Tech Writers Master Class

Learn professional writing skills that will help you advance in your career

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6 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to write technical documents that meet the needs of your readers

Which resources to use to help you write with more confidence

How to choose the best words to use

Write more powerful sentences and effective paragraphs

Understand the best technical writing styles to use

Add the right kinds of graphics to your documents

Format your documents more professionally

Know what elements to include in different types of technical documents

Proofread and edit your documents more easily and effectively

Conduct usability studies

Get the feedback you need from subject matter experts

And tips that will help you write the best technical documents.


Burning Bush Technologies, a highly respected analytics software company that studies labor trends, says that their studies show that "writing, communication, and organization skills are scarce everywhere. These skills are in demand across nearly every occupation...Even fields like IT and Engineering want people who can write."

Tech Writers Master Class was developed to help you get an edge in the job market by teaching you the skills you need to write better technical documents. This is not a theoretical course. It's a practical course that tells you specifically HOW to improve your skills, not just what you should do. Based on interviews with more than 50 technical professionals, this course is focused on helping all technical professionals write better technical documents. 


Tech Writers Master Class
Tech Writers Master Class
Tech Writers Master Class
Tech Writers Master Class


Introduction to the Tech Writers Master Class

Welcome to the Tech Writers Master Class!

The Case for Writing Great Technical Documents

Janet vs. the Pill Bottle

A Brief History of the English Language

Two Views of Writing Technical Documents

The Case for Writing Great Technical Documents

Analyzing Your Readers

Understanding Your Readers

Classifying Your Readers

Writing Strategies for Different Readers

Useful Links

How Small Details Make a Big Difference

Analyzing Your Readers

Getting Ready to Write

Deciding What to Write

Document Formats

Typical amounts of time to collect information and write your document

Interviewing Skills

Bring Order to Your Document with an Outline

Getting Ready to Write

Writing with Style

Style Guides - Your Safety Net

Writing Styles You Can Use

Your Personal Writing Style

Writing with Style

Choosing the Right Words

Choosing the Right Words

Using Technical Words

Correcting Common Word-Choice Mistakes

Useful Links

Choosing the Right Words

Writing Powerful Sentences

What is a Sentence?

Powerful Sentences

How to Get Rid of Foggy Writing

Grab Your Readers' Attention

Writing Powerful Sentences

Write Paragraphs that Flow

The Structure of Good Paragraphs

Paragraph Writing Strategies -- Getting the Results You Want

Correcting Common Paragraph Problems

Write Paragraphs that Flow

Adding Graphics to Your Documents

How Graphics Affect Your Readers

Conventions for Using Graphics

Charts: What Kind to Use

Other Types of Graphics to Use

Adding Graphics to Your Documents

Document Design

What is Document Design?

How to Use Your Document’s Elements

Sample Page Layouts

Templates You Can Download

Document Design

The Anatomy of Great Technical Documents

Write Great Instructional Documents

Write Great Reports

Write Great Proposals

The Anatomy of Great Technical Documents

Making Your Documents the Best They Can Be

Getting the Words Right

Levels of Edit -- a Tried and True Methodology to Use

Document Reviews

Usability Testing

Making Your Documents the Best They Can Be


Natalia4 March 2021

Pros: There are some useful bits. Cons: The presenter is just reading a verbose and watery text, that is tremendously boring. There are no examples. The presenter has no experience with modern Hi-Tech, R&D documentation needs, formats, processes, and tools. The presenter reads the text so unintelligibly that I can hardly follow the presented concepts.

JIMMY2 March 2021

I feel like this course has helped me to reiterate some things I knew about tech writing plus add to my knowledge base. Overall a great course so far.

Kaustav9 February 2021

This course helps to have a clear understanding as to what is required to develop content, how to develop it for further processing it using various publication tools available.

Megan29 January 2021

Good, solid foundation on which to build one's technical writing skills. Provided many helpful tidbits to keep in mind while writing.

Mandla26 January 2021

The course made me realize the importance of writing a good report. In most cases, I would just write the report following the work format or template and then submit it.

Robin26 January 2021

Enjoying the course so far, but I do find the many references to language terms ("preposition", "object", "subject" etc.) hard to follow - that's a personal thing of mine but find it a turn-off. Also try and stick with the same sound quality - each lecture has Janet's voice slightly different in tone.

Johnny22 January 2021

This course is beneficial to me....a good overview of technical writing and contained tips and guidelines to improve the quality of technical writing. Highly recommended to those who want to take up technical writing.

Mark22 January 2021

Poor sound quality. Content seems interesting and well coordinated, but i find myself straining to understand the speaker.

Hannah29 December 2020

This is a fantastic course. Janet Underwood provides very prompt feedback and answers emails quickly. The assignments help develop preexisting skills and add to a portfolio. I would be willing to take many more classes taught by her.

Filonna26 December 2020

This was a great, informative course. The material was easy-to-understand, and Ms. Underwood was a great instructor. If you want a stronger foundation in technical writing, then this class is worthy of your time.

Stéphane3 November 2020

Yes it is. Had to learn technical writing while on the job with no trainin g whatsoever. This course shows me all the finer points of the craft that I missed and will incorporate in the future.

Ayesha20 October 2020

The lectures are unnecessarily long, especially the sentence structure module. The narrator has a lisp which made a lot of the words in the lectures difficult to understand.

Snehal2 October 2020

I enjoyed the course, it has a lot of information, quizzes, and assignments for hands-on practice. Definitely a fruitful investment.

Bartlomiej3 August 2020

Good course! Structures and explains all aspects of technical writing. The exercisses are good and require using the knowledge from lecures. It will take more than 6 hours to complete the course, as some exercisses require a lot of work.

Jill2 August 2020

I learned so much through this course! I highly recommend it if you are interested in learning more about a career in Technical Writing.


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