The Complete Business Interview Course

Prepare for the Most Common Interview Questions as well as answering techniques.

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The Complete Business Interview Course
3 hours
Mar 2022
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What you will learn

How to prepare yourself for job interviews

Prepare for the most common interview questions as well as answering techniques

How to make a good first impression

You will learn how to increase your confidence during the interview


This course has been strategically designed to prepare you for the job interview process. The course will teach you how to prepare for different types of job interviews, and how to answer some of the most common interview questions recruiters and hiring managers will most likely ask.

The course also centers around enhancing your abilities to answer the more unconventional questions that may be asked by recruiters during an interview. The course also applies immense focus on teaching you the best practices to follow before and after the job interview, as well as to sharpen your skills regarding strategic interview questions.

We attach huge importance to the non verbal communication skills you will need to ace an interview and the right attitude and effort that will make you stand out during a hiring process.

Learning Objectives

• Prepare for Different Types of Job Interviews

• Prepare for the Most Common Interview Questions as well as answering techniques

• Prepare for Best Practices for before and after the Job Interview, including the accurate follow-up

• Prepare for most common interview terminologies

• Prepare for the precise knowledge you need to answer tricky questions

• Prepare for accurately highlighting your set of skills including hard skills and soft skills

• Prepare for portraying the appropriate body language during an interview

The course also covers constructive, structured, and actionable insights for improved interview performance; such as the particular skills and characteristics the recruiters look for, worldwide.

The course is user friendly as well as meticulously designed to meet the requirements of any kind of business interview.

The language is purposefully kept formal in order to familiarize you with the business terminologies.


Self Introduction

Self Introduction

Getting Ready for the Interview Questions

How to Prepare for a Job Interview
Tell Me About Yourself
Answering Common Interview Questions
Answering Common Interview Questions part 2

Using Your Resume and Background

How to Answer Interview Questions About Your Resume
Showing Your Skills
Answering Questions About Your Work History
Adaptability Interview Questions with Sample Answers

The Importance of Your Body Language and Soft Skills

Attitute and Effort
What Your Body Language Says in a Job Interview
The Importance of Your Body Language
Behavioral Interviewing
Behavioral Interviewing Part 2
Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions
Why are Soft Skills Important?
Interview Question: "What is Your Biggest Failure?"
How to Answer Tough or Challenging Questions
How to Answer Tricky Questions During an Interview
Delivering a Successful Interview Presentation

Different Types of Interviews

Mock Interviews
Written Interviews
Phone Interviews
Video Conferencing Interviews
7 C's of Communication During an Interview
The Right Attire for Your Interview



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