Plan Your Success. Vision and Goal Setting Systems That Work

Stop wishing and start doing. Achieve the Life you dream of today!

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Discover your true path

Learn how to eliminate road blocks

Decide and implement a plan of success


There comes a point in your life, perhaps at age 30, or 40 or even 50 when you suddenly wake up in the morning and ask yourself “is this it?” 

You start to wonder if there is more to life than just the 9 to 5 routine, working the JOB, getting the paycheck and then starting it all over again each and every month for the next 20 years or more

This course has been developed in such a way to take you from where you are today, identifying what has brought you to this point and to emphasize your strengths and what you want in order to help you plan a more effective future - a future where you decide how you live life.

The course is delivered by two experienced instructors - Richard Butler an international life and business coach ...

Each module has a number of videos which will guide you thru the topic, supplemented by exercises and coaching tools specifically designed to help you

If you follow the course you will be more confident about your future!

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Plan Your Success. Vision and Goal Setting Systems That Work
Plan Your Success. Vision and Goal Setting Systems That Work
Plan Your Success. Vision and Goal Setting Systems That Work
Plan Your Success. Vision and Goal Setting Systems That Work




Know Thyself


Who are you?

Where are you?

Who do you want to be?

Where do you want to be?

Why is this happening now?

[Activity] Self reflection


What holds you back?


What holds you back?

The big lie

Looking behind the wizard's curtain

It’s a conditional thing

[Activity] Self Discovery


Goals and Planning


What’s a goal?

What’s a smart goal?

[Activity] Creating smart goals

What path do you take?

Beginning your journey

Changes in your path

Wrap Up


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Bonus Lecture - Imposter Syndrome

bonus lecture - free coaching discovery call


Luis21 September 2020

Great introduction, very thorough in asking who are we and where are we. Nice course. It blends really well with an emotional intelligence course that changed my life.

Heba14 August 2020

loved it. I loved how you started by breaking some perceived concepts before getting to the "setting goals" part. I also loved the "imposter syndrome" bonus lecture. I was going through it lately as I shifted my career. Although I am having a pretty good feedback so far, I had that feeling that I am not that good as my clients think I am because I didn't study what I am doing for 4 years at the school. so, your talk about imposter feeling really helped me to think again and trust myself. Many thanks, Richard.

Nitin8 July 2020

Thanks, Richard for such an amazing course on "Plan Your Success" and the techniques sound good to follow.

Christo11 June 2020

Excellent presentation and explanation and examplesspplied to illustrate the theory into practical steps. Well done.

Karan9 June 2020

This will give me a long-term vision and short-term motivation. It is really helpful in making a road plan to success at the job as well as in business.

Roger20 August 2019

This was a great course. Richard explained everything he talked about with authority and clarity. I will be taking his other courses.

Jacob6 July 2019

I noticed a knot in my feelings right away and started looking at it closer on the where I am right now. I see a huge road block that Ive never put into perspective until now.

Kelli21 June 2019

The content is excellent however I have been unable to access some of the resources and the video in Sec 4-19 is blurry, was chopped in the middle and has poor audio. Perhaps it should be re-recorded?

Alan10 May 2019

This has definitely motivated me to start making plans and goals for myself, and ensuring that I can actually do them!

Vinícius15 January 2019

Pensei que seria algo mais empacotado. Tópicos de alguém que não sabe muito bem o que está falando. Superou porquê ele tem propriedade e fala com sinceridade. Levei a sério.

Arpa15 January 2019

The key questions of Who I am? and Where am I? Have echoed in my mind too. So I'm holding on to discover more of it.

Marculine15 January 2019

This course is a very good match for me because it has helped me to make some personal reflections about myself. I can see how distant I am from where I want to be.

Lerona14 January 2019

The videos freeze from time to time,making it hard to sit and finish as you had planned. So in the end I decided to break it down to 3 or 4 session instead of 1 day I had intended initially

Neeltje13 January 2019

Prettige vertelstem, prettige, niet opdringerige manier van spreken. Zinnige deelonderwerpen, voor zover ik kan beoordelen.

Nichola7 May 2018

Yes, definitely! I actually put another course in my cart but when I wanted to pay for it , I could not find it. I then saw this course and it sounded more of what I was looking for. And I am delighted so far. I have been on a spiritual awakening( since last year) if you could call it that at the age of 52 as I have not been happy for a while stuck in a comfort zone.


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