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CSS3 Ultimate Course

CSS3 For Web Development: Quickly Master CSS3 By Building A Project From Scratch

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

You will be comfortable writing CSS3 by hand

Build Real World Websites with CSS3 from Scratch

Build Advanced Websites with CSS3

Style an Actual Project From Scratch Using CSS3

How To Easily Style Beautiful Websites From Scratch Using CSS3

The Necessary Skills & Knowledge To Quickly Style & Edit Web Pages

Download & Install MAMP for working in a local Web Development Enviornment

Learn How To Use CSS3 For Web Development & Web Design

Learn & Master The Use Of CSS3 Proprerties (Starting With The Advanced Ones)

Download & Install Sublime Text 3 Text Editor for Coding

Download & Install Firefox Web Browser for testing & Debuggin your web pages


Are you looking for the best way to learn how to build beautiful websites with CSS3? That even look great on your phone?

Have you taken other CSS courses, but still wonder how to code a real world website, not just some basic examples?

If your answer is a big YES... Then this is exactly the course you are looking for!


Reason #1: The course is completely property based

Together we will go through the entire CSS3 Property library.   

Reason #2: You will not just learn how to code

Coding is great, but it's not everything that matters. That's why we will go through the entire process of building and launching our website project. This includes designing, coding, planning, writing clean and organized code, website optimization, best practices, and so much more.

Designing is really, really important. Have you seen all these beautiful and modern websites lately? Great! Because I will show you how it's done. And not just in theory, but also in practice. This is the only course on the market which focuses on both coding and designing, together.

Reason #3: You walk away with a ready-to-launch website

By the end of the course, you will have a complete, ready-to-launch website that looks great on any computer, tablet and smartphone. Of course you get the entire code and all the images and graphical assets that I designed especially for the course as a free download.

Please check out the promo video to see the final website.

Reason #4: I make HTML5 and CSS3 easy and fun

With the right guidance, HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design are really easy to learn and use in the real world. With a bunch of random tutorials and YouTube videos? Not so much. That's why I structured this training around a cool and complete project that's fun to code.


So here is exactly what we cover in this training:

• Easy-to-follow and hands-on web development with CSS3.

• Learn every CSS Property.

• How to get and use images, fonts and icons to make your website shine — all for free.

• Responsive web design: learn how to create websites that work beautifully on all screen sizes.

• How to launch your website for the world to see it.


Let's now find out if this course is for you. It's a perfect fit if...

Student #1: You are a complete beginner with no idea on how to build a website.

Student #2: You already know some CSS3 from some tutorials or videos, but struggle to put together a good-looking, complete website.

Student #3: You are a designer and want to expand your skills in CSS3, because all your designer colleagues are learning how to code (they are smart). 


Now it's your turn to decide. This is what you get:

• Lifetime access to my HD quality videos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.

• English captions for students with hearing impairment.

• All lectures are downloadable to make your learning experience even better.

• Downloadable code and design assets for the entire project. You can keep this code as a starting point for your own projects.

• Free helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck.


Sounds great? Then just click the “Take this course" button, and let's start this fantastic journey together!

Who is the target audience?

  • Complete beginners who want to learn how to build a professional, beautiful and responsive website

  • Students with some knowledge about CSS3, but who struggle to put together a great website

  • Designers who want to expand their skill set in CSS3


CSS3 Ultimate Course
CSS3 Ultimate Course
CSS3 Ultimate Course
CSS3 Ultimate Course




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Advanced CSS3 Properties

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Karrimadhuri9 August 2020

I'm very confused about the explanation of lecturer, because he is simply explaining styling, he is not explaining both the cod and styling,I'm not able to understand what styling he has been doing to the code

Wing30 July 2020

Nothing advanced about the course at all, at times the host seems to be just reading out the css properties, no explanation on why or how a property is selected or if there are alternative ways of doing it

Jorge21 June 2020

Qualquer pessoa pode ir ao w3schools copiar e colar código, correr e ver o que faz, não sei bem até que ponto terá sido vantajoso a aquisição deste curso. Por alguma razão não consigo encontrar os ficheiros da secção 6

Hiral2 June 2020

I wish professor would have used his own examples rather than using w3schools.com. Otherwise the course was great

Amarjeet21 May 2020

This is a lecture about setting values without telling how to get these value or how to decide. Just typing does not help. Very little explanation about how and what.

Gustavo8 February 2020

It is a good course with wide explanations and easy to understand, even you are not a native English speaker. Congratulations!

Dario3 February 2020

El nombre del curso es avanzado, pero en realidad el curso es muy básico. A mimanera de verlo, no enseña nada, es solo un video de alguien escribiendo código CSS sin mucha explicación ni solución a sus propios errores

Kevin10 December 2019

Aktuell hab ich das Gefühl, dass ich als Anfänger mehr Ahnung habe, als der Autor. 1. Er ist nicht einsteigerfreundlich von der Geschwidikgeit 2. Erkennt er nach vielen "Bugfix-Versuchen" nicht einmal, dass ihm ein Semikolon ";" gefehlt hat...

Juan4 December 2019

The css properties treated in this course are not advanced css3 properties. The code written is not responsive, which is a must be in 2019 web development. The explanations are kinda poor, and the host finds himself lost many times. Without any special about this course, I do not recommend it at all.

Stanislav23 November 2019

no modern technology, no flex, no grid, no @media, no adaptive, no em/rem/vh , no font adding from google font, no fork from font awesome, ... it's no advanced - this basic CSS cources. But Good Luck man

Anton15 September 2019

Good beginning of course, started curve very easy. Very good is that all code in project not just copied. But, when it's getting complicated there is no explanation, why we choose this properties or not another. Why we use them that way or not another. When we are building project - we saw live site once, but there is no references at all to how it needs to look, and no understanding why it should look like that. Anyway, thank you very much for good beginning and for whole course with that experience!

Dule12 September 2019

I think that this course is really bad. My first opinion is that this guy doesn't know anything about CSS. I mean, title of the course is "Advanced CSS" and if this is advanced then I am on Super Sayian level of CSS. He is installing MAMP for basic CSS which is unnecessary. After that he doesn't know basic properties so he cut/paste code from w3schools. And finally when he creates project, he doesn't look at all on screen, he just type like he is watching previously finished project files. I mean, you must hit F5 sometimes just to see where are you.

Yatharth18 June 2019

Poor explanation of contents. The trainer needs to be more descriptive and explain every concept in-depth.

Adrían7 May 2019

Creo que el curso no es malo, sin embargo, le hace falta volumen y hacer un poco de énfasis al hablar. La cátedra es algo plana.

Ravinder23 March 2019

it was a good course and i learned a lot. i have to say though, that part of that was because i did a lot of research on some topics that weren't explained that well. The course was a little bit fast paced at times and not everything was bright clear.


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