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Study Motivation - Overcome procrastination in under 2 hours

Study skills and learning strategies getting your motivation going to apply learning strategies and get the job done

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Study Motivation - Overcome procrastination in under 2 hours


2 hours


Aug 2021

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What you will learn

How to uncover your motivation to study

How to overcome procrastination

Succeed at the exam or certificate


"The trick is not studying more, it is studying more effectively" - Suleman Kiyani

This course will teach you how to hack your own learning abilities. Study motivation - getting unstuck ahead of the certificate is based on a teaching concept that allows you to unblock yourself and find your own motivation again when you are having a study slump.

It is used by professionals doing AWS certificates, industry exams and language tests alike - independent of what it is that you try to study, this course will help you uncover your inherent motivation, overcome procrastination and ultimately, be successful in your endeavor.

Whether you're a student or a professional learning new skills, you are forced with ever-increasing information and knowledge. In fact, it's believed that one week's worth of the New York Times has in it about as much information as one person encountered during his entire life, 100 years ago.  We've all experienced the frustration felt about continuously expanding reading lists, trying to learn a new language but not keeping on track or simply forgetting knowledge we were sure we would not forget.

Just like a carpenter uses different tools of his toolbox to fix different problems, you too will be able to have a full toolbox of techniques available, making studying and motivation easy

"Because staying motivated became easier, I advanced faster, which motivated me even more to finish the AWS certificate" - Mariam Vasadze

As for all my courses, you get a full 30-day money back guarantee, so that there is 0 risk for you.


Overcoming study & motivation obstacles

What to do if you lost your edge?

What to do if you lost your edge?

Quick tip on motivation

Tackling procrastination part 1

Tackling procrastination part 2

Quick tip: a clean desk

Managing study related stress

Quick tip physical health

Dealing with sleep deprivation

Which 5 things can you do to improve your sleep?

Mental health blast: avoiding negativity

Steps to avoid negativity

Not losing motivation in the first place

Peak performance intro

Peak performance strategies

3 performance stages

Quick tip: do not kill your own motivation

Creating powerful routines

What steps do you need to create powerful routines?

Taking breaks the right way

Quick tip: sleep

Quick tip: a spoon full of sugar

14 days study blast

Quick tip procrastination

To do list

Supercharge your study motivation

Goal setting overarching principle

4 keys to set effective goals

Theory behind perfect motivation

9 steps to supercharge your motivation: 1-4

9 steps to supercharge your motivation: 5-9

9 steps to supercharge your motivation


William28 April 2021

Awesome course. I used to enroll different online course not the get stuck. This amazed me for better

James24 April 2021

I am not use to be happy with the types of Course but I attempted it and I conquer a lot of Challenges within. Thanks

Gloria24 March 2021

I have always had problems with motivation when studying, especially procrastinating most of the time. This course has opened my eyes and taught me some necessary techniques to find my motivation and after hard work comes the reward!


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