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The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners

C Programming: The Fundementals of C Programming Language from Ground UP with Illustrated + Hands on Coding Expalanation

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Understand Fundamentals of C Programming Language

Learn One of the Most Popular & Widely Used Language in the World

Master the C Programming Language from Ground Up

Understand How to Write Clean & Efficient Code in C

Learn How to Solve Problem Using C Programming Language


Welcome to 'The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners' course.

In this course, you'll have a detailed, step-by-step explanation of C Programming where you'll learn about the best ways to solve problems. This is the course I wish I had when I was learning myself for the first time. This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So nothing to lose!

Why you should learn C Programming Language?

  • C is often considered to be the mother of all languages because so many other languages have been based on it.

  • If you want to be a better programmer, software engineer, C Programming is a great way to get started.

This course does not skip the details, this is a step-by-step and line-by-line explanation course. You will learn how to write high-quality code and become a great programmer. This course does not just present how to code in the C programming language, but, also explained all the details of "why". At the end of this course, you will fully understand the concepts of the C Programming language.

Learning C programming will not only make you understand one of the most powerful Programming Languages of all time but also gives a strong base for developing Problem-solving Skills in the field of computer science and Engineering.

By the time you're finished with the course, you will be prepared for common technical coding interview questions.

See you inside the course!


The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners
The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners
The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners
The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners




Setting up environment for writting C

Fresh 69 Coding Question + Solution (PDF Ebook)

Simple C Program

Basic Structure of a C Program

Hello World Program

Details hash include (#include)

How a C Program Execute

DataTypes and Variables

Datatypes and variables

Naming convention of a variable

Printing value of a variable

Datatypes with examples



How Computer Store Data (char, int, float, double)

How computer store character

How computer store integer

Introduction to ieee-754

How computer store floating point number

How computer store double number

Signed and Unsigned Integer

Arithmetic Operator and Assignment Operator

Different types of operator in C

Assignment operator

Arithmetic operator

Aside #include

Getting input from user

Aside New Line Metacharacter (\n)

Logical Operator & Relation Operator

Logical Operator

Short Circuit

Relational Operator

Operator Associativity & Precedence

Precedence & Associativity

Integer Division & Fractional Division

Conditional Flow

If...Else Satement

Nested if...else statement

Checking a number even or odd using if else statement

Switch Statement

Checking a number even or odd using switch statement

Find maximum of two integers

Find maximum of three integers

Find second larget of three integers

Ternary Operator

What is ternary operator

Find max of three integers using ternary operator

Find second largest using ternary operator

Control Flow

Introduction to loop

for loop

while loop

do...while loop

break and continue statement

Infinite loop

Nested Loop

Keep asking for a positive input

Sum of first n numbers

Sum of even numbers upto n

Sum of odd numbers upto n

Factorial of a number

GCD of a two numbers

Prime number test

Reverse an integer

Palindrome number

Print a triangle


Introduction to function

Parameter & Argument

Why int main() return 0

Local Variable and Global Variable

3 Place to declare functions

Implementation of square() function

Implementation of factorial() function

Implemetnation of pow(x, n) function

Implementation of reverse(int) function

Implementation of countDigits(int) function

Implementation of isPalindrome(int) function

Implementation isPrimeNumber() function


Array in C

Two dimentional array (2D Array)

How to find the size of an array (sizeof() operator)

Linear Search

Binary Search

Find min number in an array

Find max number in an array

Print 2D array


String in C

String functions

puts() & gets()

String literal & Character literal

Bitwise Operator

Bitwise Operator in C

Bit Masking

Check even odd number using bitwise operator


Pointer in C

Call by value & call by reference

Void Pointers

Null Pointers

Implementation of String Function

strlen() impelementation

strcat() implementation

strcpy() implementation

strcmp() implementation

strncmp() implementation


Abdul31 May 2021

It is a very beginner friendly course, where instructor goes on explaning each concept in precise manner. Also practice questions are just amazing. Thank you :)

Bhooshanker14 May 2021

It is a good course to learn all the basics of C programming language. I am waiting for the algorithms as he mentioned at the beginning of course,

Shivasing12 May 2021

Best course for begginer in c . This is one of the best course available on udemy . thanks for providing such a great course ....

Snehal12 May 2021

I have joined this course when I was completely empty about c programming. In this course , all concepts are explained from basics and in very well manner. I will strongly recommend it to the begineers.

Harsh11 May 2021

Concepts are explained in details, clearing many doubts and questions provided make it to the point to do practice. Thank You.

Jai9 May 2021

Their is some audio problem in videos... In some lectures only one side speaker works at low volume...

Gorisha7 May 2021

This course has covered almost part of the C- Programming deeply, instructor presentation way is much easy so we can connect it easily, so helpful course for begineers.

Desu22 April 2021

After completion of Every topic like quiz type questions or extra example questions have means so useful

Pasupula16 April 2021

Started this course for job purpose. It is up to the mark. Felt good while learning. Thank you very much sir as well as udemy...

Cristian12 April 2021

I'm a begginer at programming so some things are difficult to me, adding the issue that my english is not very good, but this course is a great way to start programming!

Sujith12 April 2021

if this is course is completely completed, then i am dissapointed as some important topics were left out and impletations of strings could be more better

Alejandro15 February 2021

This course is surprisingly very informative. It contained a lot of useful information and all the concepts are explained very well. I strongly recommend this course.


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