Intro to Tableau Server & Tableau Online for Data Analysts

Learn how to create, manage, publish & share reports and dashboards with Tableau Server & Tableau Online (Tableau Cloud)

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May 2022
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What you will learn

Create, manage, publish and share Tableau reports using Tableau Server & Online

Configure scheduled refresh for data extracts and Tableau Prep workflows

Apply interaction tools like data-driven alerts, custom views, subscriptions & comments

Learn from a best-selling instructor, featured author, and award-winning Tableau developer


This course is designed for Data Analysts or Business Intelligence professionals looking to create, manage, publish and share workbooks using Tableau Server and Tableau Online (Tableau Cloud).

We'll start by introducing the Tableau Server and Tableau Online environments, reviewing the user interface and content management structure, and exploring user roles and permissions.

From there we'll practice publishing workbooks and data sources to Tableau Server, and introduce powerful interaction tools like scheduled refresh, data-driven alerts, custom views, comments, and more.

Last but not least we'll review web authoring tools to create, edit, publish, and share new workbooks or data connections within the Tableau Server or Tableau Online environment.


  • Introducing Tableau Server & Online

    • License & site roles, user permissions, content management, user interface, etc.

  • Publishing & Scheduling

    • Publishing options, scheduled extract & workflow refresh, etc.

  • Interaction Tools

    • Custom views, alerts, metrics, subscriptions, comments, sharing options, etc.

  • Web Authoring Tools

    • Connecting to data, creating new workbooks, authoring & editing views, etc.

Throughout the course, you’ll play the role of a Sr. Tableau Developer for BankMaven, a prominent financial institution based in the United States. Using the skills you learn throughout the course, you'll help the BankMaven team publish workbooks, schedule data refreshes, create custom views, and deliver content to key users in the organization.

If you're an analyst looking to add Tableau Server and Tableau Online to your skill set, this is the course for you!


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See you in the course!

-Dustin (Featured Tableau Author & Lead Tableau Instructor, Maven Analytics)


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Getting Started

Course Structure & Outline
READ ME: Important Notes for New Students
Course Project Intro
DOWNLOAD: Course Resources
Setting Expectations
Downloading Tableau Online (Free Trial)

Intro to Tableau Server & Online

Tableau Licensing Roles
Tableau Server vs. Online
Accessing Tableau Server
The Tableau Server Interface
Content Management
License & Site Roles
User Permissions
User Permissions Example
QUIZ: Intro to Tableau Server

Publishing & Scheduling

Publishing a Workbook
Publishing a Data Source
Scheduling Data Extract Refreshes
Scheduling Prep Workflow Refreshes
QUIZ: Publishing & Scheduling

Interaction Tools

Basic Interactions
Creating Custom Views
Creating Alerts
Creating Metrics
Creating Subscriptions
Exporting Content
Sharing & Commenting
QUIZ: Interaction Tools

Web Authoring Tools

Web Authoring
Connecting to Data
Creating New Workbooks
Authoring Views
Editing Views
Publishing to Personal Space
QUIZ: Web Authoring Tools

Wrapping Up



June 25, 2022
A new course by Dustin? I buy it. Even though I've been a full-time Tableau freelancer for five years, I purchase all of Dustin's courses. Why? (1) Dustin is a true Tableau expert, (2) his teaching style rocks, and (3) even as a Tableau specialist myself, I need constant refreshers. There's a lot to know if you want to deliver Tableau to customers from A - Z. For example, this relatively short course covers essential steps for Tableau Server (from a developer perspective).
May 22, 2022
This is exactly what I was looking for in a server course. It's not for administrators like all the other courses on Udemy, but rather for analysts like myself! Dustin covers all the fundamentals here and then some - keep these courses coming!!



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