank you Joseph for creating this very informative, organized, and well-structured course. The stretching and strengthening instructional videos are easy to follow and I have started prescribing them to my clients in the clinic for self-care. Watching you do the exercises in the comfort of your home, sans an intimidating gym atmosphere and those huge exercise equipment and tools, makes learning easier, fun, and not overwhelming. In essence, it is worth recommending this course, not only to my colleagues in Massage Therapy but to anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy. It highlights the importance of maintaining a good posture and having an ergonomic-friendly workstation that can help prevent repetitive strain injuries from happening. And now, I want to have your chair, it looks so comfy.
July 9, 2022
I love the attention to detail and quick tips. There are a lot of exercises, but I know I will rewatch them from time to time when needed!
June 3, 2022
The classes are so great! I sit in front of the desk most days so the ergonomics taught helped me become more productive. I really enjoyed learning from Joseph as he is so clear and well-structured in his delivery! It is easy to follow and it is time-efficient as well! Thank you so so much, Joseph! Absolutely recommend!
May 30, 2022
This course is very helpful and informative for me. I work from home five days a week. This course helps me to be mindful of the importance of ergonomics, be it the use of proper chair and desk, the correct height/depth and even the importance of little things we ignore such as keyboard and mouse adjustments. Of course, I really have to be mindful with taking quick breaks especially when I get booked in multiple Teams meetings all day and crunching numbers for hours. Also, as a marathon runner, I can’t thank enough the instructor for putting this course together. The stretching and exercise drills are very helpful when I am warming up for my long runs and cooling down after so I avoid fatigue and have a faster recovery for my next run. I find the foot and leg exercises quite useful. The exercises are also great especially when I am tackling a challenging hill training during the week. Thank you so much Mr Ocbena for this course. This is highly recommended and look forward for future offerings!
May 28, 2022
The exercise variations presented are very efficient and some surprisingly unique. I have worked for years in a musculoskeletal facility and this course is highly recommended to my fellow physiotherapists who wants a straightforward exercise depot for posture. I appreciate how the demo videos are short, clear and direct to the point, it saves my time and allows me to remember details better. Can’t wait to recommend this course to my patients. They will definitely love this!
May 16, 2022
These videos are amazing, informative, well explained in detailed. I watched numerous presentations and videos like this in the past, this is by-far the best and exceed my expectation. Keep it up, it really does help like me who normally bypass safety cues on daily basis due life stress whether at work or household, a gentle & important reminder that "Safety is #1 priority." Thank you.
May 14, 2022
Amazing...Highly recommend this instructional video on postural exercises. I learned many new techniques through the videos and am currently seeing a great improvement in my body posture. Thanks you so much ! You are the best ! Bruce Wayne
May 14, 2022
Working from home every day you forget to pay attention to your posture and how sitting on a chair all day in front of a computer can put pressure on your backbone/body without you realizing. The best thing about this course is that it helps you understand what you are doing wrong and gives you small tweaks you can make to improve your posture. The 30-40 second long videos can be watched in small breaks at work and show you simple exercises you can follow with little effort. The course also shows you how to be mindful of small changes you can make on a daily basis to reduce the adverse effects. The creator has put in a lot of thought into the content and it shows in the smallest details brought out by the instructor. Crystal clear delivery of content. Highly recommended.
May 13, 2022
This course has helped me to identify some of the old habits and poor postures while working from home for long hours. The course is well structured, organized, and easy to understand & follow. It is definitely suitable for people of any age or fitness level. I have followed along with the exercises clearly outlined in the videos, and it has tremendously helped with my sore back and tight shoulders over time. I will strongly recommend this to others who are looking for a sound and safe way to exercise and stretch. Thank you Joseph for this amazing course! Jacky
May 10, 2022
I am a returning subscriber and definitely enjoyed this course! It is well presented, organized and structured. Delivery is clear and well enunciated; presentation is focused with no distracting background. The content is current and provided practical applications and tools on postural management. Overall presentation exceeded expectations! I highly recommend this course for students/professionals in the health/fitness industry, for companies seeking programs to impact their employees' wellness and for anyone aspiring for health and self-improvement. A great resource!



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