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SwiftUI & iOS 15 App Development - Build Instagram & TikTok

From Beginner to iOS App Developer through project-based learning - Firebase, MVVM, AVFoundation, APIs, Authentication

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Develop iOS 15 iPhone and iPad apps with industry-standard practices

Learn Swift 5.4 programming language - Essential iOS Development Skill

Learn how to develop Instagram and TikTok

Create Full-stack apps with Firebase Firestore and Storage

Learn how to fetch data from Web APIs in JSON using Alamofire

Create custom user interfaces with SwiftUI 2 framework

Master Apple's latest UI Framework - SwiftUI App Development

Start your own app based business

Highest standards of app development - MVVM Architecture

Learn how to implement Swift Package manager in your work

Learn how to integrate various iOS 15 frameworks such as AVFoundation

Create a portfolio of apps to apply for junior developer jobs at a technology company


Welcome to the SwiftUI & iOS App Development 2021 course!

Everyone has a million dollars app idea but very few the take next step and get rewarded. Luckily, making awesome IOS apps is easier than ever before with SwiftUI and you have this course that will teach you the industry standards of developing an app.

In this course, we follow a project-based learning approach because it is by far the most efficient way of learning programming. The exposure to the world of app development that you will get through this course is going to make you feel confident.

In the course, each project will unlock another crucial technical knowledge, such as:

  • Car Dealer - SwiftUI Images, Shapes, Buttons, Stacks, Classes, and Structs

  • Food Ordering App - Custom ScrollView, ForEach, Opacity, NavigationView

  • Tic Tac Toe - Game Logic, Loops, Functions, Alerts, 3D and 2D Animations

  • Tik Tok - Video with AVFoundation & AVKit, UIKit Integration

  • CryptoPrices - API Calls, Alamofire, JSON Decoding, and Assets

  • Instagram - MVVM, Firebase, Authentication, Realtime Chat, and Firestore

From Beginner to iOS 14 App Developer with Just One Course

SwiftUI is the future of iOS development. With an ever-growing trend for iOS developers, there has never been a better time to get a developer job. Companies around the world are desperate to supply the demand for developers as every day more and more of them switch to SwiftUI. SwiftUI is new and the possibilities that come with it yet to be explored every day. In this environment, structuring your project in the most optimal way will differentiate your app from the rest of the market.

By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming in Swift 5.4 and be ready to make your own apps or start a freelancing job as an iOS developer.

Sign up today, and look forwards to:

  • 17+ hours of video content, everything you'll ever need to succeed as an iOS developer.

  • Source code to industry-standard quality apps like Instagram and TikTok

  • All the knowledge you need to start building any app you want

  • Lifetime access to the Q&A section for help & mentoring

The biggest mistake of self-taught developers is getting themselves into the course hell. Now is the time to say no to courses that teach superficial knowledge and boilerplate code. Unlike many shameful products in the industry, the SwiftUI & iOS App Development 2021 course will teach you the deep-level aspects of app development such as optimizing your code for faster runtime, using the MVVM architecture, and making the User Interface attractive and agile. Old school apps without a good design and lively animations do not take the attention of the average American anymore. Every 0.5 seconds of delay while loading a screen in your app can cost you thousands of customers. In this course, you will learn to optimize your app to avoid these costs and instead thrive as your app will be more attractive compared to that of a competitor.

So by the end of the course, you'll completely understand:

  • Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): The type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, structures, classes, and protocols.

  • Control Structures: Using If/­Else clauses, Switch statements, and logic to control the flow of execution.

  • Data Structures: How to work with collections, such as arrays and dictionaries.

  • Software Design: How to organize and format code for readability and how to implement the Model - ­View­ - View Model (MVVM) design architecture.

  • Networking: How to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the cloud, and use the JSON format for server communication using Alamofire.


SwiftUI & iOS 15 App Development - Build Instagram & TikTok
SwiftUI & iOS 15 App Development - Build Instagram & TikTok
SwiftUI & iOS 15 App Development - Build Instagram & TikTok
SwiftUI & iOS 15 App Development - Build Instagram & TikTok



Making IOS Apps are easier than ever before

Your First SwiftUI App

Hello, SwiftUI

SwiftUI Basics with Car Dealer App

Creating CarRow

Using Stacks

Passing Data into CarRow

Car Object

Creating CarList

How to Handle Data with SwiftUI


ObservedObject vs. EnvironmentObjects vs. StateObjects

@Binding and NavigationLinks

Identifiable and Decodable Protocols

Real Projects: Food Ordering App

Food Ordering App

Setting Up the Project

Creating FoodItem

Creating the Data Service

Creating FoodRow with ScrollView


Creating FoodDetail

Creating Order Button

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe - Intro

Tic Tac Toe #1 - User Interface

Tic Tac Toe #2 - Game Play

Tic Tac Toe #3 - Game Logic

Tic Tac Toe #4 - Game Over

How to Make TikTok

TikTok Intro

TikTok - Menus and Main User Interface

TikTok - Video Model

TikTok - Playing the Videos with AVPlayer

TikTok - PlayerScrollView with UIScrollView

TikTok - Class Coordinator

TikTok - Playing the Current Video

TikTok - Replay Button and Finishing Touches

Crypto Currency Exchange App - JSON and API

CryptoPrices #1 - CoinMarketCap API

CryptoPrices #2 - What is an API

CryptoPrices #3 - Alamofire and HTTP Request

CryptoPrices #4 - Coin Model

CryptoPrices #5 - Populating the Model

CryptoPrices #6 - User Interface and Git

Instagram Clone

Instagram - Intro

Instagram #1 - File Structure and Libraries

Instagram #2 - TabView

Instagram #3 - FeedCell

Instagram #4 - FeedView

Instagram #5 - PostGridView

Instagram #6 - SearchBar

Instagram #7 - SearchView

Instagram #8 - NotificationsView

Instagram #9 - ImagePicker

Instagram #10 - UploadPost

Instagram #11 - TextArea

Instagram #12 - ProfileHeaderView

Instagram #13 - CustomTextField

Instagram #14 - RegisterView

Instagram #15 - SignInView

Instagram #16 - ForgotPassword

Instagram #17 - Firebase Integration

Instagram #18 - AuthViewModel Register

Instagram #19 - Usage of a Static Instance & Register Done

Instagram #20 - AuthViewModel Login

Instagram #21 - MainView & TabView

Instagram #22 - User Model

Instagram #23 - LogOut

Instagram #24 - FetchUser

Instagram #25 - ProfileHeaderView Image

Instagram #26 - Profile Image Upload to Storage

Instagram #27 - Profile Image Firestore Reference

Instagram #28 - Profile Image Bug Fix

Instagram #29 - ProfileEditButton

Instagram #30 - UploadPostViewModel

Instagram #31 - ImageUploader

Instagram #32 - ImageUploader Types

Instagram #33 - FeedView

Instagram #34 - SearchView User List & Filter

Instagram #35 - GridViewModel

Instagram #36 - GridViewModel Configuration

Instagram #37 - ProfileNavigation

Instagram #38 - LikeButton

Instagram #39 - CheckLike

Instagram #40 - Timestamp

Instagram #41 - ProfileImage Bug Fix

Instagram #42 - Follow Function

Instagram #43 - Follow and Unfollow

Instagram #44 - Follow and Unfollow User Interface

Instagram #45 - CheckFollow

Instagram #46 - UserStats

Instagram #47 - SendNotifications

Instagram #48 - FetchNotifications

Instagram #49 - NotificationCell

Instagram #50 - FeedCellViewModel

Instagram #51 - FetchNotificationUser

Instagram #52- FollowBack Notifications

Instagram #53 - NotificationsFetchPost

Instagram #54 - FeedCell Bug Fixes

Instagram #55 - CommentCellView

Instagram #56 - CommentInputView

Instagram #57 - Uploading Comments

Instagram #58 - FetchComments

Instagram #59 - LazyView

Instagram #60 - MessageInputView

Instagram #61 - MessageViewModel

Instagram #62 - FetchMessages

Instagram #63 - MessageBubbleShape

Instagram #64 - MessageRowView

Instagram #65 - MessageScrolltoBottom

Instagram #66 - EditProfileView and Bio

BONUS - Swift 5 Basics

The Basics

Bools and If Else


Basic Operators

Strings, Arrays, and for in Loops


Switch and Functions

Displaying FoodDetail with NavigationLink

Further Functions


Matt9 June 2021

Fabulous. He teaches every aspect of SwiftUI into the very details. Unlike other courses, he doesn't just teach you how to make an ugly CRUD app. He is teaching you how to make a professional app with professional architectures and programming paradigms. Highly recommended if you are a beginner or a UIKit developer like me.

Ege11 May 2021

Hi Cem, this is definitely a great job and great course as result!! You are big in that. My learning process was extremely enjoyable in which I found many interesting features and studied many useful tricks and how important I understood the logic of basic SwiftUi components.

Ahmet11 May 2021

The course is overall great! It learns how to code with SwiftUI with realistic examples instead of learning all the stuff before the action. The resources of the course enhances the apps to be absolutely beautiful! It would be great that the methods to create all the designs have been somewhat explained, although I know it is not the main focus of the course. Maybe the only caveat I've found is that the lessons are a little disordered, because first tutorials are a little more advanced than the latest. But other than that, a great course I highly recommend to improve your skills on SwiftUI!


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