The basic manners of Japanese food that you should know

The secret to enjoy Japanese food in a delicious, enjoyable, and beautiful way that creates appreciation and respect for

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What you will learn

Learn about the charm and characteristics of Japanese food.

You will learn the basics of how to hold chopsticks and how to handle chopsticks and utensils.

You will learn how to eat basic Japanese dishes such as rice, bowls, sashimi, mono, and grilled fish.

You can feel the richness of Japanese culture through Japanese food.

Feel the Japanese culture in your daily life, and a heart of richness will be born.

By learning and mastering the art of eating Japanese food, you will develop a peaceful and grateful heart.


If you are interested in Japan, I am sure you are also interested in Japanese food. Japanese food is a condensed version of Japanese culture.

If you unravel the proud Japanese diet of Japanese food, you will find that it is actually full of gratitude and thoughtfulness.

Once you learn how to eat, you will be able to sublimate it as a manner from the bottom of your heart and eat beautifully and naturally.

We hope that many people will share this joy and pleasure, and we have carefully explained it in a way that anyone can easily put it into practice.

From the basics, such as how to hold chopsticks, to the basics, such as how to eat with a chopstick. The way to eat bowls, how to eat grilled fish, and more.

This is a lesson that can be used not only for formal occasions, but also for everyday meals.

By making it a habit, you will learn how to eat beautifully and mindfully, and you will be able to spend your time with confidence at any time.

The way you eat reflects the way you live.

Why don't you take a fresh look at how you use chopsticks and how you handle dishes?


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I. Attractiveness and characteristics of "Japanese food

1 UNESCO Intangible Cultual Heritage
2The charm of deep Japanese food

II The basics of Chopsticks thet are indispensable for Japanese food

1 Characteristics of chopsticks / 1-1 What are chopsticks ?
1-2 Types and ranks of chopsticks
2 How to handle chopsticks / 2-1 Chopsticks and chopstick rest
2-2 Beautiful handling of split chopsticks
2-3 How to hold chopsticks
2-4 How to pick up and place chopsticks
3 Chopsticks taboo

III Basics of Japanese tableware

1 Wonderfulness and Precautions of Japanese Tableware
2 Tips for handling Japanese tableware

IV Basics of beautiful eating

1 Basic behavior of bowls and chopsticks / 1-1How to handle the bowl lid
1-2 How to handle bowls and chopsticks
2Points to be careful about to eat beautifully/ Be careful of the sounds
2-2 Tips for not breaking the arrangement
2-3 Keep the bowl clean after meals
2-4 Value a beautiful posture
2-5 Try not to use hand plate.

V. How to enjoy basic dishes

1 About serving
2 Rice
3 Bowl and Miso Soup
4 Sashimi
5 Simmered food
6 Grilled fish

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