Game Development


Learn To Code by Making Video Games - No Experience Needed!

Start coding today by making games, learning in a fun and engaging way using GameMaker Studio 2

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7 hours


Aug 2020

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What you will learn

Code your own video games

Think like a programmer

Use GameMaker Studio 2 like a pro

Animate sprites

Add music and sound FX

Transition between different game levels

Create a menu

Finish a complete video game


If you've ever wanted to make a game, or start programming, but have been intimidated by the process, this is the course for you! We're going to make a game from scratch using GameMaker Studio 2 Trial - $0, and 0 experience required.

This course will walk you through the basics of game development, game design, programming fundamentals, and more. GameMaker Studio 2 is an awesome engine for creating 2D and 3D games with ease. Throughout this course, you'll learn to use Sprites, create Objects, change Rooms, and create your own Scripts. We'll go step by step, explaining everything along the way.

The best part is that, by the end, you'll be ready to create your own games, or branch into software development in general. You'll learn real coding, terminology, logic, and more that will help you be a great programmer and game designer.


Learn To Code by Making Video Games - No Experience Needed!
Learn To Code by Making Video Games - No Experience Needed!
Learn To Code by Making Video Games - No Experience Needed!
Learn To Code by Making Video Games - No Experience Needed!



Course Introduction

Getting GameMaker Studio 2 Set Up

Downloading & Installing GameMaker Studio 2

Setting up GameMaker Studio 2

Running Game Domos

All About Sprites

Creating Your First Sprite!

Animating Your Sprite

Importing Sprites From Files

How To Use Sprite Sheets

All About Objects

Objects Overview

Object Events

Built-in Properties


Rooms Overview

Learning To Code

Getting Into The Right Mindset

Your First Line of Code


If Else Logic


Reading Errors

Functions Part 1

Functions Part 2

Your First Game!

Creating The Game

Planning Our Next Game

The Player Ship

Import The Player Ship


Refining Player Movement

Key Mapping (To Use WASD)

Player Lazers

Sound FX

Thruster FX

Game Look & Feel

The Room Settings

Background Music

The Enemy Ship

Enemy Movement

Enemy Lazers


Destroying The Enemy Ship

Player Death

Dynamic Enemies

Configuring Enemy Spawn

Using The Debugger

What Is The Debugger



Drawing Player HP & Lives

Player Score

The Big Bad Boss

Setting Up The Boss

Bring In The Boss

Get The Boss Moving

Screen Shake (Scripts)

Boss Lazer Attack

Collisions & Boss Health

Boss Super Attack

Boss GUI & Ending The Level

Creating A Menu

Setting Up The Main Menu

Changing Rooms

The Credits Room

Endless Mode + Levels

Arrays - Choosing A Ship

How To Use Arrays

How To Use A Controller As Input

Controller Support - Part 1

Controller Support - Part 2

You're Now A Game Developer!

Congratulations! What Next?


Laine16 September 2020

I'm enjoying the course. He's a good teacher and explains well. Maybe going a little bit too fast as it gets more difficult but that may just be my learning is slower.

Laurie17 June 2020

I'm proud to say I'm making progress. If the program wont run because of an error, I tried to figure out where I went wrong, reviewed the video again and correct my work. Sometimes, I took a break coz I cant find the error right away. I am now in lesson 42!

Rocio13 June 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative and the way he explained things was not hard to understand. He clearly new what he was talking about and made sure to show us mistakes we could make and encouraged us to ask questions and reach out to him incase we needed help.

Tomi13 May 2020

This course is really helpful for starting out with learning how to understand a handful of fundamentals in Game Maker 2.

Alvaro6 May 2020

Amazing teacher who actually takes the time to answer questions(and fast). Never coded before so it’s frustrating but he makes it simple enough that I don’t want to quit the course.

Baker9 January 2020

very easy to understand, and it's all explained clearly! I highly recommend this course for beginners like me :D

Steven31 December 2019

Aaron has an excellent teaching style, I would recommend this coarse for anyone use Gamemaker Studio 2 for the first time.

Peter17 December 2019

This was great for me, it covers so much of the basics you need to know but he wraps it up with a very practical and fluid style. I have watched other courses where they skip over things that can trip a beginner up or, the opposite where every detail is covered so it becomes tedious, this one takes a an enjoyable path through the middle. It was very easy to digest, for me I did one pass through the whole course and now I'll go back and work through it one more time. Great stuff, well done.

Gore28 October 2019

Good for complete beginners to GMS. Having followed some other courses before this one, there were places in which I would have organized the code and implemented things differently.

S28 September 2019

Nearly 60% though the course. Honestly, I'm having a blast learning. Great teacher. I feel much more comfortable and less overwhelmed on where to start like before. Aside from what's required of me to learn... I re-watch parts of videos often to get a better grasp of how things work together and take plenty of notes on things I view as important. I am very thankful for this experience so far.

Josephine7 September 2019

Students just learning how to code would find this really helpful. Not only are the basics of coding explained well but because we’re learning how to make a game, we can instantly see how the concepts actually work.

Martin31 August 2019

Definitelly great course. I did earn a valuable experiance in basic coding. The only bad thing I would point out is the speed of last third of course when I wasn't been able to follow up, ending myself with quite frequent pausing and going back just to see what is actually happening. Then another rewinding to finally understand. But overall - amazing, really thanks for the course!

James1 August 2019

Just finished the course and couldn't be happier! Easy to follow (which is saying something for an old man of 62), everything well explained, and everything was in focus. Getting ready to start "Creating A Full Game" and expect it to be as good as this course. Thanks!

J.D.28 July 2019

Great course and instructor. I highly recommend this course to anyone working with Gamemaker Studio 2!

Warwick24 June 2019

It is what it says on the tin. It's an introductory course in GMS2 which in my opinion is a great starter to using and getting used to the software. There are subtle nuances that Aaron displays, such as efficiently using the UI etc. that really make using the IDE a little more pleasurable. It should be noted however this isn't really a 'traditional' programming course per se. It's a jump-start into using GML under the GMS2 software and getting results fast. While code is exceptionally well explained, there are often some bad programming habits (in regards to formatting or structure) leaking through. All in all however, if you're at a 0 experience level with code this will give you a great first taste and be exceptionally rewarding. If you're used to some coding and want to learn GMS2 there's still plenty to learn.


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