SwiftUI - The Complete iOS 15 Developers Resource Bible

The Complete SwiftUI Framework, Explained! - From the Blockbuster Best Seller "SwiftUI For Masterminds" by JD Gauchat

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Aug 2022
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What you will learn

Students will be learn how to work with the SwiftUI Framework and get all the code they need to build insanely cool apps


This course has been written and recorded with the latest iOS 15 release!

Welcome to "SwiftUI - The Complete iOS 15 Developers Resource Bible, the definitive guide to to learning everything SwiftUI.

This is a SwiftUI Reference Course / Cookbook  / and Set of Documentation, for everything SwiftUI. There are hundreds of downloadable examples / video instruction / and projects here so you can get the code you need and add it directly into your projects / create your own SwiftUI docs, or add this to your own existing SwiftUI docs.

My name is Steve DeStefano, i am a SwiftUI developer, and working together with the brilliant programmer J.D. Gauchat, I have turned his best selling book "SwiftUI for Masterminds" into this complete developers resource course.

If you’re not familiar with SwiftUI, it’s a new way to program that uses a declarative approach, which lets us build incredibly cool apps, using about 5 times less code than previous programming paradigms. Gone here are the familiar story boards, as well as auto layout, which was at times very frustrating to work with… this has all been replaced with intuitive new design tools within Xcode that make building interfaces with SwiftUI as easy as dragging and dropping.

SwiftUI includes all of Apple's platforms… so build the app once, and deploy it on the other platforms very easily.

And this course is different than other courses, in that we don’t just scratch the surface, or build a few simple apps… in here, I give you the SwiftUI framework, explained.

All the instruction, all the downloadable examples, and all the tools that you need to build your own insanely cool apps, without any wasted time or chatter. I am strictly on point reading from the book, typing the code, and explaining to you how it works. I use labels and other callouts to help draw your attention to the flow of the code.

You get the step by step instruction for each technology in the SwiftUI framework, and see how to use the different views, initializers, methods, and modifiers that are available for each of those technologies.

Also included in the course is the corresponding code file for every lecture, so you can download it and use in your apps right away, all built with the latest release, and tested to run perfectly. This is a huge library of code, hundreds of examples highlighting the SwiftUI Framework, neatly categorized for easy look up and reference, so you have everything you need to create your own stunning apps to submit to the App Store.

No more fumbling through Apple's convoluted docs for hours trying to find the code you need, or wasting time looking on Stack Overflow, your getting all the instruction and code you need…you just need the idea for the app, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re new to Swift, no problem, there is a language section in the beginning of the course that will walk you through the Swift Language and get you up to speed, fast.

If you’re an experienced programmer, this course will be your go to resource, because it is a huge data base of instruction and downloadable code thats perfect to add to your own set SwiftUI docs…its similar to a cookbook of code but with very detailed instruction.

Here are some of the topics covered:

App Development • Swift Language (complete language) • Protocols • Frameworks • User Interface • View Protocol • Opaque Types • Text • Modifiers • Color View • Image View • Event Modifiers • Custom Modifiers • Layout • Safe Area • Priorities • Alignment Guides • Groups •  Custom Views • Previews • Preview Modifiers • Environment • Property Wrappers • @State • @Binding • @Environment • Model • Observable • @EnvironmentObject • View Model • Combine Framework • Publishers • Subscribers • Transforming values • Operators • Subjects • Controls Button View • TextField View • SecureField View • Toggle View • Slider View • Stepper View • Navigation View • NavigationLink View • TabView View • Sheets • Popovers • Alert Views • Action Sheets • Split Views • Custom Navigation • Size Classes • Orientation • GeometryReader View• Preferences • Mac Catalyst • Conditional Code • Menu • Multiple Windows Support • Lists • ForEach View • ScrollView  • List View • Sections Edition Mode • Custom Buttons • Search • Picker View • DatePicker View • Forms • Shapes • Gradients • Images • Paths • Custom Shapes Transformations • Animations • Hit Testing • Transitions • Gesture • Notification Center • System Notifications • User Notifications • Provisional Notifications • User Defaults • File Manager • URLS and Paths • Files and Directories • Bundle • Archiving • Encoding and Decoding • JSON • Core Data • Core Data Model • Core Data Stack • Sort Descriptors • iCloud • Testing Devices • Key Value Storage • UIKit Integration • Web  • Safari View Controller • MapKit • Camera • Photo Library • Custom Camera • AviKit FrameWork • Custom Video Player • Collection View • Apple Developer Program • Publishing to the App Store • Certificates, Provisioning Profiles, Identifiers • App Store Connect • Swift Language .•  And much more.

So come code along with JD and myself, working with an incredibly cool and insane set of design tools, and learn everything you need to know about the SwiftUI Framework, and how to implement and leverage all of its great new technologies.

This course has been written and recorded with the latest iOS 15 release!


SwiftUI - The Complete iOS 15 Developers Resource Bible - Screenshot_01SwiftUI - The Complete iOS 15 Developers Resource Bible - Screenshot_02SwiftUI - The Complete iOS 15 Developers Resource Bible - Screenshot_03SwiftUI - The Complete iOS 15 Developers Resource Bible - Screenshot_04



Intro - How to use this course - Create your own SwiftUI Docs

Chapter 1 - App Development

App Development

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Swift

Introduction to Swift

Chapter 3 - Programming Paradigms

Programming Paradigms

Chapter 4 - Introduction to Frameworks

Introduction to Frameworks

Chapter 5 - Xcode


Chapter 6: SwiftUI Framework

User Interface: part 1 - View Protocol
User Interface: part 2 - Opaque Types
User Interface: part 3 - Text Views
User Interface: part 4 - Modifiers
User Interface: part 5 - Color View
User Interface: part 6 - Image View
User Interface: part 7 - Event Modifiers
User Interface: part 8 - Custom Modifiers
Layout: part 1 - Stacks
Layout: part 2 - Spacer
Layout: part 3 - Safe Area
Layout: part 4 - Priorities
Layout: part 5 - Alignment Guides
Layout: part 6 - Groups
Previews: part 1 - Preview Modifiers
Previews: part 2 - Environment

Chapter 7: Declarative User Interface

States: part 1 - Property Wrappers
States: part 2 - @State
States: part 3 - @Binding
States: part 4 - @Environment
Model: part 1 - ObservableObject
Model: part 2 - @Environment
View Model: part 1 - View Model
Combine Framework: part 1 - Combine Framework
Combine Framework: part 2 - Publishers
Combine Framework: part 3 - Subscribers
Combine Framework: part 4 - Transforming Values
Combine Framework: part 5 - Operators
Combine Framework: part 6 - Subjects
Combine Framework: part 7 - Combine and SwiftUI

Chapter 8 - Control Views

Controls: Part 1 - Button View
Controls: Part 2 - TextField View
Controls: Part 3 - SecureField View
Controls: Part 4 - Toggle View
Controls: Part 5 - Slider View
Controls: Part 6 - Stepper View

Chapter 9 - Navigation

Multiple Views: Part 1 - Multiple Views
Multiple Views: Part 2 - NavigationLink View
Multiple Views: Part 3 - TabView View
Modal Views: Part 1 - Sheets
Modal Views: Part 2- Popovers
Modal Views: Part 3 - Alert Views
Modal Views: Part 4 - Action Sheets
Split Views: Part 1 - Split Views
Split Views: Part 2 - Custom Navigation
Orientation: Part 1 - Orientation - Size Classes
Orientation: Part 2 - Interface Orientation
Orientation: Part 3 - GeometryReader View
Orientation: Part 4 - Preferences
Mac Catalyst: Part 1 - Mac Catalyst - IPad Apps on the Mac - Conditional Code
Mac Catalyst: Part 2 - Menu
Mac Catalyst: Part 3 - Multiple Windows Support

Chapter 10 - Lists

Lists of Views: Part 1 - ForEach
List of Views: Part 2 - ScrollView View
List View: Part 1 - List View
List View: Part 2 - Sections
List View: Part 3 - Edition Mode
List View: Part 4 - Custom Buttons
List View: Part 5 - Search
List View: Part 6 - Navigation
Pickers: Part 1 - Picker View
Pickers: Part 2 - DatePicker View
Forms: Part 1 - Forms

Chapter 11 - Graphics and Animations

Shapes: Part 1 - Common Shapes
Shapes: Part 2 - Gradients
Shapes: Part 3 - Images
Paths: Part 1 - Path View
Paths: Part 2 - Custom Shapes
Transformations: Part 1 - Transformations
Animations: Part 1 - Animations
Animations: Part 2 - Transitions

Chapter 12 - Gestures Recognizers

Part 1 - Gesture Modifiers
Part 2 - Hit Testing
Part 3 - Gestures Structures
Part 4 - Tap Gesture
Part 5 - Long Press Gesture
Part 6 - Drag Gesture
Part 7 - Magnification Gesture
Part 8 - Rotation Gesture
Part 9 - Composing Gestures

Chapter 13 - Notifications

Notification Center: Part 1 - Notification Center
Notification Center: Part 2 - System Notifications
User Notifications: Part 1 - User Notifications Framework
User Notifications: Part 2 - Notification Groups
User Notifications: Part 3 - Provisional Notifications
User Notifications: Part 4 - User Notifications Delegate

Chapter 14 - Storage

User Preferences: User Defaults
Files: Part 1 - File Manager - URLs and Paths
Files: Part 2 - Files and Directories
Files: Part 3 - Files Attributes
Files: Part 4 - Files Content
Files: Part 5 - Bundle
Archiving: Part 1 - Encoding and decoding
Archiving: Part 2 - JSON
Core Data: Part 1 - Data Model
Core Data: Part 2 - Core Data Stack
Core Data: Part 3 - Fetch Request
Core Data: Part 4 - Sort Descriptors
Core Data: Part 5 - Predicates
Core Data: Part 6 - Delete Objects
Core Data: Part 7 - Modify Objects
Core Data: Part 8 - Custom Fetch Requests
Core Data: Part 9 - Sections

Chapter 15 - iCloud - Data in the Cloud

Enabling iCloud - Testing devices
Key-Value Storage
iCloud Documents: Part 1 - iCloud Documents
iCloud Documents: Part 2 - Metadata Query
iCloud Documents: Part 3 - Single Document
iCloud Documents: Part 4 - Multiple Document
CloudKit: CloudKit - Part 1 - Container
CloudKit: Part 2 - Records - Zones - Query - Operations
CloudKit: Part 3 - Batch operations - References - CloudKit Dashboard
CloudKit: Part 4 - Implementing CloudKit
CloudKit: Part 5 - Assets
CloudKit: Part 6 - Subscriptions
CloudKit: Part 7 - Errors
CloudKit: CloudKit and Core Data

Chapter 16 - Framework Integration

Integration with UIKit
TextView: Part 1 - Text View - Text View in SwiftUI
TextView: Part 2 - Updating the View
TextView: Part 3 - Coordinator
TextView: Part 4 - Selection
TextView: Part 5 - Attributed Text
TextView: Part 6 - Keyboard
Web: Part 1 - Web - Links
Web: Part 2 - Safari View Controller
Web: Part 3 - WebKit Framework
Web: Part 4 - Web Content
MapKit: Part 1 - Configuring the map
MapKit: Part 2 - Annotations
MapKit: Part 3 - User Location
MapKit: Part 4 - Search
MapKit: Part 5 - Directions
Media: Part 1 - Camera
Media: Part 2 - Photo Library
Media: Part 3 - Modifying Pictures
Media: Part 4 - Custom Camera
Media: Part 5 - AVKit Framework
Media: Part 6 - Custom Video Player
Collection Views: Part 1 - Collection View
Collection Views: Part 2 - Collection View Cells
Collection Views: Part 3 - Index Paths and Identifiers
Collection Views: Part 4 - Flow Layout
Collection Views: Part 5 - Collection View Delegate
Collection Views: Part 6 - Data Source
Collection Views: Part 7 - Implementing Collection Views
Collection Views: Part 8 - Scroll Direction
Collection Views: Part 9 - Adding Items
Collection Views: Part 10 - Selection
Collection Views: Part 11 - Supplementary Views
Collection Views: Part 12 - Constraints
Collection Views: Part 13 - Custom Layout
Collection Views: Part 14 - Collection Views and Core Data

Chapter 17 - App Store

App Store


June 30, 2022
This course taught me to do some research before buying on Udemy. This is not a course at all but instead a guy reading a book about the subject. The examples shown are dated and there really is no instruction given. My bad for not reading things and realizing what I was buying, my fault. But if this review helps one person save their hard earned money when looking for a instructional course then I hope it was worth it for me to lose my cash.
June 22, 2022
I didn't understand the content clearly I think you may need to share with us when you writing the code and explain everything step by step
May 16, 2022
He explains already written code instead of writing it and explaining everything step by step while doing it which would be easier to follow and more fun to learn. I don't recommend this course
October 20, 2021
Good information... a little boring but good way of teaching... so far it feels like an audio book with captions on a screen
September 17, 2021
Source code for each subtopic under a topic is maintained as separate projects which is creating difficulty when learning
September 13, 2021
i really think this an amazing work, but unfortunately is a waste of time, is to much outdated, every time the author modified something on the scenedelegate or appdelagete is going to be a nightmare try to put all the code together and have no errors on xcode 12 or newer. I do really think you should rerecord all the exercises again, and if you do that I would buy it in a second, anyway I do not feel that I have waste my money on this course, since I learned something from time to time.
July 4, 2021
Be careful! This course isn't about Swift UI 2.0. All the examples are recorded with Swift UI 1.0, so there are files and techniques that are not used anymore (delegates, etc.). The author added just a mini video showing Swift UI 2.0, simply to explain that all the course seems different if you have the new system. Don't buy it, if you start now!
June 3, 2021
I am trying to follow as a beginner but I cannot understand what her is talking about yet. I will give it some more time. He has started to high up.
June 1, 2021
This is one of the greatest detailed source about SwiftUI, it is about subjects that can be very boring but very very necessary at the same time, before thinking about the "big projects". This is the "ABC" of the Apple programming language and Mr. de Stefano is great as usual, with short but effective examples, clean screens to take snapshots and downloadable source codes... Really it is a programmer's bible, (even for a beginner like me)... Thanks for the extra effort to explain all of these, Mr.de Stefano. I'm sure I will rewatch this course from time to time, for the things that I will forget and, thanks to you, I can afford to forget. As long as I know where to find them... :)
May 30, 2021
The guy just sits there and reads the book. This is unusable, printed text is not suitable for listening.
April 27, 2021
This was an excellent course. This was the first course I found that showed you how things worked rather than just telling you to type in the following code.
April 24, 2021
I can see that content is very useful & helpful with a lot of details Thanks for the great presentation
March 31, 2021
Video has 720px, Something the author provided an old version of information which requires extra researches
March 30, 2021
This is very good! I like so much! This will give you the necessary to code! Also, gives you the details on how things works! Very happy with the course!
March 26, 2021
This course does an excellent job with foundational concepts. The instructors gives practical examples! While projects are fun, they are useless if you do not understand the underlining concepts. Well worth the time.



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