The Complete Google Forms Course - Sending & Analyzing Forms

Learn Google Forms - Master Google Forms and Capture Data, Quizzes, Email Address, and Other Categories

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Design custom forms to easily and efficiently collect information

Set up data filters and validations to better phrase questions

Interpret & analyze collected responses

Transform ordinary forms to quizzes for educational use

Distribute forms to any audience through multiple ways


Welcome to The Complete Google Forms Course. This course will teach you to understand how to design, share, and analyze questionnaires and quizzes created on the Google application Google Forms.

Google Forms is a free survey tool that allows you to easily and efficiently collect information. It is used in both professional and personal settings, whether it is for collecting time availability from your employees or for gathering t-shirt sizes for a family vacation shirt. It supports various types of questions and allows for validation options to control data entry. Although it has a fairly simple user interface, it offers many advantages and can perform a multitude of tasks.

As a complete Google Forms course, this course will start with the foundation and design aspects. The lessons from this section include understanding how to add questions, utilizing response validations, customizing headers, and more. In addition, there are a couple of quick wins scattered across the sections to provide more tips on how to use this application to its fullest potential.

The second section of this course goes over how to view and analyze the received form responses. With Google Forms’ powerful data analysis, this application is a go-to tool for many businesses, organizations, and classrooms. Since you have full configuration over the form, you are able to decide exactly how you want the form to look and what information you want it to collect.

Google Forms is highly recommended by many for educational purposes. The third section goes over how to transform an ordinary form into a self-grading quiz with just one button. It also talks about how to add answer feedback and create a point system to help alleviate the stress of administering and grading.

Google Forms is a powerful application that allows you to create surveys to easily collect an ambulance of diverse types of information. This course will also show you how to send out forms to collect data from the comforts of your own home. Some of the many things that you can make on Google Forms include:

  • Job application, time off request, customer feedback

  • Contact information, event RSVP

  • Exit ticket, quizzes, course evaluation, etc

Enroll to learn how to use Google Forms to create surveys and quizzes!


The Complete Google Forms Course - Sending & Analyzing Forms
The Complete Google Forms Course - Sending & Analyzing Forms
The Complete Google Forms Course - Sending & Analyzing Forms
The Complete Google Forms Course - Sending & Analyzing Forms


Develop Mastery of Google Forms

The Complete Google Forms Course - Hacks, Tips, and Tricks Promo Video

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Google Forms Design

Google Forms Introduction

Form Setup

Title & Description

Questions Part 1: Adding & Editing Questions

Questions Part 2: Different Question Types

Images & Videos

Question Functions - Question Description & Response Validation

Quick Win: Importing Questions


Themes, Backgrounds & Fonts

Quick Win: Custom Headers



Quick Win: Preview Testing

Sending & Sharing Forms

Viewing & Analyzing Responses

Viewing Responses

Quick Win: Connecting to Google Sheets

Quick Win: Response Notifications & Turning off Form


Quiz Setup

Paragraph Quiz Question

Multiple Choice Quiz Question

Short Response Quiz Question

Checkbox Quiz Question

Quiz Settings

Conclusion to The Complete Google Forms Course - Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

We Are Close to the Finish Line for Google Forms

Improve Your Google Forms With Feedback

Congratulations! You Are Now Ready to Demonstrate Your Mastery of Google Forms


Reynold15 July 2021

Great course for Google Forms! Ling Lin (Instructor) slowly and clearly explained how to use Goggle Forms and explained each feature clearly.

Tanveer5 July 2021

Knowing nothing about forms, I was looking for a short course to get some quick, practical understanding and this course delivered. Good job by the instructor!

Shubham25 June 2021

This course is very informative as well as knowledgeable. I personally didnt found any flaws. Recommended course.

Lama9 February 2021

yup it was a good match for sure. To me, it is so beneficial and oriental-detailed course where you can know after finishing it how to use every single icon confidentially and what does a google form mean. It was a must. Thanks for making it for free so i could attend it!

Shuvasish7 November 2020

This course is just wow. I have learned a lot from this course. I have also recommended many friends to enroll in this course...

Ankit29 October 2020

I would like to tell you that you have provided a very good Lecture and I request to You to Provide us some lecture on Google Forms Add on features. Thank you ! ~ Ankit Raj

Max28 October 2020

Good course, it covers everything you have to know about Google forms as well as being very well explained.

Deepak6 October 2020

Thank you sir for this wonderful course, i will definitely want to do such type of course . thank you

Jennifer20 September 2020

Organized well and I learned a lot of new tools. It had a good pace for beginners so you don't fall behind or get confused.

Celeste19 September 2020

This course is super helpful for learning both the basics and hacks of how to get the most out of google forms. After taking this course, I definitely agree that google forms is the only survey app I'll ever need to use.

Bivek19 September 2020

I'm giving a genuine 5 star rating because in this course the instructor has simplified all the activities. now I can easily make survey forms using google forms

Jasmine18 September 2020

I found the lessons to be very engaging and informative so far. I look forward to completing the next lessons. Thanks for a great course!


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