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Start with TALL: Use Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel & Livewire

Build a dynamic and reactive subscribers system, using the best frameworks and libraries for CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Get ahead of the pack and master the systems of the future, now

Create flexible, dynamic, and reactive projects in no time

Learn to use the fastest growing and most popular tools today

Start with Tailwind CSS and apply it to a real project

Learn Alpine and create reactive interfaces for your users easily

Master Livewire and build real-time running systems with complex concepts in no time

Apply Laravel and build dynamic applications in conjunction with all the components of the TALL stack

Learn how to use Laravel Breeze, one of Laravel's recent user authentication systems




Get ahead of the competition and start with the TALL stack, made up of Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Livewire, and Laravel that will completely dominate the world of web development with their growing popularity and demand.

Build projects that were considered as complex before, in a short time and with little effort, thanks to these Full Stack technologies. It is the new era of web development.

You will create a subscriber system with a nice appearance thanks to Tailwind, dynamic and reactive thanks to Livewire and Alpine.js, and perfectly functional and supported thanks to Laravel. You will also create a dashboard, using Laravel Breeze, which will allow you to manage that list of subscribers, applying everything you have learned with Tailwind, Alpine, Livewire, and, of course, Laravel.

The approach of the course will allow you to master the essential concepts and functionalities of Tailwind, Alpine, Livewire, and Laravel, applying them in a fully functional subscribers system.

Does not matter the type of project to build with TALL, you will make it happen.

Laravel is the most popular framework in the world and together with Tailwind CSS, Alpine and Livewire, you will have no limits.

It's your chance to get ahead

These technologies will dominate the near future of web development and it's your chance to be in front of everyone.

Why choose me?

Because I am always there to accompany and guide your learning. I will answer all your questions and comments during the course. ALWAYS.

More than 19,000 students appreciate the effectiveness of the answers to all their questions; their more than 4,000 positive ratings prove it.

I will not only teach you TALL; you are going to learn to apply it and solve real problems.

Learning TALL assures you a bright future, full of flexibility and agility for your developments.

Do not wait anymore. The world moves quickly and all your ideas are waiting to be implemented in an effective and agile way with TALL.

Click the button to join the course, see you in classes.


Start with TALL: Use Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel & Livewire
Start with TALL: Use Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel & Livewire
Start with TALL: Use Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel & Livewire
Start with TALL: Use Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel & Livewire


Meet the Instructor and How to Take Advantage of the Course

About TALL and the Project to Create During the Course

About the Instructor

The Development Environment Used by Me During the Course

Make sure everything is clear so far

The Source Code of the Project

How to Ask Questions Correctly

Prepare the Project and Its Dependencies

Install and Configure a Fresh Laravel Project

Install Livewire and Laravel Breeze in the Subscribers System

Create the Components to Store Subscriber's Information

Meet and Learn to Use Every Member of the TALL Stack

Meet and use Laravel Breeze

Meet Tailwind and Use It to Start with the Landing Page

Apply Tailwind CSS to Finish the Landing Page

Meet and learn to use Alpine.js

Meet Livewire and learn to use it

Add New Components and Modularize them with Tailwind and Laravel

Define the Appearance of a Component for Success Messages

Modularize the Modals Using the Blade Components of Laravel

Add the Features of the Subscribers System with Livewire and Laravel

Creating a Subscriber as Soon as the Form is Submitted

Validate the Information Received in the Subscription Form

Send a Confirmation Email to Each New Subscriber

Confirm the Subscriber's Email Using Laravel

Bring Some Life to the Graphic Interface Syncing Livewire and Alpine.js

Communicating Alpine.js with Livewire to Sync States

Display a Success Message When a Subscriber Confirms the Email

Improve Functionalities and User Experience Using Livewire

Put into Practice all that You Learned Creating a Dashboard for Admin Users

Prepare the Subscribers System to Have a Dashboard

Implement the Laravel Components to Show the List of Subscribers

Implement the Appearance of the Subscribers Table Using Tailwind

Allowing to Remove a Subscriber Using Livewire

Allowing to Search in The Subscribers List with Livewire

Conclusions and Recommendations

Recommendations and Steps to Follow

Bonus Class


jande13 January 2021

Está sendo um desafio já que não existe conteúdo dessa stack em português, vamos de curso em inglês mesmo.


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