Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass

Learn how to create AAA game assets in Substance Painter & Unreal Engine in this complete guide masterclass

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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

• Following through a complete guide on creating a stylized Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) wagon by a campfire scene

• Using Substance Painter and understand its interface and shortcuts, or skip that process and jump straight into Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) with a pre-textured styl

• Texturing a stylized asset using UDIM technology

• Adding custom decals as asset textures

• Learning all about the Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) basics and jump right into game design

• Design an Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) scene from a beginner level right up to techniques used by professionals around the world in many top game companies

• Using UE5 Niagara particle system to create fire simulations and animated fireflies

• Creating foliage with motion from scratch with supplied texture maps

• Mastering material creation for foliage, terrain and more (i.e., Speed Tree material customisation, in-engine texture adjustments)

• Effective problem-solving in Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 5 (UE5)

• Maintaining and optimising stylized art aesthetics

• Learning how to use rendering to improve the quality of presentation for your 3D environment


Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass

Learn how to create game assets in Substance Painter & Unreal Engine in this all in one masterclass

Would you like to learn how to create a stylized scene featuring a bushy tree and a wagon with rocks and foliage adorning a romantic evening scene?

‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ will see you creating an intricate stylized wagon showcased within a campfire scene that breathes life through design and animation.

It's going to be a stylized wagon. Yes, a bit of my inspiration comes from typical gypsy wagons but we are going for a steampunk design with ours.

This course will give you access to just over 16 hours of 3D art.

Learn how to build an intricate Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) scene in 79 lessons.

This course will see you learn all the techniques pros use and how they use them. Unreal Engine integration will also be a central part of this course's learning objectives.

Through reading this course description you will find out:

- Your next 3D art, texturing, and environment game design milestones;

- What you are going to get through ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’, and;

- How the course will take your professional texturing and game design skills to the next level.

Join this course and come be part of a game design and professional texturing journey of over 16 hours of learning.

Course Resources & Freebies

So, for a start, we have the download pack. We are starting here because the course is a 2-in-1 deal. The first part of the course covers Substance Painter, and the second part focuses on Unreal Engine 5 (UE5).

What is even better than freebies?

We have designed the course in such a way that you can choose which part you want to get stuck into first!

The ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ course resource pack includes a pre-built stylized wagon asset, 48 unique UE5 texture maps, 10 textured stylized rock variations, 2 tree models with stylized bark textures, 13 stylized alpha stamps to customise the wagon with foliage PBR atlas texture maps. 2 PBR seamless textures for terrain, and 3 audio effects for background sound mixing.

Within the ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ download pack, you will find all of the models and textures to jump into any part of the course you choose. You can go through the complete Substance Painter texturing part or head right on over to UE5 straight away.

Check out the free introduction and I am sure you won’t be able to put this course down!

Texturing and Materials

This course is one of the most up to date out there and will be using the latest tech to bring you cutting-edge content with the 3D industry and this includes 3D texturing.

Learn all about UDIM map workflow and why it is such a game-changer. ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ will also focus on the foundation of 3D modelling which includes UVs and the mapping process. A massive part of the course is devoted to setting up your models correctly. High and low poly workflows and not forgetting optimizing your assets to create triple AAA level models.

Develop a professional workflow as we start from the very basics of Substance Painter up to advanced techniques used in the gaming industry. Learn all about projection painting to add details that will drastically cut down on 3D modelling time.

As part of ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ you will:

- create smart materials from scratch

- build up layers with masks, filters, and generators

- use baked lighting techniques

Best of all, we will only be using Substance Painter’s default materials. You will not need any outside resources to create your very own materials.

Lighting & Rendering

By joining ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’, you will also learn how to take control of your scene’s aesthetic lighting.

We will take an in-depth look at lighting and rendering in Substance Painter.

Learn all about the powerful rendering techniques that will make your 3D models pop. You will find out about things like emission maps, bloom, shadow depth, and ambient occlusion to name a few.

Unreal Engine 5: Game Engine Integration

We will be taking a deep dive into Epic’s all-new Unreal Engine 5.

Through ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ you will learn the basics of bringing your game assets to life, rendered in real-time.

We will look at how to import and use textures created specifically for Unreal Engine and use them to create the materials for our stylized wagon game asset. ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’will also be an introduction to setting files to create a clean UI. The skills you learn here are fully transferable to all of your future builds.

You will also find unique Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) on-screen tooltips to enhance your learning experience as they pop up exactly when you need them to give you a full introduction to the software.

In the beginning, you will be learning all about how to import and set up your 3D models correctly in UE5. You will also learn how to create virtual textures for our UDIM UV maps.

As we progress through the course, we will be tackling more difficult aspects of UE5. I will be showing you how you can create and set up your very own foliage complete with individual animations. We take a look at transparency and setting up materials as well as vertex weight painting to bring them to life.

We will be adding particle systems to our scene to add ambiance from simple fireflies hovering around the wagon lamps to more complex particles like fire embers.

And just when you thought we couldn’t fit any more into ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’, we will also be covering nanite - the all-new simulation system in UE5. This will help you in the future bring any of your 3D environment scenes to life by adding fire and smoke setups with ease.

And finally, lighting, sky domes and volumetrics will also be covered as we near the end of the ‘Master the Art of Substance Painter & Unreal Engine 5’ course. This will make sure you have a complete understanding from start to finish of how to set up your UE5 scenes unleashing your potential to create your own amazing 3D art environments.

Still unsure? Here are my best 6 points about the new exciting things you will be learning about through this class:

1. Using UE5 Niagara particle system to create fire simulations and fireflies;

2. Creating foliage with motion from scratch and using Speed Tree;

3. Material creation for foliage, terrain, and more (i.e., Speed Tree material customization, in-engine texture adjustments).

4. Texturing a stylized asset using UDIM technology

5. Adding custom decals as asset textures

6. Rendering asset in Substance and creating an environmental presentation video in UE5

In the end, you will come away with the knowledge and the skills to create this stylized wagon scene from scratch. So, come give us a try and be blown away by just how much you can achieve from one course.

Until next time, happy modelling everyone!

Neil – 3D Tudor



Introduction Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass

Introduction to Substance Painter

Lesson 1 - Welcome to Substance Painter Basics
Lesson 2 - Working With Udims
Lesson 3 - Navigating the Viewport
Lesson 4 - Baking out Texture Maps

Working with Layers & Masks

Introduction to Masks
Creating Multiple Layers
Creating the Flag Design

Welcome to Substance Painter Filters

Working with Filters
Professional Workflows Isolating Masks

Creating & Exporting Smart Materials

Starting the Wood Smart Material
Creating Edgewear
Using The Cavity Mask Editor
Working With Baked Lighting
Adding Roughness Channels

Applying Textures Complete Workflow

Using the Mirror function
Creating Variation Materials
Applying Textures The Easy Way

Working with Stylized Metal Materials Part 1

Creating Stylized Metal Materials
Turning up The Complexity
Adding Multiple Roughness Layers

Working with Stylized Metal Materials Part 2

What is Tri-Planer Projection
Finishing the Stylized Metal Material
Creating the Chimney Brass

Working with Glass & Emission

How to Create Stylized Glass Effect
Panting with Masks
Working with Height Maps
Finishing the Lanterns

Projection & Tri-Planer Projection Painting

Working with Alphas & Decals
Welcome to Projection Painting
Exporting Smart Materials
Finishing Texturing the Stylized Wagon

Rendering & Exporting Texture maps in Substance Painter

Substance Painter Rendering Setup
Exporting Renders
Exporting Texture Maps

Unreal Engine 5 Setup & Introduction

Lesson 35 - Unreal Engine 5 Setup
Lesson 36 - The UI Introduction Guide
Lesson 37 - Navigating the Viewport
Lesson 38 - Importing our Wagon into UE5

Setting up Texture Maps

Lesson 39 - Setting up Virtual Textures
Lesson 40 - Applying Materials to our Model

Setting up Trees & Rocks

Lesson 41 - Importing Rocks & Trees

Creating Foliage in Unreal Engine 5

Lesson 42 - Setting up our Foliage Textures
Lesson 43 - Creating Realism with Lattices
Lesson 44 - Multiple Foliage Leaves Creation
Lesson 45 - Changing the origin of our Plants
Lesson 46 - Creating Large Plants with Modeling Mode
Lesson 47 - Finishing our Plants

Creating Wind Animations

Lesson 48 - Creating Foliage Materials
Lesson 49 - Setting up Vertex Painting
Lesson 50 - Weighting our Plants
Lesson 51 - Creating the Wind animations

Bringing the Scene to Life

Lesson 52 - Welcome to the Foliage Brush
Lesson 53 - Setting up our Scene Space

Texture Painting with Multiple Textures

Lesson 54 - Setting up Multi Texture Materials
Lesson 55 - Terrain Painting with Mesh Paint
Lesson 56 - Creating Controls For our Texture Paint

Welcome to the Unreal Engine Niagra System

Lesson 57 - Welcome to UE5 Niagra System
Lesson 58 - Creating the Fireflies

Quixel Bridge System

Lesson 59 - Welcome to the Quixel bridge
Lesson 60 - Creating Fire & Embers

Unreal Engine Blue Prints

Lesson 61 - What are Blueprint Classes
Lesson 62 - Beginning the Basic Scene Setup

Populating our Scene with Foliage

Lesson 63 - Creating the Animated Grass
Lesson 64 - Adding Trees to our Scene
Lesson 65 - Adding in our Created Plants & Ferns
Lesson 66 - Finishing the Scene Foliage

Adding Fire to our Scene

Lesson 67 - Using our Fire Setup

Lighting, Fog & Volumetric's

Lesson 68 - Setting up the scene Background Gradient
Lesson 69 - Adding more lights to our Scene

Animating Cloth & Simulation

Lesson 70 - How to Setup Flag Animations

Cameras & Post Processing our Render

Lesson 71 - Starting the Finer Terrain Details
Lesson 72 - Setting up Camera in Unreal Engine
Lesson 73 - What is Post Processing
Lesson 74 - Optimization & Fine tuning the Lighting

Adding Audio & Ambience

Lesson 75 - Adding Audio to our Scene
Lesson 76 - Setting up HD Quality Renders

Creating & Editing a Short Film

Lesson 77 - Unreal Movie Creation
Lesson 78 - Combining Video & Audio with Blender 3

Extra Lesson Stylized Smoke

Lesson 79 - Extra Lecture Stylized Smoke

Section 29 - Outro Lesson

Lesson 80 - Outro Lesson


Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass - Screenshot_01Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass - Screenshot_02Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass - Screenshot_03Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass - Screenshot_04


July 7, 2022
This is a course for beginners only. If you are an intermediate or expert Painter Unreal user this course is not for you. I'm an expert but I learn a lot of tips! Is more of an introduction to Painter and Unreal. And is missing the Painter to Unreal part. It does not include how to export complex materials with tessellation or skin. The texture export video is just a few minutes of basic explanation.
June 22, 2022
Excellent course, really goes through everything from painter to unreal. The more in-depth is the painter stuff, you will really get a good grasp of the software side. The unreal stuff is more for just getting the scene set up as honestly vfx in unreal, lighting and materials in unreal could be indvidual courses on their own. The unreal stuff is more "how to set the scene" rather than some deep dive into how lighting works, vfx works etc... Overall I am very happy and I feel I got my money worth. Would love to see more painter stuff in the future.


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