IT Management Fundamentals - From IT Tech to IT Manager

The knowledge and expertise you need to know to become an IT manager and develop those skills

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Jan 2022
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What you will learn

Moving from a Tech to a Manager ,

IT Manager Responsibilities

IT Strategies, Roadmaps, Budgets

People and Staff Management

Hardware, Software and other Registers

Disaster Recovery Design and Setup

Operations, Security & Capacity Management

Reporting, Audits and Dashboards


Hi and welcome to this training course and thank you so much for registering, I really apprecaite it.

In this course we've prepared a number of videos that will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills you need to get that promotion and move into an IT manager role. Even if you are just starting out or have been an IT manager for a while, this course will provide you with a good overview of what IT managers do.

In this course we’ll discuss -

  • Moving from a Tech to a Manager

  • IT Manager Responsibilities

  • IT strategies roadmaps, budgets

  • People and staff management

  • Hardware, Software and other registers

  • Holding and types of meetings

  • Disaster Recovery, Operations, Security & Capacity

  • Reporting, Audits and Dashboards

What do I need to know?

Having already a good understanding of the basics aroudn IT systems and concepts will help in preparation for an IT management position.

This course is aimed at two groups

- existing IT professionals and techs that want to advance in their careers and move into a management position

- existing IT managers who want to improve in their management skillset and knowledge

Why this course?

This course will be easy to understand, and follow. It will give you an overview of the necessary management skills, roles and reponsibilities you need to know to become a great and effective IT manager.


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Instructor & Course Introduction

Tech to Manager

From Tech to Manager - Changed Responsibilities
Know Your Stuff
Keep Updated - IT Always Changes
Don’t Talk Tech to Non-Tech People
Be Approachable, Understanding, and Positive

Manager Responsibilities

IT Managers Responsibilities | Breakdown + Different Role Types
Customers - Internal and External
Staff & Team Management
Hardware - Network, Servers, Storage, Desktops, Laptops, Phones…etc
Software - Apps, Operating Systems, Backups
Roadmaps and IT Strategy Docs
IT Budgets

Know your Systems and Staff

Know Your Systems Intro
Tech Skills + Staff Skills Matrix
Hardware Asset Registers + Audits
Applications & License Registers
Incident Response - Helpdesk Systems
Snapshot Dashboards and IT Health Checks

Maintenance & Support

Keep Systems…Secure & Healthy
Keep Systems…Updated & Patched
Keep Systems…Current & Modern, get rid of the old stuff!

Be Organised!!

Be Organised and Deliver
Documentation, Documentation, Documentation
Standard Operating Environments
IT AUP and Procedures
Leading by Example - Help your techs
Spare Equipment

Meetings + Reports

You'll be required in a lot more meetings now...
Meetings - Operations
Meetings - Capacity
Meetings - Security
Meetings - Team Team Team
Meetings - Senior Management, Boards
Helpdesk & Service Desk Reports (Weekly / Monthly)
Health & Security Reports

Vendors and Suppliers

Vendors & Suppliers relationships
Agreements, Contracts, MSA’s, RF#, SOW’s etc


Final Thoughts


April 24, 2022
Thank you for the course. I would have liked the author to have gone a little more in-depth, it felt a little too basic. I would have also liked the templates to have been in excel with a little more information. Regards Michael
April 11, 2022
The course is great but the speaker should improve it as more examples from the real life situations are needed.
April 7, 2022
I really learned so much during this training.....I am going to go through it again I enjoyed it so much!!
March 23, 2022
Very informative and as we needed exactly, however, it would be nice if there were some slides that summarize each lecture
February 11, 2022
This course is very good. It gives complete information for those who wants to switch from IT tech to IT manager. Wonderful details
December 27, 2021
Very good training. It is my current situation. I changed my job from technician to IT manager. Very interesting and useful program and the instructor is very good (Fyi: Interesting to see we have a similar set of instruments and studio :) !)
October 8, 2021
I think this course is very good. Obviously it’s an overview of the transition from a tech to and IT manager, the instructor does a great job of explaining key concepts to know. I look forward to a more detailed version of this course in the future. Another reason I like this course is because I am currently an entry level manager and looking to grow to an It Director soon.
October 2, 2021
It would be good to be given examples of blogs and podcasts that he listens to in order to keep up with technology.
September 12, 2021
I enjoyed the course. I've been a aIT manager for several years and I can honest ley say that this course covers just about everything that I've encountered as a IT manager.



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