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Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Creating Vector Art

Comfortably learn to create quality vector-based graphics and illustration with confidence and ease.

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

an understanding of Affinity Designers tools

an understanding of Affinity's Designers vector/pixel Hybrid workflow

an understanding of common graphical and illustrative terms

simple creative techniques that yield high visual impact

FREE sketches to work from

FREE brushes, textures and color pallettes

one completed project



Message from the Instructor: I am an active instructor who cares about his students. I read and respond to all email and pertaining to this course and even your personal projects.



With its ultra-fast functionality and flexible interface, Affinity Designer has quickly become a must-have app in the world of graphic design.

Enhance Your Graphic Design Skills and Speed Up Your Workflow by Learning the Basics of Affinity Designer

    ·Create stunning vector illustrations
    ·Master the essential principles and features of Affinity Designer.
    ·Step-by-step instructions of the tools and techniques
    ·Transform your own hand-drawn ideas into vivid digital graphics.
    ·Learn simple creative techniques to design a finished piece of vector art.
    ·Acquire exclusive free content, including sketches, brushes, and textures.

Affinity Designer Chosen by Apple as the Runner-Up for 2014 App of the Year

Affinity Designer has impressed critics and users alike, emerging as a viable, cost-efficient alternative to more established programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

Affinity Designer's versatility makes it an ideal program for a wide range of graphic design and vector illustration projects, including website graphics, icons, UI design, marketing materials, concept art, and more.

Contents and Overview

Created with the beginner in mind, this course will also prove useful for experienced graphic designers looking to transition away from Illustrator or other vector graphic design programs. Combining detailed instruction with real world examples and interactive projects, this course will reveal to you the full creative potential of Affinity Designer.

·Learn the Essentials: Moving at a steady, step-by-step pace, you will learn how to use Affinity Designer's various tools and features to create stunning vector graphics, starting with a study of common graphical and illustrative terminology before moving on to more advanced topics, such as Selecting and Manipulating Vectors using the Affinity Design Interface, and Illustrating your first character drawing.

·Use Your Own Work: During the interactive exercises, you are free to use your own work. You may also use the complementary original sketches supplied by the instructor.

·Vector Art Project: The final section of the course will walk you through the creation of an original piece of vector art from start to finish.

·Free Content: By taking this course, you will automatically gain access to exclusive free content to enhance and inspire your own projects, including free brushes, textures, color palettes, and sketches.

MAC/PC : This course was created when there wasn't a PC version available, If you are a PC user you will still be able to follow this course as long as you know that option is Alt on a PC and command is ctrl on a PC. Everything else about Affinity Designer is similar on both Apple and Microsoft OS systems. 

After completing this course, you will have a detailed understanding of the tools and techniques available in Affinity Designer that can help to make you a faster, smarter, better graphic designer.

Message from your Instructor: I am an active instructor who cares about his students. I read and respond to all email and pertaining to this course and even your personal projects.


Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Creating Vector Art
Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Creating Vector Art
Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Creating Vector Art
Affinity Designer: The Complete Guide to Creating Vector Art



about this course

Understanding the Difference Between Vectors and Pixels

vectors vs pixels

understanding personas

The Affinity Design Studio Interface

overview of the workspace

document setup and preferences

toolbar and context toolbar

menus, palettes

guides, grids and snapping

Anatomy of a Vector Object ( the pen tool primer)

nodes, line and shapes

manipulating and editing nodes

bezier handles sharp, and smooth corner points

special vector shapes

open paths vs closed paths

Selecting and Manipulating Vectors

selection methods

the bounding box - scaling, rotating skewing

layers and groups

fx, adjustment layers, masks, and styles - Part 1

fx, adjustment layers, masks, and styles - Part 2

creating complex shapes with compound objects

Illustrating your first character drawing.

organizing your project

importing your sketch

adjusting your line art

digital inking your art - part 1

digital inking your art - part 2

coloring your sketch

adding the details

creating a custom texture

Bonus Lecture - making pixel selections to extract an object from a picture

Bonus Lecture - how to create the metal text effect


A few last words


Angelica11 February 2021

I'm new to this app. I had photoshop elements before but I really only used it to make minor corrections to photos. I'm looking to learn how to create images to sell as svgs or pngs. So far, you have done a pretty good job of explaining this app to a newbie. Thank you!

Kimberly16 November 2020

So far all resource files lead to a 404 error page. Only mac keyboard shortcuts are used. Even so, I did pick up some useful stuff that helped me get started.

TJ28 August 2020

I doubt that I will finish this particular course. Unfortunately the instructor's commentary is hesitant and uncertain and does not inspire confidence. I am sure that he is very capable with Affinity Designer but I am not prepared to learn with a teacher who has not better prepared and scripted their course material beforehand.

Robin20 August 2020

I had several problems with the files not downloading and I am still waiting on a response. I thought it would be more hands on. I did learn a few things but I thought there would be more interaction.

Michelle28 May 2020

I love how you trained in this video... I took another class and it didn't have alot of details as you did. There was still some things that I needed to know but I learned on my own or by watching you handling it. Thank You so much

Alex8 May 2020

lots of good information, would have liked to seen a bit more graphic work..other than that very informative

Subhomoy1 January 2020

Ronnie did a great job explaining all the fundamentals of Affinity Designer and covered a lot of gaps in my knowledge. I really enjoyed the section where we begin coloring in the character and I wish we can have more of that. I highly recommend this course to anyone willing to get started with illustrating in Affinity Designer.

Pam4 December 2019

This was great. I learned so many tips and tricks. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. Great!

Harald12 November 2019

The class perfect for me as a beginner. Great details and in depth explanation. More drawing examples would be nice.

Jan-Ove24 October 2019

I think it was a good course, anyway, though I thought differently at first. I already knew a lot of what the course leader showed us, but I am satisfied with the course.

Elaine17 June 2019

I really enjoy this course, Lots of thing to learn and very well explain.Can wait for the next one .Thank you

Bob9 May 2019

Good so far. I've had the program for a while. Trying to move eventually to affinity and drop Adobe but need to know more.

Arthur21 January 2019

So far so good. I have a message in for the course giver. Hoping to get an answer. My work I think is so simple that I hope to cut through much of this and get concise instructions.

Gary19 January 2019

I have full embraised this cousres and loved it. it gave me new tools to work with and to create some new a exciting stuff. Thank you

William4 November 2018

Very knowledgeable and competent instructor... and obviously a fabulous artist as well, but that is beside the point. He REALLY knows his way around AFFINITY DESIGNER and has done a great job in introducing me to it. Thank you!


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