The Complete Flutter and Dart Guide

Complete package for building interactive android and IOS apps with googles cross platform framework flutter

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

Fundamental Flutter concepts e.g. Widget tree, state management, animations, themes and much more.

Dart Programming

Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Software Design: How to organize and format code for readability

Amazing flutter ui using very simple techniques and widgets

Fetch data from the Internet, using API call

State Management

Use of asynchronous functions

Build user-friendly app with error handling


The Complete Flutter and Dart Guide is a complete course about full-stack application development for Android and iOS using Google's new and popular framework . In this course, you will learn all about Flutter ,Dart programming from scratch and build interactive apps using these,No prior knowledge of either of the two is required! And you certainly don't need any Android or iOS development experience since the whole idea behind Flutter is to only learn one language.Through out my work time I have noticed though people can develop good applications but there is always  a lack of knowledge for building good user interface so keeping that in mid this course is specially designed for creating strong User Interface .

You will learn everything for being a good flutter developer,you will learn about

  • Api calls

  • Http requests

  • Creating drawers in screen

  • Deploying app on real devices

  • Animations

  • creating mobile icons

  • Responsive design

  • State management

  • Asynchronous functions

  • Dart programming

  • and much more .............

and most importantly after completing this course you can work as a freelancer or take a job and earn real money !!!

Flutter is extremely trending and gets used for major Google apps like their Adwords app - it's now marked as "ready for production", hence now is the time to jump in and learn it!


The Complete Flutter and Dart Guide
The Complete Flutter and Dart Guide
The Complete Flutter and Dart Guide
The Complete Flutter and Dart Guide



What is Flutter ?

Why Flutter ?

Requirements for Flutter

How to get the most out of the course

Setup and installation

Installing flutter (windows)

Installing android studio

Running your app on android studio

Installing Visual Studio Code (Optional )

Installing Vscode

Running your app on vscode

Contact Us App

Section intro

Getting started from scratch

Hello World

Scaffold and hot reload

Adding other widgets

Using Container Widgets

Styling and finishing up

Testing your app on Physical Device

Adding icon in IOS and Android

Testing your app on Android

Testing your app on IOS

Challange ( Diamond App )


Solution steps


Dart Programming

Section intro

Write your first code in dart

Basic Data types

Dart string ,literals and string interpolation

Fianl and constant

if else_statement

conditional statements

switch case


while and do while loops

break statement



Getter and setter

Dart Map

Pet App

Section Intro

getting started and stack

creating multiple screens

creating customized appbar

Tranforming Animated Container

Decorating Text field


Creating Pet Row

Making your screen Scrolable

Building and navigating a new screen

Finishing new screen layout

Adding animation in image

Font awesome icons and drawer Screen

Finishing Drawer Screen

Challenge ( Pet App UI Complete)

Section Intro


Weather App

Section Intro

Getting started

Finishing User interface

HTTP package

Finishing function

Integrating weather Icon

Progress Indicator

Generating error message

What to do next ?

Development Phases

Next Steps

Publishing Your Apps !!


Abdulrahman20 December 2020

The accent of the instructor is not good. Also, I feel sleepy when the instructor is talking with this accent and I also believe that she is not energized enough to energize their students. I'm disappointed.

Ajay22 November 2020

May not be best for a first-timer or for someone who is new to Flutter. However, for someone with experience, this could clear some concepts. Good to get at a discounted price, which I got, for ~ 5US$.

Marcus13 September 2020

The course planning is flawless. Introduction to Flutter, Introduction to Dart and then coding. That part was awesome. The teacher is very enthusiastic and seem to love the subject, but it feels more like watching a YouTube walkthrough on how to win a game, "Hey guys! Today I will show you how to defeat the boss in level 5"-kind of, it doesn't give the impression of a teacher holding a lesson. Unfortunately sound had bad quality, humming sounds are heard every now and then, the chirping sound of a phone being too close to the microphone, actually in one lesson you can hear the phone ringing. And finally the coding demonstrations that were very random, it felt more like watching a lesson in trial and error. "Sorry guys, I did something wrong on this file, so we have to change here and here, then next file here and there and over here too, now we can go on". At lesson 46 more or less gave up and just watched the code without sound and did the rest on my own.

Bramanda6 September 2020

I'm new in flutter. this tutorial tell me how do i get started with flutter. I have no problems for now

Jai29 August 2020

Face audio problems in between. Lack in depth explanation on certain concepts Mic gets muted in some videos

Sadman27 August 2020

Very insightful instructor! Learned a lot about flutter and loved how he created multiple apps with detailed explanations which really helped with the lessons. Highly recommend this course if you wanna get into programming! A+++


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