Superb Pitching for Venture Capital or Angel Investment

The Proven System for High Impact Presentations to Investors: the Award Winning Method Used by Over 1200 Ventures

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

What makes for a superb pitch for funding

What Venture Capitalist and Business Angels seek in a pitch

How to handle tough questions from investors

The ten (or more) errors made in nearly all pitches

The 'Balanced Proof Point System' to be convincing every time you pitch

The perfect structure and tone for a pitch

How to begin a pitch for high impact immediately

How business valuation works and how to understand your own valuation easily

How close to 'investment readiness' you currently are


What you'll learn:

•      Master the simple structure and contents required in a cast iron pitch for funding

• Understand how close you are to successful money raising

• Learn simple yet little-known tricks to boost attractiveness to investors

• Accelerate your learning and gain a predictable path to a superb pitch, with evidence-backed methods

• Master The Balanced Proof Point System

• Grasp simple tools for handling investors’ toughest questions (even under intense stress)

• Understand the simple errors made by 90% of entrepreneurs and how to turn these pitfalls to your advantage

• Learn to think strategically about fundraising and getting the funds you need in record time


• Basic competence in English


Evidence-backed training for rapid fund raising from Business Angels or Venture Capitalists.

The Strong Pitching System ("SPS") is your evidence-based, fully-guaranteed and complete step-by-step system (as in step 1, step 2, step 3,…) to boost your chances of successful fund raising in record time…and without the sense of being overwhelmed.

We have been delivering trusted training since 1992...to over 17,000 learners like you.

Note: this e-course is the only one of it's type; building from your current position to confidently pitching within weeks.

You will become expert in the best of what most financial training fails to give you: a simple process by which to develop a bulletproof pitch, coupled with strong understanding of investors’ expectations. There is no ambiguity or confusion in how to progress.

Within hours you will have the pitching and planning skills you need to meet your funding goals. This course enables you to perform at your best when it matters most!

This online training is unique…and the #1 system in the World for pitching success and rapid fundraising.

You also get:

• Slides, references and handy links

• A Cheat Sheet & Resources

• Course Quiz

This course will transform your thinking. Of course, there's a GUARANTEE, so you've nothing to lose and RAPIDLY INCREASED ABILITIES to gain: this should make your decision to BUY an easy one.

Who this course is for:

• You are preparing to raise funding from either Business Angels or Venture Capitalists, or you advise and support such a venture

• You have attempted to raise money before, things didn’t work out, but the business has since developed and you want to go back to investors with a much stronger message

• You teach, coach or consult and need to understand evidence backed and pressure-tested methods to help your students/clients achieve success with their fundraising

• You want explore what investors expect from ventures when assessing their attractiveness for investment.

I look forward to seeing you soon within this training system!


Superb Pitching for Venture Capital or Angel Investment
Superb Pitching for Venture Capital or Angel Investment
Superb Pitching for Venture Capital or Angel Investment
Superb Pitching for Venture Capital or Angel Investment



Introduction: The Fascination of Pitching

How this Course Helps You

Seeing What's In a Strong Pitch

The Magic of Strategy

Your Unique Position in the Market

The Vital Importance of Your Management Team

Planning for Fast Financial Expansion

Mastering Your Pitch



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