SwiftUI And MVVM. Adding MVVM into a sample project.

Created by iOSBFree. Quickly inject MVVM into a SwiftUI sample project. This is a simple architecture course.

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SwiftUI And MVVM. Adding MVVM into a sample project.
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Feb 2022
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What you will learn

Inject MVVM into a sample project using SwiftUI

Refactor using layered architecture

Inspect for memory management issues

Code review a test project for architectural issues & layered architecture

How to evaluate a project

Where to put your navigation using SwiftUI

How to remove UI from your data layers

Some tips on fundamental iOS architecture


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In This Course

1. This course is free. I hope that it helps to continue the discussions on architecture with the new realise of SwiftUI, which is using a new type of programming paradigm (known as Reactive Programming). We discuss MVVM and architectural design principles such as layered architecture.

2. We introduce the MVVM architectural design pattern into a sample project using a really simple approach that only takes a few minutes.

3. We focus on what's known as having a layered architecture. A layered architecture is when you separate the responsibilities into layers that sit on top of each other. As an example, we could have an application with 3 layers. Layer 1 (the lowest layer) could be the networking layer, layer 2 would sit on top consisting of our business logic and ViewModels and finally layer 3 (the top layer) would only display UI and is known as the presentation layer. The layers communicate with each other but the information passes between layers and so Layer 1 would not communicate to Layer 3 directly without passing the communication to Layer 2.

The alternative to a layered architecture is known as 'spaghetti code', which you may be familiar with. Spaghetti code doesn't have much of a structure and individual classes seem to talk to each other on an individual to individual basis. Also, each file type isn't reduced to having just one Single Responsibility (my advice: don't write a class that does more than one thing!). With spaghetti code, the classes and structs tend to do a lot of things.

Tip: Avoid writing spaghetti code because it is untidy, harder to read, lacks structure and ultimately makes it more difficult (and more expensive) to maintain.

Learning Objectives

• Quickly add MVVM to an existing project
• Understand the architecture of the MVVM design pattern
• To evaluate someone else's project, code and code-structure

Sample Code

Sample Code Is Always Included and attached to each video. You can download the same project used in each episode of the course.

What Is SwiftUI?

SwiftUI is a newly released UI Framework introduced to iOS. It aims to solve a lot of problems with apps, such as running on all platforms, reducing bugs, improving stability and bringing more developers to iOS - because it's EASIER to write apps!

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Introducing MVVM into SwiftUI

Memory Management

Memory management for Classes (i.e. reference types)

Navigation Ownership

Who creates the NavigationView?

Layered Architecture

Remove UI From AlertData
Remove UI From Landmark Data

Evaluating Project Architecture

How to examine for breaking architectural layers (short version)
(long version) How to examine for breaking architectural layers
Inspecting the Networking layer for its layered architecture



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