The Bible - Book of 2 Peter - 5 Lessons

Bible Study of the letter of 2 Peter and the lessons individuals can draw from one of the great apostles!

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What you will learn

Grow in the knowledge of GOD

Become a mature Believer

Understand how the book fits with other parts of the Bible

Understand who we are in CHRIST

Grow in your relationship with the LORD’s people

Learn key lessons that can be applied to everyday living


This may be one the obscure books of the Bible and may rank with Obadiah in the Old Testament – in terms of least studied books.

However this book of the Bible is just as insightful as some of the popular books. Peter displays his apostolic authority that goes beyond the time spent our LORD and teaches how we can partake of the divine nature he experienced firsthand.

Our objective here is to enjoy a brief historical summary; then dive into at least five lessons (Plus a Business Lesson) we as individuals can learn from in the our generation.


2 Peter illustrates profound truths about:

  • What JESUS has achieved for you
  • What you need to do to access your inheritance
  • False teachers
  • GOD’s promises
  • The End-Times
  • Love
  • Transformation
  • Enrichment


I hope that just as other books of the Bible have been a blessing to you; 2 Peter will rank as one of your favourites after this course!


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Introduction To The Book Of 2 Peter

Summary Of 2 Peter

2 Peter Chapter 1

Your Indentity
Your Growth Process
Your Growth Tools

2 Peter Chapter 2

How To Recognise False Teachers
False Teachers and The Unstable
Punishment For False Teachers

2 Peter Chapter 3

The End Has Come In One Day Like A Thief In The Night
Your Response To The End Times

Uniqueness Of 2 Peter

Notable Verses

Lessons From 2 Peter

How To Be Effective & Productive
The Power Of Reminders
Character Of The Word
Most Deadly Attack
Use All Medium To Communicate

Business Lesson From 2 Peter

The price of Prosperity!


April 23, 2022
This is very good teaching, he gets you to really understand who you are in Christ & how to apply Gods word in everyday life.
April 1, 2020
i particularly like that the course was carefully designed and clearly communicated and the facilitator was articulate. thanks
March 19, 2020
This course is succinct and full of depth at the same time. Practically delivered and summarily explained. I’ll like to see other courses on other bible books as well. On lot’s righteousness, could it be that, Peter’s epistle was talking about pre-sodom Lot? Since it appears there was a different Lot after the Sodom and Gomorraic experience.
January 26, 2020
I enjoy the word God and the teacher breaks down the scripture, so you can better comprehend what the word is saying.
September 2, 2018
I had read Book 2 Peter after your teaching. Thank you. I wish that I could read the rest of the books in Bible thoroughly in future.
February 23, 2018
the teacher and the teaching is clear. The eacher know what is talking about and explain it easy or on understanding way.
July 12, 2017
Really need those scripture references to have titles with them...Numbers 1:11 or Hosea 3:3, etc. Also, if possible, maybe not be so close to the microphone. Otherwise, good lesson.



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