The Professional Arabic Course For Symfony 5

From Zero To Hero in Arabic . Learn The Most Flexible PHP Framework For Enterprise Applications

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The Professional Arabic Course For Symfony 5
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Apr 2024
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What you will learn

Learn Symfony 5 Framework Fundamentals and The Most Important Components

Learn How Symfony Works internally and the heart of Events and Event Listeners

Develop a Complete Blogging Web application in Symfony 5 Framework

Learn How to Use Twig and Web Pack to create a professional Front-End views

Learn How To Use Symfony Forms To build Any Type of Forms

Learn How To Use The New Symfony Authenticator System in your Web Apps

Learn How To Add Data Fixtures Using Foundry

Learn How to Use Symfony Environments To create Different Project Environments

Create Admin Control and Permissions in Your Symfony Apps

Learn How to use Doctrine within Symfony and Deal with Databases

Learn How To Use PHPUnit To test Your Symfony Application

Learn How to Use Docker to containerize Your Symfony Application

Learn How to Deploy your Symfony Application to VPS Servers

Learn How to Use Redis db To With Symfony and Doctrine Cache

Learn How To Upgrade Symfony To Symfony 6

Why take this course?

Symfony Framework is one of the most popular and important PHP frameworks

Which is very widely used and has a large community of developers and programmers who release a new version of it every two years

Over the course of more than 15 years, Symfony has been able to spread at an incredible speed and gain the trust of many companies and developers due to its flexibility, speed, and reliable performance, whether in micro or small projects or even large systems and projects

Currently, Symfony v5 is the fastest PHP framework at the moment and the most stable one

Libraries and packages developed by Symfony or the developer community are used in other popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel and Drupal or others.

Symfony is the most used framework in Europe and the USA, You should consider it if you want to work there.  And after this course, You are now in a very good position to start as a PHP developer in Europe especially in ??  or the USA.

The Symfony Library has several advantages, including:

  1. Pay attention to speed and performance

    Symfony is one of the fastest PHP libraries and frameworks, which is especially concerned with performance, which improves significantly in each new version over the previous version.

  2. Ease of learning
    Symfony is an easy-to-learn framework that a novice developer with little PHP experience can learn and master in a short time.

  3. Ongoing support
    Symfony issues two versions each year for the current version in May and November, and these versions are considered small versions to support and correct software errors.
    Every two years, a new version is issued with new additions and deletion old codes that have been dispensed with

  4. Code adding speed
    Symfony is characterized by the speed of writing the code in it, as the framework and internal configuration of it enable you to easily and quickly add your business code

  5. Flexibility in development
    Symfony depends on small libraries that are used to easily add services and other capabilities to your project Where you can also develop your own library and use it in the project or publish it among the Symphony developer community and its users and make it available to everyone

  6. The code size is small
    As it is known, Symfony starts with you as a micro-framework that does not exceed files with only 50 files and has the ability and strength to develop and flexibility to reach with you the largest projects step by step.

In this Course You will move from zero to here in Symfony Framework, We will go through Symfony step by step in an easy and detailed way

You will learn Everything about Symfony 5 like :

  • Symfony Routes

  • Symfony Internal Flow

  • Symfony Twig Temlate Engine

  • Symfony Security

  • Symfony Role and Permissions

  • Symfony Forms

  • Doctrine and Databases

  • Symfony Fixtures

  • Symfony Testing

  • Symfony Environments

  • Symfony And Docker

  • Deploy Symfony Applications

  • And much more?

All of these and more you will learn in detail and to be more Active we will create our Final Project step by step after each section and immediately implement what we have learned directly to our Project to see it grow.

So whatever your PHP experience, If you just have PHP basics this course is exactly for you.


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Our review

***** **Course Review for "Symfony Comprehensive Course in Arabic"** ***** **Overall Rating:** 4.90/5 **Pros:** - **Expert Instructor:** The course is led by Ramy Hakam, who is highly knowledgeable about Symfony and presents the content with professional clarity. His approach to teaching ensures that complex concepts are made accessible to learners. - **Clear and Professional Code Writing:** Ramy emphasizes clear and professional code writing throughout the course, which is essential for anyone looking to develop high-quality Symfony applications. - **Effective Learning:** The key concepts are repeated and reinforced throughout the course material, aiding in effective learning and retention of information. - **Quality Content:** The content of the course covers advanced and relevant topics that are applicable to real-world industry work with Symfony. - **Language and Clarity:** The course is delivered in Arabic, making it more accessible for Arabic-speaking learners. The instruction is clear and well-communicated in this language. - **Engaging Material:** Learners find the course engaging, expressing excitement and eagerness to complete it. - **High-Quality Arabic Learning Resource:** It stands out as a rare and valuable resource for programming education in Arabic. **Cons:** - **Language Limitations:** While the course is beneficial for Arabic-speaking learners, those who are not fluent in Arabic may find it challenging to fully engage with the content. **Course Content Summary:** This Symfony comprehensive course, available in Arabic, has received exceptional praise from recent reviewers. The instructor, Ramy Hakam, delivers a wealth of knowledge in a structured and easy-to-understand manner. His emphasis on professional code writing is particularly commendable and beneficial for learners aiming to work with Symfony frameworks. The course content is advanced and tailored to reflect industry standards, making it highly relevant for professional development. The repetition of key concepts ensures that learners can grasp these concepts more effectively. Additionally, the course material is presented in a clear and engaging manner, which is particularly appreciated by Arabic-speaking learners. Overall, this Symfony course stands out as an excellent educational resource, with a high rating from its reviewers. It is recommended for both beginners and those looking to enhance their Symfony skills in the Arabic language. The course not only provides technical knowledge but also inspiration and motivation for developers on their learning journey. **Learner Feedback:** - "If you would like to start learning Symfony correctly, you should follow this fantastic course, not because it's the only Arabic course about Symfony. But because Ramy always uses the right way to write clear and PROFESSIONAL codes. The key concepts stick as you repeat them throughout the course content." - "It is rare to find high-quality programming material in Arabic. However, this course is an exception. The material covered is advanced and relevant to industry work." - "Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring the devs like me. I consider myself really fortunate to be learning from you." - "thanks a lot for this course, i'm interested to complete it. i'm very excited because it is clear and with the Arabic language" - "Alhamdulillah, this course is excellent, Ramy Hakam presented Symfony and its components in an inspiring way." - "I must say it's one of the best courses I've taken on the platform. The instructor, Ramy Hakam, is very knowledgeable about Symfony and has a clear and concise teaching style that makes the material easy to understand."



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