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System Hacking + Mobile Hacking and Security v3.0

Learn the art of System and Mobile Hacking. Learn to secure your devices like a Security Professional

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May 2021

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What you will learn

How to hack a Computer

You will learn How different tools and techniques work in real world

How to test the security of your system

How to protect your Mobile from various external threats

You will learn about System Security

Hands-on Experience


Learn by doing. You will learn most of the important tools and techniques used to test the security of your Computer System and Mobile Devices. You will learn how to hack your device and how to protect them from various external Threats. System Hacking is the activity of identifying weaknesses in a computer system or a network to exploit the security to gain access to personal data or business data. An example of system hacking can be: using a password cracking tool to gain access to a computer system. You may also perform System Hacking without using any kind of tool. Learning computer hacking and security is an important aspect in today world. Let's have a look on the topics you will learn in this course.

Topics Covered in this Course are:

1. Footprinting

2. Scanning

3. Gaining Access

4. Maintaining Access

5. Clearing Tracks

6. Generating Reports

7. Quick Hacking Tips

8. Hands-on Training

9. Hacking Mobile Device

10. Securing your Computer and Mobile.

Anyone who is interested to learn about Cyber Security may join this course. 

This course doesn't make you an expert in the field of cyber security. But, this course will teach you practical things which are must to learn for an individual if you want to know about latest attacks and their defence. Let's get started....


System Hacking + Mobile Hacking and Security v3.0
System Hacking + Mobile Hacking and Security v3.0
System Hacking + Mobile Hacking and Security v3.0
System Hacking + Mobile Hacking and Security v3.0


Introduction to System Hacking

Learn Hacking- I

Learn Hacking- II

Creating Virtual Lab

Oracle VirtualBox

Kali Installation

Win 7 Installation

Win 10 Installation

Server 2012 Installation



Ethical Hacking


Types of Hackers

Network Configuration in VirtualBox

Understanding Network

Check for Traget Reachability


Extracting Data

Website Mirroring

Email Tracing

The Harvester

Hacker's Search Engine

Google Hacking

Nmap and Hping3- I

Nmap and Hping3- II

Nmap and Hping3- III

Nmap and Hping3- IV

Nmap and Hping3- V


Detecting Target OS

Detecting Topology

Installing Veil

Generating Undetectable Backdoor

Backdoor Modification and Testing

Using Backdoor to Gain Access

Email Spoofing

Steganography- I

Steganography- II

Steganography- III

Steganography- IV

Finding hidden files using ADS Spy

Best Keylogger

System Hacking

Gaining Remote Access

Trojan Creation and Hacking

ARP Spoofing

ARP Poisioning

Password Breaking of Win 10

Social Engineering- I

Social Engineering- II

Social Engineering- III

Social Engineering- IV

Netcraft Toolbar


Clearing Tracks

Pentesting Reports- I

Pentesting Reports- II

Mobile Hacking


How to hack a SmartPhone in 30 seconds?

What is BYOD?

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Security

Android Security Structure- I

Android Security Structure- II

Android Security Structure- III

Android Emulators

Tools and Techniques for Hacking- I

Tools and Techniques for Hacking- II

Tools and Techniques for Hacking- III

Tools and Techniques for Hacking- IV

Tools and Techniques for Hacking- V

iOS Security Structure


Dis-assemble iOS Apps

Doing more with Mobile

Manage your activities in Google

Rooting an Android Mobile Device

Data Recovery

Mobile Security Guidelines


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