Surviving Customer Service: Skill & Career Enhancement

The essential skills and mindset training you need to provide exceptional customer service and jumpstart your career.

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Apr 2017

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What you will learn

Find meaning in their work

Provide excellent customer service

Communicate clearly to solve problems

Navigate the complexities of working in an office


I have a few questions for you. Are you miserable at work every day? What are you getting out of your job? Have you seen promotion opportunities open for you? Do you have good relationships with coworkers? How often are you stressed out, even after you get home? Does feedback from your boss make you feel proud, or frustrated? I fully understand those frustrations, and, having been through all of them and more, I want to help. By sharing the principles I’ve learned in customer support roles, hopefully I can cut your learning curve and increase job satisfaction. 

This course roughly follows the book that I wrote with the same title: Surviving Customer Service. This course covers most of the same topics, more quickly. I wanted to share these customer service skills as quickly as possible and deliver the information in a comprehensive but digestible course.By implementing these ideas, all customer service representatives will understand how to provide exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out, I'm happy to hear from you! 


Surviving Customer Service: Skill & Career Enhancement
Surviving Customer Service: Skill & Career Enhancement
Surviving Customer Service: Skill & Career Enhancement
Surviving Customer Service: Skill & Career Enhancement


Understanding The Course


The Four Pillars


Why You Should Look For Growth

Intentional Learning

Failure & Risk

Proactive Problem Solving

You Make A Difference

Thinking About Sales

Daily Survival

Mindset Refresh

Communication - I Care & Understand

Show You Care

Understanding Needs

Reading Cues

Communication - Let's Get This Done

Know Your Medium

Focus On Solutions

Provide Options

Resolve Every Concern

Own The Conversation

Setting Realistic Expectations

Communication - The Difficult Ones

Dealing With Mistakes

Customers Think They’re Right

Dealing With Difficult Customers

Customer Economic Value

Communication Refresh


Knowledge Basics

Become The Person To Ask

Learn from Customers

Knowledge Refresh

Business - Resilience & Growth

Show Your Character

Getting Feedback

Capitalize On Opportunities

Business - Working With People

Build Relationships

Perception Matters

Teach Others

Business - Career Pathways

Make A Career Plan

Preparing for Promotions

Be Visible

I Don’t Want a Promotion

Understanding The Business

Business Refresh

Concluding Thoughts

BONUS: Concluding Thoughts


Alberto10 October 2018

For a beginner, a lot of this was new to me. It seem like a person would need like a basic communication skill and basic body language skill to tackle this course and understand it. Overall very helpful course for job search/job interview.

Shelby2 May 2018

I wish he gave more examples, he often used the same examples for different topics. Also, it was really more like him giving some simple advice that is great for both work and life in general. Always a good reminder to put your best efforts into whatever you do.

Gwen10 December 2017

It is interesting but not yet of value....After finishing the course it certainly gave me food for thought. Actually knowing most of what was said, it brings it into reality, that it is not just a job it is also a way of life.

Marian-Rhoda28 November 2017

The course was very insightful and it gave me a different perspective on how to enjoy my work and make the most out of every opportunity in the field of customer service. I have learnt a lot and I am applying everything in my daily activities. It has made me more confident in offering my services as a Customer Service Specialist.


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