Advanced Table View iOS App Development with Swift & Xcode

Learn Programmatic Auto Layout, UITableView, Protocols & Delegates, Custom Cells, NSAttributedString, UIKit & Swift.

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May 2019
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What you will learn

Expandable UITableView Sections - Drop Down Menus

NSLayoutConstraint for Programmatic Auto Layout

UIStackView, UITextField, UILabel + more UIKit

UITableViewDelegate Methods


How to push UIViewControllers onto a UINavigationController stack

How to use multiple UINavigationControllers simultaneously

How to present UIViewControllers

Custom Protocols & Delegates

Custom UITableView Cells




Form Validation


UITableViews, they are everywhere and you probably know at this point that being able to use UITableViews to their full potential, gives you a huge advantage as an iOS developer with skill.

With that being said, your iOS development instructor, Maxcodes, is about to teach the ways of UITableView. This course will prepare you to utilize UITableViews in any and every iOS app you write giving you massive leverage to take your app to the next level. Whether it's your app, or your employers app.

You will be learning through a practical, project driven approach in which sections are carefully thought out and separated to provide you with concept specific lectures, and video tutorials. This format is designed by Maxcodes to purposefully condense concepts and app projects into short amounts of time, not to provide you with less content, but to provide you with massive amounts of value while make sure I don't waste your time.

I completely understand if you are slightly skeptical, and wonder if this course will be worth your hard earned money. So you probably know, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure trust. If you do not like this course, or you feel it doesn't provide you with the value you need, you can get a full refund within 30 days. EVEN if you go through the course 100%, you can still have a FULL refund within 30 days of enrolling in your UITableView course.

Let's master UITableViews today!


Advanced Table View iOS App Development with Swift & Xcode - Screenshot_01Advanced Table View iOS App Development with Swift & Xcode - Screenshot_02Advanced Table View iOS App Development with Swift & Xcode - Screenshot_03Advanced Table View iOS App Development with Swift & Xcode - Screenshot_04


(This Section is on my YouTube) Build the Spots TableView Section DropDown app.

App overview & introduction (ep. 1)
App Setup, Data Source, Delegate Methods (ep. 2
Data Structs & UITableViewCells & Images (ep. 3
Custom UITableViewCell Setup & Optionals (ep. 4
Programmatic Cell Auto Layout with NSLayoutConstraint (ep. 5)
insertRows & deleteRows TableView Cells with Animations (ep. 6)
Advanced Auto Layout Cell Animations with NSLayoutConstraint (ep. 7)

BONUS TRACK - Add Force Touch Peek & Pop to the spots app.

Section Intro
Check device for force touch capability & register a view for previewing.
Introduction to UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate for Force Touch
Programmatic Auto Layout with NSLayoutConstraint & UIImageView
Getting the correct indexPath and presenting our controller with cell data.


Section Materials - Icons, screenshots, and links.
Section overview & what you need before you can upload to the app store.
Bundle Identifiers.
Creating your app in App Store Connect, App Information, and Pricing your App.
App Store Screenshots and submission information.
Manage Signing Automatically and Archive Your First Build.
App Icon, Archive Validation, and Uploading Your App Build to App Store Connect.
Selecting an App Build, General App Information, and Submitting for Review.

Building the Social Accounts App 1.0 with UITableViews & custom UITableViewCells

Setup up an iOS App WITHOUT storyboards, AppDelegate.swift
Easily setup and use UITableViewController & UITableViewCells
UITableViewCell data model struct & UILabel text.
Setup Large UINavigation Titles
Create and Register an empty Custom UITableViewCell Class
Unwrap optionals correctly with guard let - UITableViewCell data
AutoLayout programmatically via NSLayoutConstraint & UIStackView
NSAttributedString underline, color, font, style in Swift & Xcode
Open external apps from URLs within your app

Multiple UITableView Sections.

How to make multiple UITableView sections
Modeling multi dimensional data to opt for two or more UITableView sections.
UITableView section header titles.
Custom header view layout with Programmatic Auto Layout & viewForHeaderInSection

(deleting rows) - Swipe to delete & edit UITableViewCells.

Cell Swipe Actions - editActionsForRowAt (episode 1)
Cell Swipe Actions - multiple edit actions (episode 2)
Cell Swipe Actions - deleteRows at indexPath & deleting account data (episode 3)

UIBarButtonItems - UINavigationController actions.

Bar Button Items - Adding a bar button item with text (episode 1)
Bar Button Items - Icon UIImage Bar Button Items (episode 2)
Bar Button Items - Adding multiple bar button items to both sides (episode 3)
Bar Button Items - System Icons, Targets, Actions, & Selectors (episode 4)

Presenting & Pushing UIViewControllers from UINavigationControllers.

UINavControllers - How to push a ViewController from NavigationController (ep 1)
UINavControllers - How to present a ViewController instead (episode 2)
UINavControllers - Dismissing Controllers & Completions (episode 2)

UIKit & Programmatic Auto Layout using NSLayoutConstraints.

UIKit - gather input w/UITextField in AddSocialAccount viewController(episode 1)
UIKit - build a custom UITextField class for clean re-use. (episode 2)
NSLayoutConstraint & UIKit - Upgrade from frames to NSAutoLayout. (episode 1)
NSLayoutConstraint & UIKit - Constrain multiple views w/UIStackView. (episode 2)
UIKit - Adding UILabels to name our UITextFields. (episode 3)

Form Validation

Retrieve data from user - Extract data from UITextField (episode 1)
Retrieve data from user - UITextField Form Validation (episode 2)

Moving Data between Controllers with Protocols & Delegates

Protocols & Delegates - writing the AddAccount protocol & method. (episode 1)
Protocols & Delegates - Class extensions & protocol conformance (episode 2)
Protocols & Delegates - Bridging controllers with our protocol (episode 3)
Protocols & Delegates - protocol methods/pass data across controllers(episode 4)

(inserting rows) - Add UITableViewCells & Data to UITableView as a user.

Row Insertion - Gathering data from our protocol into account object (episode 1)
Row Insertion - Determining the correct indexPath to place new data (episode 2)
Bonus Lecture - iOS Course Codes.

BONUS TRACK - Upload Images from Photo Library

Section Intro

BONUS TRACK - adding core data

Section Intro
Section Intro


March 26, 2020
Really got lost and had to add new view controller etc before could make work and still not accepting navigation item for some reason, so working but not as in video
November 5, 2019
Please update your video. Currently in IOS13, We use SceneDelegate for initializing the Navigation Controller
August 6, 2019
Good, basic course: + I like lots of short videos covering a single topic - many courses pack in lots of topics in one video, making it difficult to find the topic. With short topics it is easy to go back to review. + very engaging, fun to listen to. I really did LOL at times + honest - sometimes an error is made in the program, or Max is hunting for the correct solution. I am glad he kept these in and didn't edit them out. It helps me to solve the problem - to think on my own what the solution is while Max is working it out. + I know this app could be easily done with storyboards, so good to see it done programatically. - Max speaks to fast at times ;) - Some items are left undone - eg, an edit action is created but then never actually used, data persistence isn't addressed. Or needed sections are added as a bonus sections - While good to have a short explainer of the topic at the start, what I need is a programming explainer - why certain programming was done the way it was, etc. Overall recommended, and I'm sure I'll watch again for reference.
June 10, 2019
Its fast pace which makes it easy to keep attention and continue and and go through more videos, very refreshing .. and thanks for the tip on proticols ,
March 8, 2019
Great personality as a teacher and teaching professional grade material. Thorough enough for somewhat beginners to understand but deep enough that you'll actually use this with real clients.



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