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SwiftUI - Learn How to Build Beautiful, Robust, Apps

Create stunning user interfaces across all Apple platforms with Swift 5

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Dec 2019

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What you will learn

Create Amazing Interfaces with SwiftUI

Build Apps for All Apple Platforms

Create Reuseable Views

Leverage SwiftUI for Enhanced Accessibility

View Your Code Changes IMMEDIATELY with Preview

Bind Your Data With Your UI

Animate With Simplicity

Integreate SwiftUI Into Existing Projects


Apple has just announced the biggest thing since Swift, and it is aptly named, SwiftUI. Apple changed the game with the release of Swift 5 years ago. It has helped millions of developers create amazing apps with easy to learn yet powerful clean code. SwiftUI brings that same ideal to the visual side of apps.

SwiftUI helps developers by binding their User Interfaces with their data. When the data changes, so does the UI. When the UI changes, so does the data. SwiftUI is also incredibly reusable. Views you create can be reused time and time again.

SwiftUI is also baked into the new Xcode 11 and uses Previews to show you in REAL TIME how your code changes will effect the look of your app.

In this course we'll cover:

  • Your First SwiftUI App

  • Xcode Previews

  • Views Deep Dive

  • Data and SwiftUI

  • Accessibility

  • Drawing and Animation

  • SwiftUI for MacOS, WatchOS, and tvOS

  • SwiftUI In Existing Projects

Come join and learn the biggest developer tool released since Swift!


SwiftUI - Learn How to Build Beautiful, Robust, Apps
SwiftUI - Learn How to Build Beautiful, Robust, Apps
SwiftUI - Learn How to Build Beautiful, Robust, Apps
SwiftUI - Learn How to Build Beautiful, Robust, Apps



What You Need

Your First SwiftUI App

New Xcode Project




Reusable Views



Passing Data

Source Code

Xcode Previews

Testing Different Device and Text Sizes

App Fixes

Preview Pro Tips

Source Code

Views Deep Dive

View Basics





Subviews and Refactoring

Source Code

Data and SwiftUI

Data Setup






Source Code



Source Code

Drawing and Animation


Drawing Lines

Shapes and Gradients

Drawing Challenge



Source Code

SwiftUI for MacOS, WatchOS, and TvOS

MacOS - tvOS - WatchOS

Source Code

SwiftUI In Existing Projects

SwiftUI In Existing Projects

Source Code


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Tomer28 July 2020

Awsome course great instructor. A few more examples and videos would have gotten you the 5-star rating.

Recep16 July 2020

The course is good but SwiftUI is not a new thing anymore. This course should be update at least for the beta faiures of the SwiftUI.

Charles11 July 2020

Nice high level. Learning some interesting tricks. But I had done quite advanced SwiftUI before watching this course. Still, I like it as a refresher.

Bob2 June 2020

Very basic introductory course that will show you how to build some toy apps while learning about SwiftUI.

Clemens15 April 2020

I habe a background in R and Python programming (mostly data related) and I have also taken Nicks course on the Swift basics, which I liked a lot. Nick is very good at explaining quite complicated things in an easy manner. His detailed tips on code are practical and useful. I got my neck around important parts of user interaction with the interface and the general design of an iOS/MacOS program. He always answers questions which I like. If I could make a wish, I would like to have a chapter about core data, because a final app needs to store user data.

Syed21 January 2020

Wow Nick!! A great introduction to the SwiftUI. Your way of explaining things is quite simple and amazing. Really enjoyed and learned as well :) Thanks

Wilfred10 December 2019

Nick is a very smart developer, who knows everything about how to make IOS application design and development. There was a lot of material to cover in this course, so Nick only touched on everything. The SwiftUI development features are very interesting, and for me to head off in that direction with my own development would be somewhat premature without further modelling of the techniques. As my old math prof used to say, repetition is where learning really sticks. I was a little disappointed in Section 5 (which I believe is the flagship chapter in this course) since the final steps had difficulty in delivering, because of an Apple support issue with what seems to be building a Navigation Link within a Navigation Link ( I think I got that right). Thanks Nick, the course offered good insight into what can be achieved using SwiftUI, but much more practice is needed if one is committed to move in that development direction, in my opinion.

Scott26 November 2019

Honestly, this course is not at all bad. I tried one other SwiftUI course here on Udemy and quickly returned it because the instructor's teaching style was aggravating. I really enjoyed this instructor's enthusiasm for SwiftUI and what it could be. I say "could be" because SwiftUI in its current state is a disgraceful, buggy mess. From what I can tell, it is still in beta. It shows. I understand wanting to be the first to market with a course for the newest and greatest development tools but I spent more time trying to overcome quirks in the IDE and code than I did actually learning something useful. Perhaps this course was a bit rushed and could have waited until the development tools were in a better state? It became so frustrating that I finally decided to give up and revisit it when SwiftUI is more stable or at least out of beta. After my experiences trying to learn this, I would never write a production app using SwiftUI in the state that it is currently in. I do look forward to SwiftUI being a tool that can be used to simplify UI development and I hope that Apple gets it there. In the meantime, Flutter is a much better declarative development tool for building iOS apps.

Brad26 November 2019

Great course. Nick's explanations are super clear and his pacing is just right. Taking the course leaves me excited to start working on my own code.

B.T.21 November 2019

Excellent content, and I really enjoyed Nick's teaching style. I wish every Udemy instructor would approach teaching like this!

Daniel12 November 2019

Nick is a great instructor! I ran into some trouble on a project and he personally walked me through it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone getting into iOS development !

Aaron28 October 2019

Needs to be updated! Apple made several changes in the later betas/production release especially with the link buttons and binding.

Andy25 October 2019

Only piece of feedback is to keep things up to date as xcode updates deployed - NavigationLink has replaced NavigationButton, and I had to apply a height to my PlayerRow, as opposed to on the preview of it

Michel27 September 2019

This course is all t-bone, no salad. If you want to learn fast without verbal diarrhea, this guy’s the guy! Love it!!

Douglas16 September 2019

He's a great instructor. This is one of many courses I've taken from Nick. In this specific course, the most valuable section is the part that combines SwiftUI with existing projects. Few other courses teach that or do it poorly.


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