SwiftUI Animations iOS 15 - Animate anything with SwiftUI

A course with fun to build projects, from easy to Intermediate to advanced that look at many ways to animate in SwiftUI

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What you will learn

Students will be learn how to create stunning SwiftUI animations that they can incorporate into their apps right away


Updated for iOS 15! All downloadable projects are completely updated to the latest SwiftUI version!

SwiftUI Animations - This is a fun to code course with many projects geared toward various skill levels. Each project is marked "Easy", "Intermediate" or "Advanced". Simply start coding the projects according to your skill level, and gradually move into the higher levels when ready.

Create smooth and engaging animations with SwiftUI. This is a fun course with many projects for any skill level...ranging from easy, to Intermediate, to advanced, that explore and use various kinds of animation. All you need is a working knowledge of the Swift language, and you’ll be right at home here.

Using Apple's SwiftUI, you can create beautiful animations with much less code than ever before.

Learn the many techniques and ways of translating your ideas for animation and motion, into animations in your apps. Animations are what really set apps apart from the crowd, because they are interactive, and make the app come alive..and, they never fall to make us smile too :)

In this course we will be exploring the various ways we can use the power of SwiftUI to create and animate almost anything…SwiftUI is Apple’s new declarative framework, it’s fast, easy, and a-lot of fun to work with.

This course will show you how to animate all kinds of objects and values…Things like:

• Hue rotation, which are colors, we’ll animate Images.

• Shadows

• Opacity

• Frames

• Coordinates

• Degrees

• Gradients, backgrounds

• Paths, and more

• In here we’ll animate objects around different axis, and create a marching ants effect that we’ll use as a fan belt to drive gears.

• We’ll animate a weather graph with data, and we’ll combine animations together to create a more unique effect.

• We’re going to use the Shape protocol and paths so we can make a custom wave shape, and then animate that shape along different control points.

• We’ll use animatableData, a built in SwiftUI property that lets us animate data in all kinds of interesting ways.

• We’re going to use timers with some animations, these will start the animation after a specified time, and stop them as well.

• And we’ll add sound to make the project really interactive.

• And we’re going to use SpiteKit View to create animations with physics, things like collision, gravity, and velocity.

There are so many things that can be animated in SwiftUI…and when you add animation to your app, you make it come alive, and its much more engaging for the user.

So theres lots of fun to build projects in this course, to help spark the creative genius in you…

Let's start creating.

NOTE: This course assumes you have a working knowledge of the Swift Language


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Course Introduction

What is SwiftUI? - Declarative verse Imperative Programming

Declarative verse Imperative Programming



Text and Modifiers

Text and Modifiers part 1
Text and Modifiers part 2
Text and Modifiers part 3

TextField - State - and modifiers

TextField - State - and modifiers

Image and its modifiers

Image and modifiers part 1
Image and modifiers part 2

Project 1 - Circle of Friends - Animating circles

Introduction to project 1
Animating Circles Lectures

Project 2 - Record What? - Record Player

Introduction to project 2
Part 1 - Add the Record box - Record - Arm
Part 2 - Add the play button - Sound

Project 3 - You Hue - Hue rotation example 1

Introduction to project 3
Hue rotation example 1

Project 4 - Calma y Relájate- Breathing Flower

Introduction to project 4
Part 1 - Adding the labels and breath
Part 2 - Adding the petals - making the flower breath

Project 5 - Patriotic Bird - Flying Eagle

Introduction to project 5
Flying Eagle

Project 6 - Dodgeball Anyone? - SpriteKit Fountain (iOS 14)

Project 6 Introduction
SpriteKit Fountain

Project 7 - Hue are so colorful - Hue Rotation example 2

Project 7 Introduction
Hue Rotation example 2

Project 8 - Fly me to the moon - Present and dismiss transition

Project 8 Introduction
Part 1 - Build the Settings View
Part 2 - Create the Present and Dismiss transformation functionality
Part 3 - Presenting and dismissing the transition

Project 9 - Parallax this! - Parallax Effect

Project 9 Introduction
Parallax Effect

Project 10 - Going up? - Elevator

Project 10 Introduction
Part 1 - Setting up - Create the frame and doors
Part 2 - Creating the button and floor numbers
Part 3 - Adding the timing functions - Sound

Project 11 - Girl on a Swing

Project 11 Introduction

Project 12 - Starry Night - Twinkling Stars

Project 12 Introduction

Project 13 - Weather UI

Project 13 Introduction

Project 14 - Gears and Belts

Project 14 Introduction

Project 15 - Ahoy mate - Waves

Project 15 Introduction


June 12, 2021
This course is the basic of SwiftUI Animations, definitely for beginners, very easy to follow and exercised. But with SwiftUI3 maybe the contents would be updated, I just finished this course a few days before the announcement of SwiftUI3, I'm sure the course's great teacher Mr.Stephen de Stefano will take care of the updates soon. So thank you.
May 16, 2021
This was a great introduction to SwiftUI animation! I am looking forward to bringing my Objective C SpriteKit code over to SwiftUI!!
February 18, 2021
This course is really awesome if you're really looking to gain some knowledge in animations. Steve is an awesome instructor when it comes to breaking down the concepts so it will be easy to follow along. But I should say having prior basic swift knowledge would help you.
February 9, 2021
It's ok, but I was waiting for something way more complex. The only lecture that I had actually found interesting was 'Fly', because it touched lower level objects, it did not limit to animate stacks only. By the way, the front end design looks amateur.
January 15, 2021
I have three of this instructor's Udemy courses. His course content is always relevant and Mr. DeStefano's lectures are very clear. His courses are a great way to learn SwiftUI.
January 3, 2021
Good match. Author using a different SwiftUI style in this course than in other books or videos about SwiftUI.
November 30, 2020
It’s second to none when it comes to the animation proper: it’s just that I personally am more interested in Metal, ML style transfer, and suchlike so, I can’t help but wish it included examples along those likes
November 24, 2020
SwiftUI is great, however animations can be a little tricky to get right - but Stephen explains how to make amazing animations with clear examples that you can use immediately. I've already improved the animations in my existing apps from the teachings in the course. I can't wait to add more sizzle to my apps! Oh, and if you're new to SwiftUI, check out Stephen's other course, "SwiftUI - The Complete Developer Course - and SwiftUI Bible", it is the definitive SwiftUI course!



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