C++ MASTERY Course – Build Extraordinary Apps (Step-by-step)

Effortlessly Build 10 C++ Apps Starting TODAY, WITHOUT ANY Coding Experience Step-by-Step.

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What you will learn

Learn one of the most POWERFUL programming language in the world, C++ with complete ease and fun

Learn Modern day C++ 11, C++17 and Object-Oriented Programming

Step-by-step guide to building 10 Desktop Applications including building a Casino Game for PC

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Course curriculum starts from scratch, covering the Basic topics to Advanced topics

Includes Quizzes


Which programming language do I need to master in order to get myself recruited in companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google (FANG)? C++

Which is the most popular programming language among the software developers? C++

Which programming language was used to build Windows Operating system? C++

Right now, C++ is the 4th most popular language in the world, according to the TIOBE index. It’s used in various areas where high-performance software is needed. For example, Adobe products, Unreal Engine, and browsers like Chrome and Firefox are built with C++.

C++ will help better understand how computers work. With that knowledge, you can be much more effective while using other languages like Java and C#.

Isn’t C++, little too old a programming language to learn in today’s era?

C++ is still relevant since many applications still bottleneck on processing speed, and the problems with that are not going away.

C++ has had many version releases and updates over the years. It's a sad fact that most C++ courses do not teach Modern C++, but focus on old, obsolete versions of C++.

This course focuses on Modern C++ i.e. C++11 and C++17

There is a lot of free information out there on internet, why should I spend my money to buy this course?

Yes. You are absolutely correct! There is a lot of free information out on internet but would you like to learn from a platform full of advertisements and no detailed explanation?

You get to interact with the instructor on this platform where you can ask any question related to the course and the instructor responds within 24 hours.

This course format includes theory concepts which are then reinforced with live code examples. Lastly you have the advantage of getting certificate upon completing the course.

How does this course stand out in comparison to other C++ courses on Udemy?

The biggest flex of this course is that you learn to build 10 real desktop applications! No other courses on Udemy teach to build practical and relevant desktop applications.

The course is designed specifically for beginners, so the explanation in every lecture is detailed and the process of learning the basic fundamentals to Advance concepts is step by step.

The curriculum of this course focuses on modern C++ 11 and C++17. Majority of the courses out there still teach the same old C++98 which is not quite relevant in today’s world.

I do not belong to IT sector but I do want to transit my career and get myself in the field of Technology. Is this course a perfect start?

Yes absolutely! C++ is still one of the most popular programming languages used in game development. It's also heavily used in embedded applications and developing Operating Systems. And as mentioned earlier the course is specially designed for beginners so that they can learn with all ease.

What does this course cover?

The main contents of this course are divided into 3 sections: BASICS, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED.

The remaining sections teach how to build some great desktop apps and games like:

  • Attendance Management app

  • Banking app

  • Bus Reservation app

  • Casino Game

  • Doctor's Appointment Management

  • Food Ordering App

  • Hotel Management App

  • Student Database Management App

  • Student Report Card App

  • Supermarket billing App



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How To Get Your Free Ebook

How To Get Your Free Ebook


Code Blocks Installation On Windows
Basic Syntax In C++
C++ Compiler Installation On Android
Data Types In C++
Quiz 1
Data Type Modifiers In C++
Basic Input and Output In C++
Comments In C++
Quiz 2
Operators In C++
Decision Making In C++
Loops In C++
Quiz 3
Algorithms In C++
Flowcharts In C++
Pseudocodes In C++
Quiz 4


Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Class and Objects In C++
Quiz 5
Access Specifiers In C++
Member Functions In C++
Quiz 6
Constructors In C++
Destructors In C++
Quiz 7
Inheritence In C++
Quiz 8
Polymorphism In C++
Function Overloading
Quiz 9
Introduction to Operator Overloading
Unary and Binary Operator Overloading
Relational Operator Overloading
Increment Operator Overloading
Assignment Operator Overloading
Function Call Operator Overloading
Quiz 10
Virtual Functions
Pure Virtual Functions
Runtime Polymorphism
Quiz 11
Friend Function and Friend Class
Data Abstraction
Encapsulation In C++
Quiz 12


Advanced Header Files
Quiz 13
Creating Your Own Header File
Introduction To File Handling
File Handling In Detailed
Quiz 14
Exception Handling
Quiz 15
File Position Pointer
Quiz 16
Importance Of Pointer and Cons Of Using Normal Pointer
Smart Pointers In C++11
Quiz 17
Dynamic Memory
Quiz 18
Pre Processor
Quiz 19
Templates In C++11
Quiz 20

Attendance Management system

Attendance Management system

Banking Record System

Banking Record System

Bus Reservation System

Bus Reservation System

Casino Game App

Casino Game

Doctor's Appointment system

Doctor's Appointment system

Food Ordering App

Food Ordering App

Hotel Management system

Hotel Management system

Student Database Management System App

Student Database Management System App

Student Report Card App

Student Report Card App

Supermarket Billing App

Sueprmarket Billing App

What's Next

What's Next


C++ MASTERY Course – Build Extraordinary Apps (Step-by-step) - Screenshot_01C++ MASTERY Course – Build Extraordinary Apps (Step-by-step) - Screenshot_02C++ MASTERY Course – Build Extraordinary Apps (Step-by-step) - Screenshot_03C++ MASTERY Course – Build Extraordinary Apps (Step-by-step) - Screenshot_04


August 2, 2022
Yes....it was really good. But sometimes it needs more explanation to understand. But overall it is good.
May 1, 2022
Had hoped the course would introduce concepts or programming styles consistent with C++17 and best practices/styles for coding. Good to have intros to the sections - to give an overview of what is going to be covered. I thought this would have helped/significantly improved the sections on the apps. I didn't see them all but had a look at the food-ordering app and the room booking app. The intro given would have benefited from having a diagram of the structure of the app. It is also curious that in the 2 apps mentioned above, all the code appeared to be in the one file. I didn't get to the end in either of these because I felt the tutorial simply launched into writing the code without having given an idea about the structure of the app. It would have been good to a demo of concepts/practice of separation of implementation from interface ideas right from the get-go. On the video on classes, I felt this was missing an intro. Not sure why bits such as constructors/destructors were missed. Public/private/protected not quite clearly explained. Accepting that the course is intended for 'novice' as well however, it would have helped to clearly set out the concepts to be covered at the start of the sections. Was attracted to the course by the 'build 10 PC apps' and expected a more structured approach to how one would go about doing this in 2022. I think the big issue is that the intros didn't clearly lay out the structure of the remainder of the video section.
April 18, 2022
There weren't any solutions provided for coding exercises. Accessing private attributes or functions could be done using getters and setters. Not using them while explaining using private attributes in classes is what makes me want to not go on with it. I am still a beginner and cannot risk being taught unconventional practices.
April 18, 2022
I strongly recommend everyone not skipping any lectures and sections as there are snippets of information throughout. So if you are a type of person who just goes for bits that interest you by topic or subject it will be your loss. My favourite bits were the OOPs part it really builds solid foundation in programming
April 18, 2022
This course was a blessing in disguise for me. Prerak is really good at teaching, I feel like I've learnt a new skill after watching this course.
April 15, 2022
I am currently pursuing electrical engineering, had to make IoT projects for university and C++ was required to make IoT devices. Had no prior knowledge of C++, started with some free content on internet but didn't help, saw an ad of this course and straight away bought it. Although this course doesn't cover how we can code in c++ to make IoT devices but it did help me understand fundamentals of programming.
April 15, 2022
Prerak is fantastic at teaching, the project based learning is what I was looking for and I don't regret buying this course. I'll be looking forward in enrolling his future courses :)
April 15, 2022
He deserves more than just 5 stars. The Instructor knows what he is talking about. Anyone who don't have prior knowledge of programming can go for this course.
December 8, 2021
The course is consistent and covers a lot of things, but some topics were explained bad, and also the last application weren't explained at all mostly, just writing the code, i would expect the code to be explained. Overall, thanks for the course.
September 16, 2021
Following this guy's english is terrible. It'd be better if he stuck to his language because subtitles too aren't accurate
August 30, 2021
The voice quality is not good you could have used a better microphone. Rest the teaching is great....thankyou for providing such good lectures....
August 2, 2021
por ahora esta bien pero el unico problema es el audio del profesor aveces se le escucha bajo y no se logra entender lo que dice por eso siempre lo tengo en subtitulos
July 26, 2021
Bro your content is quite good but you teaching skills and your audio in the course are not good at all.It felt like I'm listening someone fresher.
July 26, 2021
- Some examples doesn't introduce the topic as it would be. - the projects doesn't functions as expected
July 19, 2021
nice course,but it could be better to have indepth or clear explantions in each topic to bulid a solid foundation for beginners in programming like me but


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