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MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 8

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Audio Book Creation (2021 Edition)

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Write an article on any topic with using AI for Research

Convert the text to audiobook in the fastest way possible

Convert audio to video in minutes with AI

Perform Visual Effects (VFX) for the video in minutes for the intro

Clone your voice in minutes


Welcome to the eighth course in the series "MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation".

If you know Siri, Cortana from Microsoft, Denise from Nextos, Alexa from Amazon or those handy voice GPS directions on smartphones, then congrats! You’re already acquainted with TTS. This course will just help you bridge the gap through an ocean of knowledge with the power of Artificial intelligence based TTS tools.

Text to speech, abbreviated as TTS, is a synthesis of speech that transforms text into voice output. Text to speech systems was first developed to help the visually impaired by providing the user with a spoken voice created by a machine that would "read" text.

Text to speech enables content owners to adapt in terms of how they communicate with the content to the specific needs and desires of each user.

Businesses, Organizations, and Publishers that utilize TTS (Text to Speech) technology benefit from: 

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Effective branding

  • Global market penetration

  • Optimized development and maintenance

  • More autonomy for the digital content owner

  • Saved time and also, money

  • Easier implementation with Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Word-of-mouth marketing

  • Increased web presence across markets

  • Enhanced employee performance

This is a mind-blowing and unbelievable new course on Text-to-Speech (TTS) software that you'll never forget. Text-to-Speech takes the written text and transforms it into speech, for that matter. This incredible technology offers several benefits to cater to the needs of consumers, businesses, personal users and educational institutions. Be it a business looking for your next competitive edge or a personal learning student looking to learn a new language or to find your new voice, Text-to-Speech software can be implemented in a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals and get your desired content.

Artificial Intelligence AudioBook Creation will help you research on content using AI, convert them into audio (obviously, a bot can breathe, before speaking a sentence) and later convert them into video podcasts (vlogs) for that matter - all with the power of using Artificial Intelligence - all using various AI tools available on the web.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Audiobook creation is a must to know about - as this has the technology to change the world of education, all together. You can also use this tech to go ahead in creating Private Label Rights (PLR) audiobooks to upload on portals like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion etc. One more advanced technology discussed in the course covers the secret technique of "Voice Cloning" that allows you to clone your voice forever. So, what are you waiting for? The power of Artificial Intelligence for TTS awaits you, to the core.

TTS gives a larger number of people, access to your content, such as those with difficulties in literacy, learning disabilities, reduced vision and language learning. It also opens doors to anyone else in need of easy ways to access digital content. Artificial Intelligence usage in TTS goes a long way to play an important role in the creation process of TTS based Audiobooks.

Enroll now, get started today and evoke the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence usage of TTS (text to speech) and be wow'ed like you never have been. This is the time for AI to rule the audiobook universe and beyond.


MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 8
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 8
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 8
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 8


Research, Development & Audio Conversion: Phase 1 (Artificial Intelligence)

Introduction to using Artificial Intelligence for Content Development Research

Overview of remixing PLR content

Converting text to speech using a special TTS tool

One more bonus tool to convert text to speech

Converting the audio received from TTS Reader to mp3

Video Conversion Essentials: Phase 2 (Artificial Intelligence)

Conversion of MP3 to a high quality video podcast

Adding VFX to our video using cloud VFX tool and Voice Cloning Secrets

Convert Full Documents to Audio in 1 Click

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Anthony30 August 2020

I learnt an excellent TTS alternative to Balabolka as well as sources for content creation I was unaware of

Margaret16 January 2020

Yes, a good match for me as I am looking for the best technology for TTS. it's especially challenging because I am looking to convert fiction books to audiobooks using TTS and need the most natural voices and inflections.

Dharanidharan6 January 2020

Good course, get the basic knowledge of all the new tools, but most of the mentioned tools are not free of use.

Dan2 November 2019

Very useful information indeed, it going to be very helpful in my marketing endeavours for sure. Thanks Guys, keep us inform.

Vahid23 July 2019

Total waste of time and annoying instructor. Lot of fluff and content is not prepared well or rehearsed. Not worth to even watch when the course is free.

Kim6 July 2019

This is a good course to learn about methods to start out at no cost and build an automated AI empire.

lakshay29 May 2019

according to me, it was a good match as I helped my friends creating videos from audios with accurate pictures and also making audiobooks for them.

Nadim14 April 2019

- The course is not about AI (at all). AI in the title is misleading and used out of context. - The course is all about TTS and how to convert a text to a speech. - Very light course. Definitely does not worth its 25$.

Maher31 March 2019

It was amazing short course with a lot of practical information and marketing tools. Thank you so much.

Asanka19 March 2019

what a course, worth every second. One of the best course in Udemy. I love to watch every moment in this course. and it will always pleasure to know these stuffs in action. I mean really amazing. no need to pay bucks to content writers, voice overs, video makers in future thanks to Srinidhi . Well done !

Vishal17 March 2019

By adding ai title they are fooling ai students.This course is just about to create text into speech.Like using Google text to speech.

Pavlo16 March 2019

I didn't like it. It was hard to understand their pronunciation. The transcript didn't help much. And the title is misleading. The whole course is about using online programs to create an audio book. There' s no A.I. in all of that. Disappointed.

Dustin15 March 2019

Seems like an ad for the website "ai-writer.com". Have not understood how it connects to the topic as a whole. Maybe it will be helpful later?!


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