The best business ideas for globetrotters & digital nomads

How do you earn more than you need every month during your travels around the world?

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What you will learn

The best businessideas for nomads, globetrotter and longterm travellers

How to become indepentend and a lifetime traveller

Over 50 different business ideas to earn money as a globetrotter, digital nomad or long-term traveller.

You don't need a lot of money to travel. More important is the right strategy.

Ideas on how to get away from the mainstream and travel independently

How to find sponsors for your trip

The right mindset for long-term travelers, digital nomads and globetrotters

What you really need to enjoy a life in freedom


Many people think you always need a lot of money to travel permanently. But this is not true.

If you want to travel the world permanently, you only have to solve one problem. How do you earn more than you need every month during your travels?

Exactly this topic takes up this course for globetrotters, digital nomads and long-term travelers. How to travel all over the world and earn a very good income.

We provide you with more than 50 different strategies that can change your life significantly. With this know-how you have the chance to escape the mainstream and travel the world permanently, as you will be able to earn more every month than you really need as a globetrotter. It is not only about classic online business ideas, but also about many ideas that you can implement on the road and for which you do not even need a computer or other technical knowledge.

This course is for everyone who wants to go on a journey to freedom in the future.


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Basic Informations

About the person
The right mindset and strategies for travelers

General informations about business ideas for travellers

Business ideas General rules
Activities from my couchsurfer

Business ideas Part I

Special Investments, Bitcoin, etc.
Special Apps
Franchise idea
Work & Travel Strategy
Different Onlinejobs
VA, Translator, Teaching, etc.
Jobsources for Freelancer
DN & Jobs
City- Sightseeingguide Strategy

Business Ideas Part II

Stagehand & Movie comparative
Magic Tricks
Drawings and T-Shirts Strategy
Exeptional outfits, Selfie -Shirt
Feng Shui Strategy
Mobile neck massage
Yoga Strategy
Retirement & senior residences

Business Ideas Part III

FBA & Pennie Items
Postcard Strategy
Ghostwriter, Author, Texter, etc.
Be different
Scaling your business
Influencer & Affiliatemarketing Strategy
Crafting and artistic activities
Medical testperson

Business ideas Part IV

eBook, audio books, Paperbooks
Spokesperson for audiobooks
Cam- or erotic girl
Trainer or Coach scaling
Udemy & coachy
Photography Strategy
Airbnb Strategy
On-board courier

Business Ideas Part V

Rent a friend or you can rent me Strategy
Make money with the proud of a men
Gastro consultant Strategy
Klick Tipp Consultant
Leadgeneration for other companies
Outbound Phonecalls
Social Media Consultant
Pilgrim Routes
Cooking Strategy

Business Ideas Part VI

Tutoring Strategy
Mobile knife sharpening Strategy
Become an official priest or bishop
Begging or collecting money on the street
Rules for street performers/musicians
Origami Strategy
Earning money with vouchers and coupons
Bottle Collections Strategy

Business Ideas Part VII

Beta Tester
Swap – From simple paper clip to own apartment
Divemaster and Ski Instructor
Work on a farm or on a ranch
Affiliate Business

Differet topics for traveller

Find Sponsors for your trip
The biggest mistakes
Something to think about
Radiointerview about my cyclingtrips

Call to action

The best travelhacks for globetrotter and digital nomads



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