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Forex Trading: The Complete Guide for Beginners

Learn from a successful international trader if you are having a difficult time finding a working trading system.

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Jun 2015

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What you will learn

Know the basics of trading and how option trading works

Learn why you should stay away from unregulated markets

Learn lots of powerful trading strategies

Keep risk at the lowest level with our money management system

Learn a powerful method on how to look at your money

Learn lots of information on the typical trading life-cycle

Learn why re-investing profits is important

Learn about trading patterns

Read charts, install and set up the meta trader, finding the right entry, etc...

Know which tools you need to get started (how to install & use them)

Analyze a real-time chart (with LIVE CASE STUDY)

Use basic indicators to analyze and read charts to get more insightful information before placing a trade

Discover my special custom indicator that will allow you to maximize profits

Set up a broker account and find the best ones in the marketplace

Do paper trading and information on when you should use it

Set up your personal money management system

Learn about safe trading, medium trading and "chess" management

My top tips on how many trades you should place per day

SET UP YOUR FIRST TRADE: In our live-trading session, you'll get a feeling for how to place an offer successfully!


This beginner-friendly, step-by-step course is designed for anyone (even seasoned, professional traders) having a difficult time finding a trading system that will actually make money consistently and easily.

You'll learn from a successful international trader, who will show you how to make a lot of money with minimal investment using binary options trading.

Ultimately, you'll be able to make as much as $340 by investing as little as $20 with the trading tips in this course.

Learn How to Make Successful Forex Trades and Generate Steady Profits

  • Understand How Options Trading Works
  • Read and Analyze Charts to Recognize Trading Patterns
  • Set Up a Trading Account and Money Management System

Master Trading Tools & Tactics to Make a Lot of Money with Minimal Investment

This course will not only show you how to trade, it will also teach you how to read charts accurately and start making money in your first 24 hours of trading.

You'll gain access to valuable software that will help you find great trading opportunities as they happen so you never miss a chance to make money fast.

You'll also gain access to weekly reports on news, tricks, and other ways to succeed with binary options, including how to identify and avoid scams.

Plus, in a live trading session, you'll make your very first trade while learning how to place an offer successfully.

Contents and Overview

Because this course is designed with beginners in mind, you'll start off by learning everything you need to know about trading options, including the trading lifecycle.

You'll then dive into how to accurately read trading charts, as well as how to use basic and custom indicators to analyze them. In this way, you'll gain more insight before you place a trade.

To ensure you always make the right trade and maximize your profits, you'll also master how to recognize trading patterns.

After setting up a trading account, you'll be ready to learn about paper trading, including when you should use it to make even more money.

To further minimize risk, you'll even cover how to manage your money successfully using a proven, easy-to-use system.

When ready, you'll move through a live trading session so you can apply what you learned to make your very first trade.

By the time you complete this course, you'll have access to a variety of tools to make trades, manage your money, and reinvest your profits to make even more cash.

In addition to knowing what trades to make, you'll also know how many trades to place every day, and you'll be ready to invest your money intelligently so you can minimize risk and maximize profits.


Forex Trading: The Complete Guide for Beginners
Forex Trading: The Complete Guide for Beginners
Forex Trading: The Complete Guide for Beginners
Forex Trading: The Complete Guide for Beginners


Singapore Signals

Welcome to Singapore Signals

Setting The Expectations

Tools You Need To Get Started

Trading Options 101

Chart Reading - Do it like Goldman Sachs

Patterns, Support and Resistance Lines

How To Use Basic Indicators

Custom Indicators: Profit Maximizers

Set Up Your Account

Introduction to Paper Trading

Money Management: Whys and Hows

CASE STUDY: Your First Successful Trade

Closing Words

Software Section

LIVE Demo: Our Special Trading Software

Additional Case Studies

My Profitable Trade - June 18th

My Profitable Trade #2 - June 18th


Matthew22 June 2020

The course has outdated resources. While the instructor has been fine, his accent leaves room for desire.

Bindin5 March 2020

Good introduction to forex but lacking information if there are any correlations in different assets. I feel lacking of describing why is author using those indicator together and their descriptions. Pure signals reading. I still like it.

Simeon1 March 2020

Very interesting system. I gave 4 stars because at the point of this review the software is not login in which i will contact the instructor . But will be a good system to learn and master. GOod course anyways

Felix15 January 2019

The instructor is making it easy to follow, but some course display are in german so it is making it a little bit hard to follow the steps he is showing. But overall I am satisfy and hopefully I am doing it right.

Vitolio30 April 2018

If you going to do an English course make sure everything is in English so I can navigate what I see on screen and I can relate it to my PC. If your indicator signals are free then it doesn't need to have a password. What it more interesting the first part of the course the indicators your custom make should be separate from the indicators that metatrader4 provide and we should be educated on that than messing around downloading your custom made the indicator.

Daniel13 November 2017

Really useful course after watching this I made 1100AUD on my first day trading very happy with this course explained everything perfectly although I did use youtube to get an understanding of curtain terminology, all together very good Thank You!

Lydia23 October 2017

As a newbie I appreciated the way Liam set out the course. The resources he offered were great for the future. His careful,careful approach for when we start out is grounding especially for the long haul. I am sure with time and experience along with his knowledge we can be confident to do well in this field.

Cary14 May 2016

Problems with logging on to the author's website to get course materials. Neither of the 2 traders he recommends are now available - One is now restricted from doing business in the US and the other rejected my demo login. So...What does the student do?

Jetton6 March 2016

Fantastic information from a very knowledgeable young man. I have been in Forex for a couple of years now and I think this training was very smart, easy to understand, and great for Forex Newbies and Old Timers alike.

Dan3 February 2016

This course blew me away with how easy and actionable it is -- follow through and you'll be successfully trading this strategy in a VERY short period of time. There's no excuse -- if you're interested in the subject matter, get it!

Sean5 January 2016

The best Forex trading training i have ever done. Liam explains everything and gives step by step now how you can start making money on the market! Highly recommend to any new comers or people who want to try something new!

Jon14 December 2015

The Perfect course to getting started in Forex trading. Liam is a great teacher, he makes learning how to get started in what can be a confusing venture, very clear and easy to follow. Cant recommend this course enough if your looking to get into Forex, all the videos and software included are easy to follow and use.

Josef12 December 2015

1. Video production quality is excellent! 2. Straight-to-the-point step-by-step videos show every step without over-talking along with live trading sessions that put into perspective the strategy itself so you can watch what the teacher does and simply earn profits. You can realistically earn a full-time income in as little as 30 minutes a day with this alone 3. I'm not the biggest fan of short-term binary option trades b/c of the lower payouts and increased risk, but this strategy is great for those with good discipline and whose trading style reflects short-term trading.

Hamish4 December 2015

I been interested in Forex trading and this course was ideal for me. A great teacher and wonderful supporting software to go with this course, makes it great value for money. AAA+++

Karl29 September 2015

Very Good Binary Option System Course! Liam is very transparent. Liam practice what he preach. This is very nice for a change. His signals are great to understand. I keep thinking to myself... this is too simple and easy. If you are a newbie trader this is a great system course for you. If you are an experience trader, you can add another method to your trading treasure chest for binary options. Liam, don't cover all the history of Binary options. You can google that information on your own. What he covers is a simple 60 to 90 sec binary option method. Oh by the way... this is my unbiased opinion about this course. I never meet or heard of Liam before. I am just like you. Looking for good information on trading binary options before I hand over my money to a stranger. I hope this review help you about this course.


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