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Success Series: The Power of Podcasting

Creating a podcast to share your knowledge, wisdom, talent, thinking and abilities with others to strengthen and empower


35 mins


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn how to share your passion on a topic by creating a podcast!


The intention behind sharing the ideas in this course is to help you get started on your amazing podcasting journey.

I have just started learning about the world of podcasting and as a member of your team I am sharing what I have learned so far. In this course we will take a journey together into how to start recording a podcast, editing it, adding in music, creating episodes and then sharing it so that people can find it and comment with you about your material.

I will be sharing my insights with you such as how you can use podcasting as a tool to showcase your talents, knowledge and abilities and also promote your skills and what you have to offer.

Most important though, is that podcasting is a way for you to serve and help others by contributing your knowledge, wisdom and insights to help improve their lives and share your words of kindness and encouragement so that they too can flourish.

My dad used to tell me as a kid that it is wise to learn from the mistakes of others and podcasting, is one way to learn from each others' experiences, insights, and mistakes as well as hear their stories and perspectives


Success Series: The Power of Podcasting
Success Series: The Power of Podcasting
Success Series: The Power of Podcasting
Success Series: The Power of Podcasting



Podcasting: Recording, Editing & Deciding on a topic

Podcasting: Exporting, Adding Music, Hosting Your Podcast

My Podcasting Process: Record, Edit, Mix, Publish & Share

Title, description, choosing a picture & interacting with your listeners

Consistency, Interviewing and Podcasting as a marketing tool

Bonus Lecture: Credits


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