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Symfony 5 PHP Framework

Learn Symfony including Twig, Doctrine, Encore, SASS, forms and email delivery as we build a ecommerce store together

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Learn Symfony PHP Framework

Build an ecommerce store in Symfony

Twig templates, Doctrine ORM, Encore, SASS, sessions, forms and email delivery


Symfony is the number one PHP framework used by real businesses to build stable, scalable, modern web applications. In this course, we will dive in and learn hands-on as we build an eCommerce website together.

We’ll cover:

  • Symfony basics and setup

  • MVC architecture

  • Routing and controllers

  • Twig templating

  • Static assets, Encore, SASS and CSS

  • Doctrine ORM and databases

  • Session handling

  • Forms and validation

  • Sending emails

I have taught tens of thousands of students on Udemy and I would love for you to be the next one. I look forward to seeing you inside the course!


Symfony 5 PHP Framework
Symfony 5 PHP Framework
Symfony 5 PHP Framework
Symfony 5 PHP Framework




How to use this course

Getting set up

Setting up your environment

Symfony CLI

Windows setup

Checking your environment

Example code

Creating our first page

Installing Symfony

Symfony dev server

Symfony architecture

Creating a controller

Adding the route

Using annotations

Twig templating


Installing Twig

Creating a template

Using the abstract controller

Variables in Twig

Twig security

Using layouts

Twig documentation

Static assets

What are static assets?

Serving static files

Installing Node.js

SASS pre-processing

Installing Encore

Compiling assets

Enabling SASS

Including our assets

Adding some CSS


Doctrine ORM

Local database setup

Alternative AWS setup

Database management

Configuring the database

Creating a product entity

Generating the schema

Importing sample data

Listing the products

Product listing template

Viewing our product list

Doctrine documentation


Routing options

Product details page

Product details template

Handling not found errors

Customising the error page


Add to basket

Add to basket button

Configuring the session service

Handling request input

Basket controller

Basket template

View basket link

Forms & validation

Installing the form package

Creating an order entity

Building the checkout

Checkout template

Testing the checkout

Processing the order

Migrating the orders table

Tidying up checkout


Email and transport layers

Installing the email practice

Configuring the email service

Sending an email confirmation

Email template

Testing the email confirmation



Bonus lecture


Jordan20 April 2021

I truly believe this course provides useful and insightful information needed to construct the foundation in learning the fundamentals of Symfony. Chris explains everything so well and his straight to the point. I recommend this course to the absolute beginner or expert who's in need of a refresher.

Peter8 April 2021

A course marketed for beginners, but you need to have some previous experience with frameworks to understand what's going on. A lot of knowledge is assumed and not very well explained. The teacher rushes through a lot of content and without giving much context.

Adam7 February 2021

I really enjoyed the course. The Symfony specific parts of the course were explained well - the only points of confusion came from my general lack of in-depth PHP knowledge, but these points of confusion also pointed me in the direction of areas I need to buff up on. The three things that keep this from being a 5-star course are minor issues, however, they are also totally avoidable and make the course harder to follow: 1 - Good god man, lose the pink highlight color in your editor. It is extremely hard to read. 2 - Make your code editor window larger. No one needs to see your desktop. We definitely do need to see your code editor. 3- The keystroke overlay covers what you are typing too often. Once is too often, but it happens a few times. You do provide the code in Github for us to refer to, but frankly, we shouldn't have to refer to Github because we can't see what you're typing. I am also taking your Stripe course, and I hope that course doesn't have the same issues. I do recommend this course and I do feel like I got a decent beginner level understanding of Symfony and could start my own projects and know where to get help if needed, etc.

Amit17 January 2021

A thought out course, you can get basics of symfony and use the official documentation to build upon it.

Basheerchamoun30 November 2020

The worst Course i had ever purchased on Udemy, the described info as a e-commerce Symfony tutorial is misleading. The project built within this course has no user account , can't add or remove the count of item added to cart, no add to cart on the products list etc ... in other words it. doesn't have the basic functionalities of a e-commerce ...

Chris8 November 2020

Pretty good course. Fairly quick and I felt sometimes could have done with more detail but overall covers a decent amount of information. Certainly gives a good starting point in symfony. Could do with choosing better font colours for future videos. The pink on black was incredibly hard to read, even in 1080p.


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