Create Apps on Your iPad - Swift Playgrounds for Beginners

Learn Swift and SwiftUI to Create Amazing Apps That You Will Submit to the App Store. All on Your iPad!

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Dec 2021
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What you will learn

Make apps on your iPad

Submit an App to the App Store

Make apps using SwiftUI

Create a Sunrise/Sunset app

Create a Text Manipulation app


Apple has upgraded their Playgrounds iPad to now allow you to make apps! Using SwiftUI, Apple's new design framework, you can design and code apps all on your iPad. You can even submit your apps to the App Store using playgrounds so that you can share your app creations with the world.

In this course, I will take you from beginner to making several apps and even walk you through submitting your app to the App Store. We start the course first by helping you to develop a base in SwiftUI. SwiftUI makes it incredibly simple to design apps on the fly and see your tweaks and changes in real time! Once we have a good grasp on SwiftUI, we'll move on to making 2 apps.

The first app is Choppy Copy. A Text Modifier app that allows someone to quickly change the capitalization on text and copy it to the clipboard. We'll then create Sun Fun, an app that lets you find the sunrise and sunset times for any location in the world on any day! You'll learn how to work with Maps and Calendars/Dates with this app.

Finally, we'll take our Sun Fun course and submit it to the App Store.

Feel free to take a free preview of this course to see if it's a good fit for you. I am so confident that you will love my course. You have nothing to lose, so come join me and let's get started!


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Welcome and Setup


SwiftUI Basics

Playgrounds Tour
HStacks, VStacks, and ZStacks
2 - 5 Custom Views and Reusing Views

Choppy Copy App - Text Modifier

Controls ans State Properties
Visual Layouts
Text, Copy and Paste

Sunrise/Sunset App - Maps and Dates

Swift Packages
Maps and Calendars
Sunrise and Location API

Your App on the App Store

Submitting Your App


May 4, 2022
Too short and cursory. Feels more like a YouTube instructional video than a typical course on Udemy. For example, the lesson on submitting the app doesn't even discuss Test Flight as a step. There's not much you will get out of the course that you can't get by just simply playing with Playgrounds yourself. A bit disappointing.
February 25, 2022
Nice tiny course, but I was hoping for some more in depth insights about Swift UI. It stays very surface level, no concepts are really explained, things are mostly just shown but not explained
February 4, 2022
As always great course, good introduction to coding on iPad. Thanks a lot. I would recommend taking this course.
January 5, 2022
The instructor keeps you motivated and engaged in the course, but the course design is rather poor. It starts off really slow (for true beginners), and then on the second app project, Sun Fun, the instructor starts mentioning a bunch of terminology that wasn't even remotely covered, such as optionals and unwrapping, almost as an afterthought to himself, and not for the benefit of the audience. As a result, even though I was able to successfully copy the code into my iPad, I don't really understand most of what's happening in the programming logic, or how he fixed the bugs and warnings Playgrounds threw at him. The projects were rushed through and more class time & explanations would have been greatly appreciated. I don't think this course can serve as a foundation for people to start making simple apps.
December 30, 2021
I was going to leave a better rating but the damn browser would not let me go forward until I left a rating



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